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Looking for hot products to sell in 2013? Here’s a quick guide to some of the trends that experts are saying will take off next year. Sell these on eBay, another marketplace or your own website such as SaleHoo Store.

Weight loss & fitness products

This won’t just be unique to 2013 because at the beginning of every year, there is a massive surge of buyers purchasing diet and fitness equipment that will help them fulfil their clichéd New Year’s resolutions to lose weight! Here's some of the trends that have recently emerged in this product area: 

The Paleo diet - books or products related to this will be huge

Clean eating -  similar to the Paleo diet and equally as popular

Body builder diets - Brocolli and steamed fish sounds like a drag to me, but there is an increase in interest in high protein diets that allow gym buffs to train hard and build (but never lose) muscle mass. Protein supplements and shakes also fall under this category, but watch out for competition levels. 

At-home gym equipment - in a recent survey, it was found that group classes and personal training are becoming less popular, and at-home options such as stregnth training are increasing in popularity. There are two reasons for this: 

1) Gym memberships, personal trainers and group classes are costly, whereas training at home is a much more cost-effective way to get fit and burn calories. 

2) Strength training such as at home circuits kills two birds with one stone by giving you a cardiovascular workout that gets your heart pumping and at the same time, gives your muscles a good workout! 

Keep these two points in mind when marketing these items in your descriptions as it will help to appeal to buyer's pains and showcase the products benefits. 

At-home gym equipment can include free weights, exericse machines such as treadmills, mats, and resistance bands. 

Women's fashion and beauty

If you want to start selling fashion and beauty items for 2013, you should look to spring trends. Now that it's late November, buyers are already purcahisng winter items and it's too late to make a start now. By the time you do your market research, contact a supplier, and make an order, buyers will be thinking about spring trends.

So what's going to be hot in spring 2013? 

Fashion - I'm always hesitant to showcase some of the upcoming fashion trends: While they might sell well in upmarket boutiques, they might not appeal to the more mainstream online buyers. Furthermore, some 'trend' items are just that - they may not last past a season which could leave you with a mountain of unsold stock. Therefore, it pays to always go with your own instints when it comes to fashion trends. Alas, for sellers whose customers are the hipsters that follow the trends, here's what is predicted to be big: 

Bermuda shorts - slouchy, almost masculine style shorts. 

Black and white - now this is a trend that can be applied across multiple product ranges including homeware, menswear and more. 

Peekaboo/cut out styles - slightly more modest than the midrift trend of 2012, but still a little bit ranchy. 

Sheer styles - these were hot among celebrities on red carpet events in 2012 and next year, expect the trend to roll out to the masses.

Cosmetics - Red and coral lips are where it's at for spring 2013. Other notable trends are: False lashes and lash glue, bold brows which means brow kits, gels and pencils will be on the rise. According to Hapers Bazaar, blue and green hues are the bold colors for the season. 

(Kids) toys

According to Tech Savvy, old time favorites like Hot Wheels and Lego (check out Richelle's analysis of the Lego market) will be just as popular this year. In terms of newer trends in toys, look out for Story Cubes and Trunkis. Other trends: These horrifying looking robotic dinosaurs 'Roboraptors', Leapfrog Leapsters, and these dorky looking Fohawks which make wearing helmets fun. 

Keep an eye on the blog for Monday Market posts by the lovely Richelle for more ideas on what to sell! 

Disclaimer: The information published here is strictly for informational purposes. All above product items are only suggestions for possible products which will sell favorably, and should be used as a guide only. 

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  • Lace Llanora 27th of November
    Alice, you're heaven-sent! I admit I'm one of those who has weight loss in their resolutions, also I think people are becoming healthier and greener. So this includes ecological products & solutions. With fashion, highly agree that sellers should be steps ahead, at least a season early in terms of preparation. Don't forget that styles & trends come and go, so do check with your wholesale suppliers stock from old seasons as they might be the hot trend today :) Happy selling! Lace
  • tan 5th of February
    Thanks for this wonderful information :D