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Itsy-Bitsy Etsy Grows Up Fast!

We talked a lot about importing, drop shipping and finding wholesalers in this blog - after all, that’s what we do. But if you are creatively inclined then deciding what to sell may be as simple as looking to what you are able to produce with your own hands.

Etsy.com is a relatively new US-based ecommerce site with a difference: all products for sale are hand-made. The site started out in 2005 as a labor of love and the site’s owners have publicly stated they have little interest in making money, which gives us warm fuzzies all over. To them, it’s all about building a great community and a site that’s lovely to use. Etsy hasn’t promoted itself all that much, yet over the past year, member numbers have rocketed to over 850,000 – with 100,000 of these sellers. To us, that says that this site is doing something rather special related to an emerging zeitgeist.

What can be sold on Etsy?

Handmade items are the focus of the site, although the category is broad enough to include "hand-assembled" or "hand-altered" items also. Sellers may also offer craft suppliers and vintage goods over 20 years old.

Why sell there?

  • Prices are realistic: Hand-made items usually involve a significant amount of labor and need to be sold at a price that reflects that in order to be profitable. Sites such as eBay are bargain-focused and thus not suited to this market, whereas visitors to Etsy come there because they want to find something unique and handmade. And they are willing to pay a real price for the privilege.
  • Growing trend for niche items: As status products such as iPhones, designer bags etc become more widely available, people have started looking toward unique items that aren’t mass-produced as the new ‘status’ items.
  • Traffic is skyrocketing: It’s always nice to be one of the first to pick up on a site primed for success. Etsy looks set to be a big name in the future.
  • Great community: Etsy is where artists meet other artists. The tight community has been, and still is, a huge drawcard for new members.
  • Cool site: Etsy is nice to look at and nice to use. It’s a refreshing change from the primary colors and clutter of other ecommerce sites.

For further information about buying and selling on Etsy, read the Dos & Don’ts.

We’re very interested in hearing the experiences of sellers who’ve given Etsy a go. Please leave a comment and let us know what you think about this rising star.



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