SaleHoo’s Simple 5 Step Method for Mega Sales This Holiday Season

UPDATE: Step 1 of our 5 step series is available here

Hello SaleHoo blog readers!

It’s August. That means it’s just over 4 months until Christmas, the most profitable time of the year for eBay sellers and online retailers. Every year, the holiday season, smashes conservative predictions about spending habits and creates a buying frenzy. For a few weeks, it seems as though all anyone wants to do is shop... and we all take a break from penny pinching and the economic recession. This is music to the ears for us retailers!

2012 will be no different with 47% of shoppers planning on spending more than they did in 2011, which was one of the best holiday seasons we have seen in years!

So, if you want to make sure that you get your share of all the sales this holiday season, you need to start planning for it now. 36% of online shoppers will make their first holiday purchase in September which is just weeks away!

Our 5 Step Method for Mega Sales

There’s no need to panic though, there is still time to get set to make your share of the big Christmas spend. To help you along the way, we are revealing something very special, and something we have never shared in the 7 years since SaleHoo hit the web: We’re revealing a proven 5 step method for making the holiday season a success.

The method is used by eBay PowerSellers, and online retail giants all over the web... but despite the method’s popularity, it’s still perfectly usable and there’s no risk of too many competitors getting in the way of you and all the sales you will make.

Over the next couple of weeks, I will be delivering you this method via a “blueprint” format, so you can follow over my shoulder and implement this method as you go. I’m starting from scratch and finding a completely new niche and turning it into a profit-pulling business. I’ll leave no stone unturned!

If you are a new seller, you’ll benefit wildly from this upcoming series of blog posts. If you are an old hand and already have some experience in online retail, there is still plenty to learn that we will cover in this series that will help you skyrocket your sales this holiday season.

You can also use this method on any selling platform or marketplace. I’ll be setting up a brand new SaleHoo Store during my demonstration, but you can also use this method anywhere: On eBay, Amazon, Bonanza or your own website.

One of the reasons why we are setting up a SaleHoo Store is because as you know, margins can get very tight on eBay. While a lot of sellers make a killing on eBay around Christmas and the holidays, eBay’s competition increases around the holiday season. So even though there are significantly more buyers coming to the website, there are also significantly more sellers working hard to make sales around the holiday period. Don’t let this deter you if you are an eBay seller though! Just follow my 5 step method and you will be in for a profitable couple of months.

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The Crucial Formula behind Every Successful Business

Before we get to my 5 step method, I want to quickly introduce you to the formula that is behind all successful businesses and makes the 5 step method work. It’s not complicated, but it will help you understand your business better (or how to build one if you are just getting started). Here’s what the formula looks like:

(Don’t let these numbers intimidate you. I’m not a numbers person, but this formula made sense eventually!)

Leads x conversion rate x $ per sale x ave. number of transactions per customer = gross profit.

As I said, this formula is applied across businesses in all sectors, so what does it look like in an eCommerce environment?

Number of people who visit your website/listing x the % of those visitors that purchase from you x how much money you make per sale x average number of transactions from each customer = your gross profit.

For example, let’s say I sell wall calendars and 100 new people come to my website or my listings every day. If I convert 20% of those people, I make 20 sales. If I sell each wall calendar for $10 (less $5 for the wholesale cost of the calendar), I turnover $200 per day. If each customer buys from me on average 2 times in their lifetime, my gross profit would be $200/day or $73,000 per year. 

I don't know about you but I could sure do with an extra $73,000 per year!

(If you want to know the math: 100 (new visitors) x 20% (conversion rate) x $5 ($ per sale) x 2 (lifetime transactions per customer) = $200/day.) 

Once you understand this formula, making small improvements to each part of the formula can drastically increase your gross profit and ultimately net profit.

Using the above example, if all you did was increase each part of the above formula by just 10% how much do you think your yearly gross profit would increase?

If you thought 10%, you're wrong!

In fact your yearly gross profit would increase from $73,000 to $106,879. Pretty amazing huh?

So I could make an additional $33,879 just by increasing the important numbers by 10% which isn’t difficult.

OK, let’s talk about some simpler numbers now – our 5 step method for making sales these holidays. These steps each relate to a different part of the above formula so if you follow along closely you could start seeing similar sort of success and profits. 

