DSers vs. Oberlo

DSers and Oberlo are dropshipping tools that provide an easy way to import products into your own online store from AliExpress. While similar in many regards, the main difference between the two is that DSers can integrate with Shopify, WooCommerce and Wix, whereas Oberlo, being owned by Shopify, can only integrate with Shopify.

  DSers Oberlo
Dropship Tool    
Easy Product Import    
Multiple Platform Integrations    
Vetted Products    
24/7 Customer Service    
Money Back Guarantee    


So you’re thinking of starting a dropshipping business?

Maybe you already have and you’re ready to take it to the next level.

Well, we are pleased to inform you that DSers and Oberlo are both tools that have been designed to make dropshipping easier for you.

That doesn’t make them equals, though.

To make this easy, we have structured this article around providing a direct comparison of what each offers in terms of features and price.

Then, to tie all that information together, we have included excerpts from customer reviews, to give you a clear idea about what people have thought of their experience using each.

Ultimately, we hope by the end of the article you can draw your own conclusion about which you think is better: DSers or Oberlo.


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General Overview

Oberlo is owned by Shopify - which we know you’ve definitely heard of! They’re only one of the leading eCommerce platforms worldwide. This means Oberlo works seamlessly with Shopify, but unfortunately you can’t use it to integrate with other platforms such as WooCommerce and Wix. With DSers, you can.

The main similarity DSers and Oberlo share is the ease in which you can import products into your store and bulk order processing, whereas the main difference is that DSers integrates with a range of online stores, whereas Oberlo can only integrate with Shopify stores.

We’ve taken a look at some of these features in this comparison table:

General Overview DSers Oberlo
Dropship Tool    
Easy Product Import    
Bulk Order Processing    
Multiple Platform Integrations    
Multiple Staff Accounts    
Free Plan Available    
24/7 Customer Service    
Trustpilot Rating Not Listed

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Dropship Tool

So, we know that both platforms provide a tool to import products to dropship into your store, but what happens then?

With both DSers and Oberlo, corresponding product information will automatically upload to your store once you import each product. This information can easily be edited so that it is fit for purpose for your own store. A huge plus side of this feature is that it can save you a lot of time having to come up with product descriptions from scratch and manually inputting product specifications.

Let’s talk about the products that can be imported. While there are millions available through each platform, neither DSers or Oberlo vet their products to ensure quality and the reliability of each supplier like SaleHoo Dropship does. This means you have to be cautious about selecting products that will be of an acceptable quality for your customers. This can be extremely time consuming as you have to vet out each supplier’s products by ordering samples, communicating with the, and doing your own due diligence.

You may want to order samples so that you can check them out in real life before adding them to your store. These platforms having no vetting requirements may be the biggest risk you face if you choose to use either.

On both  their paid plans, you can process orders in bulk, which can also save you a whole lot of time and may be one of the most useful features.

DSers offers responsive 24/7 support, which is frequently praised by customers (see the ‘Customer Reviews’ section below). Oberlo does not appear to offer 24/7 support and some customers have commented on support being too slow.

Platform Comparison DSers Oberlo
Dropship Tool    
Easy Product Import    
Edit Product Information    
Vetted Products    
Bulk Order Processing    
Multiple Platform Integrations    
24/7 Customer Service    

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It is likely of interest to you that both of these platforms offer free basic plans. Even though these free plans have limited features, they may be useful for sellers starting out or those who want to try before upgrading to a paid one.

For the paid plans, the higher the pricing tier, the more features. That is to say, there are plans to suit all needs.

On each platform’s cheapest paid plan you can fulfill unlimited monthly orders. With DSers you can import up to 20,000 products into your store, and with Oberlo you can upload up to 30,000. These plans appear to be the best value for money if you’re starting out. 

With DSers, you can save money by purchasing an annual subscription, but only if you have the upfront funds to cover the annual membership in a lump sum.

Membership Pricing DSers Oberlo
Monthly Plan Prices Free, $19.90, $49.90 or $499 Free, $29.90 or $79.90
Annual Plan Prices $190, $478, $4,788 Not Available

Customer Reviews

Right - onto the interesting part. What are customers actually saying about their experiences using these two platforms?

We have taken some excerpts from reviews posted in 2021 which give a general idea about what customers think about each company.


Most customers commented on DSers’s good customer support, but it was less common to see reviews about how their dropshipping tool actually worked or whether it was generating them more sales.

DSers doesn’t have reviews left on any of the more reliable review sites such as Better Business Bureau and Trustpilot, so these excerpts have been collected via other platforms, as credited below.

“Great App and Great Support!! They are very kind and solve any problem that I had! I am very satisfied!”

“The thing I like most about Dsers is the customer support. Fast and flawless in responding or solving problems. Thanks so much Meena!”

“I received good service. Quick and accurate solution from attendant Clary via chat support. Thank you for your help.”


Oberlo generally has less positive reviews about it than DSers, but features on a broader range of reputable review sites. We have included some positive comments, and some recent negative ones which drew our attention.

“Oberlo provides us the capability to import products from AliExpress with ease. It has a clean interface to manage a large number of products. It allows us to automate the whole dropshipping process from importing products to get orders and deliver to the end customer. It provides a chrome extension which is very easy to install and use.”

“Recent updates are horrendous. Orders not syncing, showing up as closed/fulfilled when they weren't even delivered. It's become a juggling act to process an order. I'm fed up! Shouldn't be this difficult to process an order.”

“If you use Shopify, and want to use products from Ali express, DO NOT USE Oberlo!!!! The price difference between what Oberlo has, is at times double the price of what is being advertised in AliExpress. DO NOT USE.. recommend using an alternative.”

“When this app works (which is about 3 times a week, max) it works really well. However, it is BESIEGED with technical problems. Every week. Never any discount to its users despite the huge inconvenience eternally caused. I wish there was an alternative.”

Review Platform DSers Zendrop
Trustpilot Score No Rating
Better Business Bureau Not Listed Not Listed
g2.com Not Listed
Shopify App Store

Top Alternatives

Not convinced? Dropshipping has become a global phenomenon in recent years, which has led to an influx of tools developed for online sellers to save them time and effort.

You may wish to look into some of the other options out there before making your final decision.

To help you out, we’ve linked some other comparison articles that might interest you below.

Q&A Discussion

We hope you’ve gained a better understanding of what these two tools do, and which one might be right for you. If you have any questions for us about DSers, Oberlo, SaleHoo, or eCommerce in general, then please reach out to one of our 24/7 customer support’s team members  and expect a speedy response!

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