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Importing Goods and Wholesale Products into United States

Most people would agree that the most difficult part of importing merchandise is the bureaucratic nightmare that goes with it. We’ve all heard the horror stories of outrageous duties being charged, goods being confiscated and so on. So, in this post, we’re going to try and clear up some of the mystery by de-jargonizing the requirements. Remember that if you don’t want to handle customs yourself, you can use a Customs broker who will clear goods through customs on your behalf and take care...

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How to Import Products to Sell Online

We have discussed in some detail the pros and cons of dropshipping. On so many levels it's an excellent way to make money online, particularly if you don't want to/can't put a lot of cash down up front. However, we have also discussed the two main drawbacks of dropshipping. If you need reminding, they are narrow profit margins and potential fulfillment problems. Both of these can be addressed by simply importing products from the same wholesale suppliers that dropship.

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Why Import From China?

Unless you've been living under a rock for the last 20 years you probably have realised that importing from China is a big business around the world. Chinese products are everywhere, if you look around the room you're in now and take a quick peek (look closely) you'll soon discover that a huge percentage of the products have been made in China or have been assembled in China..

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How to Import from India

With its rapidly booming economy and huge population of over 1 billion people, it's no wonder that India is the new darling of wholesale importing. If you are keen to expand your product range and take advantage of this expanding market, keep reading! Why Import from India?   Like China, India's economy is in a growth period, so costs of manufacturing are very low compared to elsewhere in the world. As a seller, this presents you with an opportunity to buy very cheap...

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What to look for in a Customs Broker

What is a Customs broker? A Customs broker works on behalf of importers and exporters to help them deal with the logistics and legalities of importing and exporting goods. To become a Customs broker, they must first take and pass a heavy duty Customs Broker License Examination. What do they do? Importing from abroad isn't easy. There is a lot to cover, but Customs brokers make importing easier for retailers by: Preparing documents such as customs...

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Get a Business, Get Tax Deductions and Get More Money

Did you realize that SaleHoo is a tax deductible expense? As long as your meet the IRS criteria for a proper business, then you can claim back the money you spend on SaleHoo (and Auction Inspector) as a tax deduction! Many eBay sellers overlook that fact that establishing a proper business is just as important to making money as choosing a profitable item to sell. You see, because the government wants a good economy, they want to encourage business. And to encourage business they offer...

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