The 5 Steps – Revealed

You might be wondering what the 5 steps in this method are, so I won’t make you wait to find out. Here they are:

1. Find a profitable niche

I’ll cover this in the next part of this series. I’ll show you a really cool way to come up with ideas for products to sell and how to test those ideas for how profitable they will be. I’ll use the SaleHoo Research Lab as well as free methods that anyone can use for niche-hunting. Step-by-step, I will show you how to determine whether a niche will be profitable or not. This video will include a couple of video demonstrations, so you can sit back with some pop corn and watch as I do the work!

2. Find a supplier

After finding the right niche, you need to find the right supplier that can give you a price that leaves plenty of room for profits. I’ll use the SaleHoo Wholesale Supplier Directory and will also show you free methods to safely find good suppliers. So even if you aren’t a SaleHoo member, or you just want to use a supplier that isn’t listed on our directory, you will know how to determine whether a supplier is trustworthy.

I’m going to focus mostly on drop shipping in this series. I know that drop shipping is a preferred option for most of our members. And for good reason: Drop shipping is low risk and requires no money up front. This makes it a lot easier to get started which is exactly what you need to get ready for the holidays!

3. Setup a SaleHoo Store

Selling on your own website is the best way to skip the competitive eBay market and create your own following of loyal repeat customers. If you don’t own a SaleHoo Store, don’t worry! This lesson benefits everyone because we will cover some crucial search engine optimization tips for getting your listings ranking in Google and other search engines.

The reason I’m demonstrating using SaleHoo Stores isn’t simply to promote Stores. Instead, I want you to see that setting up and managing your own Store isn’t difficult. I know that some people imagine that ‘back end’ of a website to be a scary place that requires a lot of technical knowledge, but that’s not at all true! There are huge benefits to selling on your own Store, so if I can help you see how easy it is, then hopefully it will get you a step closer to owning your own store one day!

 4. Drive Targeted Traffic to your Product Listings

Learn how to use one of the most trusted and cost-effective ways to drive traffic to your products listings. We will give you a head start on this crucial, but sometimes daunting task. 

 5. Marketing Tips: How to make more money without spending a dime

How to use email marketing to create loyal repeat customers. Anyone can do this and no special knowledge is required. I’ll even write some of the emails for you!

 Are You In?

Are you going to join us in our blog series? If you have ever felt lost and wondered the best way to make money, or if you switch back and forth between different selling strategies while you wait for something to work, this blog series, that reveals our proven method, is exactly what you need! Keep an eye out on your email inbox.

In the meantime, leave me a comment below and tell me what it is that you are struggling with at the moment or what you need help with. I will try to work some solutions into this upcoming series of blog posts. Here's to a profitable Christmas and holiday season in 2012! 

P.S Want to fast-track your holiday sales? Do it with SaleHoo Stores! 

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Comments (33)

