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Selling Jewelry Online Sucks Unless You Know These Important Facts

By on Friday August 18

Did you know that over 2 million people shop for jewelry online every day? Buying and selling jewelry is big business, and it's also hugely lucrative! Learn hot tips on how to perfect selling jewelry here!

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How to Find Your Target Audience For Your eCommerce Website

By on Wednesday August 16

With the exception of Amazon, which sells everything from 3-liter bottles of cat shampoo to state-of-the-art 3D printers, and a few online department stores, eCommerce sites are typically quite niche oriented. They succeed because they’ve identified a gap in the market for a specific product or idea, and they market themselves as leaders in the provision of these niche items or services. Therefore, attracting the right audience—an audience with the same niche interest—is...

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Why Don't Suppliers Reply to My Emails? [And How to Fix It!]

By on Monday July 17

Suppliers are very busy people, or at least like to think they are, so you should treat them as such! One big reason suppliers don’t respond to your emails is due to the sheer volume of inquiries they get on a daily basis — many of which aren’t ser

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AliExpress Dropshipping: The Complete Guide

AliExpress has gotten a lot of publicity in recent years. It’s been touted as a magical site that lets anyone open a dropshipping store at no cost. While that’s partially true, not everything about AliExpress is amazing. It has pros and cons. Luckily, in this post, we’re going to tell you exactly how to dropship on AliExpress, step by step. We’ll also run you through the good and bad so there are no surprises.

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How to Solve Common Communication Problems with Suppliers

Communicating with suppliers can be difficult. In fact, it’s one of the toughest problems to solve in the world of eCommerce. To help you have the best relationship possible with your suppliers and manufacturers, we’ve put together this list of common supplier communication problems and how to handle them. Enjoy! 1. How many manufacturers should I contact? The more the merrier! When first starting out, contact at least 20 suppliers. You want to contact as many...

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Same-Day Delivery: Good Improvement or Waste Of Resources?

Same-day delivery has transformed the way we perceive online shopping. With the change of perception has come a change in expectations, and speed that was once considered a luxury is more often than not taken as a matter of course. While this service is great news for shoppers, is it equally positive for the other end of the chain, the businesses? The question smaller companies need to ask before diving into the trend with the retail giants is whether same-day delivery is an improvement...

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Ecommerce Holidays: How to Position Your Store for Sales

Holiday shopping season is here, and if you plan to use your website to bring in new business, now's the time to get serious.

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7 Best Practices for Superior Ecommerce Site Search

Our online search behavior has been conditioned by our long association with Microsoft Windows and Mac OS. Our hands and eyes unconsciously seek a magnifying glass in the top menu or sidebar in order to type in our queries. We take it as a given that every website would have a search box—too gaudy, too small, too huge, but a box, nevertheless.

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Why You Shouldn't Compete on Price in eCommerce

Do you feel like you can’t make any money because your item is selling for the same price on Amazon or eBay? I feel your pain. Competition is stiff these days and it can seem like the only way to get ahead is by cutting your prices. However, I’m here to tell you: Don’t do it! Lowering your prices to try and beat these eCommerce giants simple won’t work, and is bad for your business.

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Bonanza: An E-Commerce Site Analysis

Online sellers are always looking for new venues to distribute their inventory. Because gigantic companies such as eBay and Amazon have virtually monopolized the e-commerce market, any bright spots on the horizon are always met with a bit of fanfare. Bonanza is just such a bright spot, and this post is a drop in the fanfare bucket. We're not talking about any TV westerns today: Bonanza is a powerful (if relatively late-coming) arrival on the online sales scene. Today we'll be...

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