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Find Hot Selling Products In Our Directory

Have you ever wondered how profitable a product will be if you sell it? We've just rolled out an exciting new feature to help give you answers! 

We recently teamed up with our friends at Terapeak and are now offering you deeper insights into what's selling best on eBay so you can pick the products with the best success rates and make more sales. 

Here's how it works: 

Now when you view a category within the directory, you can click through to a Market Overview report.

Our brand new reports give you advice on the best way to approach that market (as well as any warnings about the market) and a list of the current top-selling items in that category. Terapeak pulls this data direct from eBay so it's always an accurate and up-to-date snapshot of what products are selling best. Let's take a closer look at what the Terapeak data exposes:

  • Every product listing you see is a hot-selling one, so that's already a big hint to show that it's a great product to consider selling. 
  • You can click on any of the product listings to get the complete run-down. 

  • Under Average Price, you can see how much the product sells for on average. This is invaluable information that allows you to forecast your potential profits when you compare it to how much your supplier can sell you the items for.
  • Units/Wk tells you how many units of this specific item sell each week. This is crucial information, as it tells you how many sales you can potentially make each week, and how much stock you will need to buy. 
  • Wk/Wk Change shows how many sales there have been this week compared to last. In this case, as this is a new product (as indicated at the bottom of that screenshot), all the sales this week were new. 
  • Finally, Terapeak shows you the name(s) of the top sellers of this product. You can click through to their listings and check out their product descriptions, plus see what other products they are selling. Don't forget to check whether they are using any special eBay listing upgrades — if you compete with them, upgrades might give you an edge over them so you attract more buyers! 

While this feature is still in beta and we're still doing some testing, these reports are live and ready for you to make the most of right now, so head over to the directory and start browsing! If you want to do the most in-depth product research  and get real insights to which items sell best, look no further than Terapeak: the company is a market leader in analyzing, understanding and predicting consumer and product behavior on eBay and Amazon. No successful online retailer should be without that information. 

If you're not already a SaleHoo member, you can join now and get instant access to over 8,000 trusted and verified suppliers, as well as our in-depth reports. 

Have you used this cool new feature? Share your thoughts below — you know how much I love hearing from you!

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