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Barbara Walsh on 14:54 13 Aug
i am someone who wants to have an internet business but have no idea how to go about it ie mainly where do i get my items from
Ray Holmes on 16:00 13 Aug
Thank you . This is all good stuff. I would like to know how to upload photographs and product descriptions to my E-Bay auctions using dropship sources.
Julio Popocatl on 16:15 13 Aug
Thanks for your article. It is very interesting. I have a question: why I have to include the lifetime customer buys in a daily formula? Thanks again and best regards, Julio
Pat Howell on 16:28 13 Aug
Great info here. You have given us something to strive for and something to wish for. I can't wait to see the next post.
Veronica Simpson on 17:50 13 Aug
Using the formula above is quiet simple but don't think your result converts to totally to GROSS PROFIT. What about subtracting the COST OF SALE? This formula only applies to drop shipping and had me puzzled for a while until I read that you will mostly be concentrating on drop shipping.
sam on 17:55 13 Aug
will it work in the Uk.
chris on 20:12 13 Aug
thanks Alice ,So where is supplier or any good supplier?
Paul Oliver on 22:42 13 Aug
I have the product, i have the supplier, the prospect of building a web store is scarry! Then comes the essential SEO minefield. Anybody who gets a 20% conversion rate, is probably retired or as believable as politition.
Need4Money (member) on 1:13 14 Aug
Yeah, it's truly good stuff to share to all drop shippers though..What would be the income stream like when target market is Asia but sourcing from UK or US.
Carlos Higuti on 1:50 14 Aug
I am already thinking of creating a virtual store, but the fear has me confused. And after reading the final part of this post, I felt a shiver up the hairs of my arms, which I think this is the way to make my first step. I will wait anxiously for their loved ones. Thank you for sharing.
Sherlyne on 5:08 14 Aug
I am looking forward the read those emails. My question is would this work in Canada? I am a member and from the list I haven't found a wholesaler in Canada that are doing dropshiping for the items I want to sell. Where can I find dropshiper in Canada who will ship worldwide? Will the dropshiper in the USA ship worldwide?
Drewster on 12:56 14 Aug
Finding the right Product and then a Dropshipper are my biggest hurdles. Also Being in the UK does it have any drawbacks?
Jim Varholla on 17:57 14 Aug
I am retired and have very little money left over at the end of the month. I hope to join soon and then get a webstore after that. Any help like this is great, I know nothig about sales.
Sandra on 18:49 14 Aug
Interesting ideas here.Will it work in the caribbean- Jamaica to be specific.
ismael lima on 19:06 14 Aug
I'm from Brazil and I wrote in SaleHoo for the purpose of finding good suppliers chipping drop in retail, but what we think is wholesale supplier, please help me.
segna on 20:37 14 Aug
Great information but i am scared stiff. Ii know to start I must jump in but I don't have a life vest.....Help!
Alice Delore on 21:38 14 Aug
Thanks for the feedback everyone!

Will try and answer some of your questions - some will be answered in the series anyway :)

@Barbara Walsh

I'll cover this later this week so keep an eye on your email inbox!

@Ray Holmes

You mean using the drop shippers product descriptions and photos? Sure, I will cover this in the series.

@Julio Popocatl

Thanks for your question :)

The lifetime of the customer is important because you should base your business around being able to make more than one purchase off each customer. It's a fundamental fact of retail that repeat customers are worth more than new customers, so I really want people to think about squeezing more out of each customer.

I'll show you how to do this at the end of the series.
Alice Delore on 21:44 14 Aug
@Pat Howell

Thanks Pat - great to hear from you as always :)

@Veronica Simpson

Thanks for your question, I think you answered it yourself ;) Yes, I'll go over some more drop shipping details next week.

@Sam, Sherlyne, Drewster, Sandra, and anyone else who has asked "will this work in X country?"

This formula is universal - as long as you follow the instructions that I will deliver in the blog posts, yes, it will work!
The only time you might run into trouble is if you try to sell from your country to another country i.e sell from the UK to customers in the US. Unless you have something that US sellers can't get their hands on, most buyers will buy locally and you won't make as many sales.


Thanks for your question :)

SaleHoo has thousands of great suppliers in the directory so check that out. If you are not a member of SaleHoo, I will show you some easy ways to determine if a supplier is legit.
Alice Delore on 21:51 14 Aug
@Paul Oliver

SEO sure is a minefield! Actually, I think it's complex, but it's not terribly complicated. You just have to understand Google's goals, and what Google wants to show Google users when they search, and make your site match that. SOunds easy in theory I guess ;) Sam, a SaleHoo stafff member who is a bit of a whizz with SEO is going to talk you thruogh some keyword research and Google Adwords stuff, so keep an eye out for that blog post, coming soon!


I've no idea what the income stream would be like if you were targeting Asian customers from the UK or US, but unless you were selling items that people in Asia can't already get there, you'd find it very difficult to be honest. Generally, Asian countries have lower income brackets and therefore, buyers have less expendible money.

@Carlos Higuti

A bit of nerves and fear is normal when you are about to embark on something big! Just foster those feelings into taking action! Keep an eye out on my posts. Remember, if you have questions, just answer in the comments after any of the blog posts.


