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3 New Years Resolutions for Online Retailers

Don't have New Years resolutions? Don't expect this year to be better than the last! I know that New Year's resolutions can be corny and they don't always work out, but as a business owner, you always need to push forward by setting goals for yourself. Goals help you focus and they also help to measure your success, or see where you can improve.

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Useful Tips for Work at Home Parents

I’m not a parent, but I have a couple of friends who work from home either freelancing and selling products online. Before they became parents, working from home meant they could sleep in, have long lunches with friends as they pleased, and work at their own pace. Any mom or parent reading this will know that none of the above is possible when children are part of the equation. I know a lot of SaleHoo readers are parents so using some advice offered by friends, and my own research, I’ve put...

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Why You Should Sell on

We all know that the rife competition on eBay is making it difficult for some sellers to make consistent sales. However, thanks to alternatives such, there are still plenty of opportunities to make money online. Here’s why Amazon is one of our top picks to expand to in order to boost your sales. Why sell on Amazon customers are better customers Amazon buyers have higher incomes and higher education than eBay or Walmart customers. According to Quancast...

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Video Blog: The essential marketing tip that every business owner should know

We have an exciting new mini-series of video blogs that we have crafted to give you a break from all the reading you do, and most importantly, give you some hot selling tips that will help to supercharge your business. Check out the latest in the series here and remember to keep an eye out on the blog each week for the next instalment!    Get more proven selling tips when you become a member of Online Selling Tactics Get the written transcript of this video blog...

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Selling Wholesale Jewelry - SaleHoo Seller Spotlight: December 2010

selling wholesale jewelry, salehoo seller spotlight, salehoo testimonial

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Calling all US sellers

Calling all US sellers... have you been paying your taxes? Hopefully it won't come as news to you that when you are making money - whether it's on eBay, on another auction site, or even at a flea market, you should be paying taxes. Too many sellers simply ignore the fact that they owe the IRS a percentage of their profits. So to help prevent you from getting in trouble with Uncle Sam, I have put together this little guide to paying taxes in the US. So, do I need to pay tax...

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PayPal's New $20k 21 Day Hold Policy

  Well, that's it. Looks like I won't be using PayPal anymore. According to a letter to the editor of AuctionBytes, PayPal has a new policy in the pipeline which will allow them to hold payments received by account holders. This will affect all those who put less than $20,000 through their PayPal account in a 90 day period. And that includes me! These payments can be held for up to 21 days which would absolutely a lot of business out there. For example, if I sold 50...

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Useful Online Seller Business Tools and Resources

If you are anything like us, you'll love all the online tools that are available to make our lives as online sellers easier and more streamlined. The SaleHoo team love finding new tools, resources and sites that enrich our online selling (we know, geeky, huh?) and we want to share all the great online tools out there with you, our loyal members, so read on as we review the best online tools and resources! Google Insights for Search Google Insights for Search allows you to compare...

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Accepting payments: PayPal alternatives for online small businesses

Are you becoming weary of PayPal's bad reputation? Worried about their increasing fees? Or perhaps you yourself have been a victim to some of PayPal's dubious practices and looking for an alternative? Maybe you just want to offer as many payment options to your buyers as possible. Either way, we have had a lot of feedback and questions from our members about PayPal alternatives so read on as we review some popular PayPal payment alternatives for online small...

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PayPal or PayFoul? PayPal covertly hikes fees

PayPal has recently found another way to take their piece of their user's pie. They recently announced... oh wait, no, actually they didn't announce the fact that they were making changes to  fees on private accounts. From now on, when payments are sent to personal accounts marked as being for “Goods”, “Services” or payments which come from a debit or credit card, the recipient will not only be charged a 30c transaction fee, but PayPal will hit users...

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