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We have an exciting new mini-series of video blogs coming your way! We have crafted this series of video blogs to give you a break from all the reading you do, and most importantly, give you some hot selling tips that will help to supercharge your business.

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If you want a written version of the above video-blog... or just can't understand Alice's strange accent, check out the transcript below: 

"Hi guys, 

I’m back with another selling tip to help you boost your online sales. Today I want to talk about pricing psychology. 

Did you know that you can increase your sales by increasing your prices? 

If you do it the right way, you can make more sales and make bigger profits on every sale. 

I know this might sound a little crazy, but this theory is backed by a lot of well known marketers and consumer behavior theorists. 

One of them is Robert Cialdini, author of The Psychology of Persuasion and in his book, he talks about a women who owned a jewelry store who tried time and time again to sell her jewelry, in her brick and mortar store. 

 She was having trouble making sales, so she tried marking down her jewelry items by 20%, and nothing changed, so she tried marking prices down by 30% but nothing changed – she still wasn’t making a lot of sales, so the day before she was heading out of town, she left a note for her assistant to mark all the jewelry down by 50% - at this stage, she just wanted to clear out some stock and get some cash flowing through her business.   

So the store owner left to go away on her holiday. But, her assistant misread her note and actually increased all the jewelry by 50% instead of marking it down by 50%. 

But between the time her assistant marked up the prices and when the store owner got home from her trip, something unexpected happened and the store made more sales than it ever had! 

The store owner came home to jewelry cabinets that were virtually empty!

Going back to the book, the author talks about how when we are buying something that we don’t know a lot about, we use our instincts or our common beliefs to help us make the right decision. And a very strong instinct or common belief that we all have is that a high price equals a high quality item.

Anyway, I’m not trying to say that you should go out and increase your prices by 50% - especially if you sell on eBay where price is everything to most buyers – but I encourage you to think hard about how to price your items. 

An important piece of advice that I would like to share with you about pricing psychology is about the theory about the magic number 7. 

You might not have even noticed at the time, but when you bought your SaleHoo membership, you would have paid $67 for it. Not $65 and not $69. So why this price? And why end with $7? 

 Well, there is a strong theory which is backed by hard evidence that prices that end with a 7 are more appealing to buyers and can dramatically increase your sales, particularly in online sales.  

It’s a strange theory and you are probably wondering how it works, and really, it’s pretty basic.

The rationale behind it is that a long time ago, it was better to end with 9 instead of 0. 

Why? What looks better, $29 or $30? Psychologically, $29 looks a LOT better, and when tested, using a price that ended in 9, rather than rounding it up to 0 increased sales dramatically.

However, people soon become immune to this "9" tactic, and it lost it's power. So 7 became the "new 9", and because of it's novelty  and because of the fact that the brain can’t quite process a number 7 as quickly as say 5 or 9, it tricks the brain and now this pricing strategy is used widely all over the web.

So maybe you could apply this selling tactics and see how it goes, I would love to hear your results!

If you want to hear more online selling tactics that can dramatically help you increase your online sales, check out my video training course, Online Selling Tactics which shows you proven formulas for boosting your business.  

Thanks for watching. See you soon!"

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  • Ted Bear 17th of February
    Video did not show up on Webpage
  • jerry h jimenez 19th of February
    good information as always! thank you!
  • Joyce Knake 19th of February
    Thanks for putting everything in writing. It's hard for me to understand that accent although the more I hear it the more I have become accustomed to it. The thing I like about writing it is that it reinforces what has been said. Kind of like a double whammy. It sticks in my mind better. I've heard that a person has to hear something 7 times before they really retain it so repition is good . thanks
  • Alice Delore 19th of February
    Thanks Jerry! Let me know your results if you give this tactic a try.
  • Alice Delore 19th of February
    Hi Joyce,

    Yes, we New Zealanders speak a lot faster than most, so it can be a bit tricky to understand us. I'm slowly training myself to be better understood by an international audience :)

    I'm a repetitive learner too, so I know what you mean. I'm glad the written version of the post helps with your learning.
  • Alice Delore 19th of February
    Ted, which browser are you using? It appears to be working for others. Maybe try another browser such as Google Chrome or FireFox if you haven't already.
  • Cristian Gil 22nd of February
    Thank you Alice for all you advice, I have a question about this tecnic, I'm from Colombia, here the currency is COP (Colombian Peso) so $ 100 USD = $ 200.000 COP. Can you explain me please what it's the best price for example $ 197.000 COP or $ 197.777 COP? Thank you PD: I don't know why, but I can uderstand you very well, and also you have a beautiful accent. Regards! Cristian.
  • Alice Delore 22nd of February
    Hi Cristian,

    Good question! I recommend using this pricing format: $197.00 or just $197.

    $197.77 is not necessary according to what I have read.

    Thanks :)

    P.S I'm glad you can understand me clearly!
  • Cristian Gil 22nd of February
    Thank you Alice for your answer, according with you said, in my country the prices are for example for a cellphone $ 400.000 COP that is near to $ 200 USD, so for that price in USD, I can use $ 197 USD, but what about the price in Colombian Peso? it can be $ 397.000 right? Thanks a lot.
  • Alice Delore 22nd of February
    Hi Cristhian,

    As long as the price ends with a 7, it meets the criteria of the number 7 theory. So it could be $17, $137, $197, $1857 or any other variations.

    Thanks :)