This upcoming blog series should give you the virtual life vest you need :)
dave on 9:25 15 Aug
is it possible for this selling to work from South Africa?
John Burch on 18:13 15 Aug
@Alice-salehoo, when exaclty will this blog series begin? on 0:20 16 Aug
Interesting ideas ...... but i dont know how to impliment it...... thanks & regards
Lisa on 0:52 16 Aug
I am looking forward the read those emails. My question is would this work in Canada?
Lisa on 0:52 16 Aug
I am looking forward the read those emails. My question is would this work in Australia? Sorry, Australia, not Canada.
John D on 2:39 16 Aug
I really want to set up an online business full time as I am about to loose my job. So any help you can provide will be much appreciated. Thanks
Alice Delore on 4:10 16 Aug
@Lisa and dave

As I mentioned above, this formula is universal - as long as you follow the instructions that I will deliver in the blog posts, yes, it will work!

You just have to follow the instructions I give you and don't skip any of the steps. The key is finding a market that has less supply than demand and anyone anywhere can do that.

Alice Delore on 4:11 16 Aug

Keep an eye on your inbox tomorrow ;)

Fred A on 5:23 16 Aug
I have been receiving the news letters / emails for a long time, just read this one top to bottom and am going to watch the blogs etc. with anticipation of launching. Fact is, we spent a ton of money on things like Stores On Line $7000 back in the late nineties, and because of after costs didn't even get started, also same with the "Sure Way To Success by the major player on ebay (name withheld) another $5k plus wasted and went nowhere - - -just into his pocket and all the others linked to his site! So, having said this you should understand my apprehension on any of these methods of marketing on the net. However, I am interested in a long look at this one now.
Joyce Knake on 20:56 16 Aug
I'm interested in seeing the rest of the program. Thanks for sharing.
Han on 11:45 22 Aug
Just like the rest your education programme is very useful. Before I found SaleHoo I signed up for a programme at 4500$ which sounded very easy at the start to make money but turned out to be nerve wracking. I'm still learning. The knots in my stomach is to start posting on eBay. Don't know what to start with. Please help.
Brian R on 4:10 24 Aug
I am struggling finding Drop Shippers that have competitive pricing.
James Meyn on 15:05 29 Aug
My personal opinion is this: To be successful in online sales, you must experience online sales. You also must get some sales (no matter how big or small) to fuel that fire, to get/keep you going. Once sales hit a slump (or never get started)), so do you. I would suggest that you get set up on eBay first. Yes, we sell on eBay, but it's not our bread and butter. I/we actually operate a number of sites/stores, on many different marketplaces (our own eCommerce sites, eBay, Amazon, etc.). eBay is difficult to deal with most of the time, but you can generate sales, which should get you excited, and motivated to do more sales. I would suggest looking around your house, or family's homes for things you no longer use, that are in good to excellent condition, and you wouldn't mind the cash, over having the item. List those items. List them for however much you want to sell them for (the first 50 listings are FREE). If they don't sell, mark down the price a little bit. Continue doing this until the item(s) sell. Your first sale should get you pumped, your second should have you chomping at the bit, and your third should send you flying out the gate, and down the eCommerce track to success... Once you have experienced the thrill of selling online, you should start formulating your plan of attack. Will you stick with eBay as a platform? Will you create your own store? Will you expand into other marketplaces? Where will you source products from? Etc.. I don't want to write Alice's blog for her, but you get the picture. If you're afraid to jump in, do so in little, manageable steps. Sell a few items to get your blood pumping. If your first few sales don't excite you, you probably aren't cut out for eCommerce, and should probably look elsewhere for employment/a source of money. My wife and I both went to college for marketing/eCommerce. I am still in the field today, while she has gone into the medical field. She just realized that while there is alot of money to be made in eCommerce, she wasn't interested in it, thereby making working in the field unsatisfactory. She also understood that this unhappiness with the field would leave her in a financial pit, since her heart wasn't in it. On a side note, if you are ready to start up your own eCommerce site, you might work with these guys: They also do site promotion/marketing through (not sure if that site is complete yet. Last I checked it was a work in progress.) They are our consultants regarding eCommerce, and have built many sites for us. Contact them, and tell them SWWB sent you.
Robert Usher on 18:40 12 Jan
I want to find a good niche, supplier (drop-shiper) build a ecomerse website and learn to drive traffic to it. What I don't want, for right now it a holiday store that I would have to be continuously changing the store theme on. I just want to get started building a store where I can start building brand recognition and learn how to do email follow up to product loyal repeat buyers.

I know I will need to learn how to spouse up my store to take advantage of the various holidays but I want to start simple to get my learning process going.


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