SaleHoo vs. AliExpress

When comparing SaleHoo vs. AliExpress, we could provide you with a biased comparison table that we created…


...but, we’d rather give you cold, hard facts on what the differences really are!

SaleHoo vs. AliExpress for Reliable Suppliers

When you look at reviews left on SiteJabber and BBB.org on AliExpress, you’ll find hundreds of negative reviews from customers explaining how awfully they were treated.

Whether they’re having their money stolen, getting faulty items, or dealing with AliExpress not honoring the return policy, the stories all boil down to one message: AliExpress cannot always be trusted.

“Would not refund my items never came over 79 days now. Spent over 500 dollars this past year and they now kicked me out because [I] filed disputes on [100 dollars’ worth] of items that still haven't arrived!”

- Sheri (source)

“30% of orders never come. Refunds are very rare even if you win the dispute. Standard shipping is about 6 - 8 weeks. Money into the trash.”

- Lurri (source)


The problem with AliExpress is they’ll allow any dropshipper to sell products on their website. This is a golden opportunity for scammers. They don’t have to go through any hoops, so they can easily snatch unsuspecting business owners’ money.

SaleHoo, on the other hand, has a strict set of requirements that suppliers must meet to be verified and included in our directory. This ensures that when you work with a supplier from our directory, you know you can trust them.

Among other requirements, they must:

  • Be a genuine manufacturer, dropshipper, liquidator, wholesale supplier, or distributor authorized to sell at or below wholesale prices.
  • Have an active website and email (and be able to receive emails from us from time to time to make sure they are still active).
  • Clearly display their contact details on their website.
  • Have had their website up and running for at least two years.

As a result, when you compare the customer reviews left for SaleHoo vs. AliExpress, you can clearly see that SaleHoo customers have had better experiences with suppliers:

“They have so many good wholesalers and it is so hard to find REAL companies like the ones they have listed on your own. Really. I have looked for years… It [is] definitely worth the money.”

- Tony (source)

“I have used SaleHoo for a year and come up with some very good suppliers… I recommend [it to] anybody interested in commercial business.”

- Taskin (source)

SaleHoo vs. AliExpress for Customer Support

Customer service is one of the most important aspects of any business. Great service allows customers to get their questions answered quickly and feel like they can trust the business they’re purchasing from.

When you look at the reviews of AliExpress’s customer support, you start to realize that customers feel left out, cheated, and angry:

“They sent me poor quality hair so I left negative feedback then they messaged me saying if I changed my feedback to 5 stars they would give me a full refund and never did. And I have no one to report this matter to because aliexpress doesn't have accustomed support system!”

- Kourtney (source)

“I ordered three MP3 players from this site. They arrived about two weeks later. All three of them were defective and did not work properly. The vendor argued with me online for two weeks that there was nothing wrong with his product and then told me to return the items at my own expense so that he could look at them. Terrible quality products and no quality control on this site. Also there is nothing like the sort of customer support that any reputable internet marketer would provide. Stay away from this site if you want to avoid disappointment.”

- Dave (source)


If there’s one thing that you can learn from these two reviews, it’s that AliExpress is unprofessional when it comes to handling customer service problems. Dave’s review clearly stated that the vendor argued with him online for two weeks before doing something about it.

When you compare the reviews of SaleHoo vs. AliExpress, you can see just how customer-centric we are:

“I must say that the customer service experience at Salehoo has been top notch. They are very good with returning messages and I get personal phone replies within 24 hours or less.”

- David (source)

“The best customer service I have received from a company in a very long time.”

- Angela (source)

Comparing the Customer Complaints for SaleHoo vs. AliExpress

When it comes to comparing SaleHoo vs. AliExpress, there’s a huge difference. Take this screenshot of AliExpress’s reviews on the Better Business Bureau, for example:

As you can tell, AliExpress isn’t doing so hot. 0% positive customer review ratings? 0% neutral? 100% negative? Not to mention, there are 167 complaints!

If you saw this screenshot on the AliExpress website, would you think twice about buying from there? Or would you bite the bullet and hope that you wouldn’t deal with the same problems?

Let’s take a look at some actual customer reviews from AliExpress while we’re at it.


“Terrible experiences in delays, non-delivery, unwillingness to assist disputes, poor customer service.”

- Backe, a BBB verified reviewer (source)

“AliExpress's Trade Assurance is a joke. AliExpress does not honor the terms to me against the supplier EVEN AFTER I provided multiple picture and video evidence. I am losing $5,310 dollars on this order. Never buy from AliExpress.”

- Jeff, a BBB verified reviewer (source)


Yikes. When multiple customers start complaining about the same things, you know you should stay away. Let’s take a look at SaleHoo’s customer review ratings now.

SaleHoo is an A+ accredited business. We have a 97% positive customer review rating, with 3% neutral and 0% negative (not even one!).

If this screenshot isn’t doing justice as to how well SaleHoo’s team performs, let’s take a look at some reviews that SaleHoo has received:


“I love Salehoo. I have never dealt with a group of in this industry that are as friendly as they are.”

- Jennifer S. (source)

“The best customer service I have received from a company in a very long time. Rhea was so helpful and courteous - Many thanks”

- Angela W. (source)


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