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Easy Ways to Improve Your eBay Feedback DSRs

We can sum these tips up by saying it’s all about making it as easy as possible for people to buy.

Item as described

  • Always include at least 3 high resolution pictures no less than 400x300 in size.
  • If you don’t know how to take a professional picture, read a book about it or one of the many excellent free articles online.
  • Be honest: don’t make something seem like it’s worth $400 when it’s only worth $4. Being disappointed with quality is a big reason for neutral feedback. Surprisingly, buyers don’t actually assume it’s going to look cheap just because they paid hardly anything!
  • Avoid designer brands – the genuine articles can be hard to get hold of, and fakes are a big cause of negatives.
  • If selling liquidation items, make sure condition described in full and you use plenty of pictures so people know exactly what they are bidding on.


  • Set up an FAQ Page to answer common questions and explain the steps involved in purchasing an item from you.
  • Over-communicate – set up automated emails to go out to say thanks when you receive payment and to tell the buyer you have shipped their item. These can be very easily set up through Selling Manager Pro.
  • Use your About Me page to tell your buyers all about yourself and your business. Include photos of yourself, your family and your premises to help remove the anonymity of the internet.

Shipping time

  • Opt for speed over low price to improve this DSR. A domestic shipment should arrive within 3 days for maximum customer satisfaction.
  • Use Selling Manager Pro to inform the buyer their item has been shipped and send them the tracking number. This reduces the chance you’ll be blamed for any delays caused by the postal service and is generally good communication practice.

Shipping and handling charges

  • These days it’s best to lose money on shipping and increase your item price to cover the cost, rather than making your profit on the shipping.
  • Top sellers use Express or Priority Mail Services for super speedy service and offer great combined shipping deals. Having regular free shipping offers will also help boost your feedback on this DSR.


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