The fast guide to selling electronics online

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Consumer electronics are in such high demand that you stand a significant chance of succeeding in this market. However, success is not automatically guaranteed, and there are certain considerations you need to keep in mind. Here's our fast guide to selling electronics online.


* High demand, especially for trendy new gadgets and models. Though not nearly as in-demand as their hip counterparts, common consumer electronic products still hold steady in the marketplace.

* Continuous product development by manufacturers means you won’t run out of new products to offer.

* The high level of technical complexity, as well as the high number of available options and alternatives means end users will always be looking for help in figuring things out, providing you with the opportunity to carry out a sustained conversation with them, and with that comes more opportunities to sell.


* Everyone knows electronics are popular items, and so this market is extremely competitive.

* Profit margins tend to be low (around 5-10%), especially for the market-leading consumer products.

* Delicate electronic products require special handling and shipping, adding to the cost of sales. In the case of returns, customers may not be as attentive to handling requirements, and products may be damaged when shipped back.

Tips for selling electronics online

* Have a generous return policy and list warranty details clearly

* Take your own professional photos (especially if drop shipping, otherwise your items will look exactly like a bazillion other sellers)

* The brand name and model number should always be at the start of your title.

* Use BIN (or "Buy It Now") and secure your profit margin.

* Get a graphic designer to make you a branded template for your eBay store.

* Use long listing times – Good ‘Til Cancelled in your store or 7-10 day auctions allow you to get maximum traffic. Throw in a few sizzling hot 1-day auctions to ensure some items are always near closing, and therefore at top of search rankings.

* Top trick: Follow seller ebestdeal4u’s lead (see picture above) and insert text advertising special bonuses and extras into the image of your item. It’s a great way to get more bang for your buck!

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