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Did you find that there are more make-or-break details to running an online business than you anticipated? Fear not, these tools and guides will support you on your path to success.
8 Crucial eCommerce Accounting Best Practices for Business Owners in 2023
8 Crucial eCommerce Accounting Best Practices for Business Owners in 2023
16 Best AI Tools for eCommerce & Dropshipping (Free & Paid) You Need to Know
16 Best AI Tools for eCommerce & Dropshipping (Free & Paid) You Need to Know
Ask an Expert: How to get negative feedback removed on eBay
Not all eBay transactions go smoothly. Sometimes, even when you follow best practices as a seller, an issue may arise that prompts a buyer to leave negative feedback. Buyers have different expectations about items, shipping times and costs, and even how sellers communicate with them. A small slip can quickly equate to negative feedback that may be permanent if you don’t do something about it. On this page Other ways to improve your eBay feedback Aim for trouble-free transactions Provide accurate pictures Create great listing details Have a clear return policy Check your invent
100+ Free Presentation Tools: Stock Images, Fonts, Cliparts, & Infographic Sites
Free stock photo websites provide the visual content needs of startup entrepreneurs, bloggers, marketers, designers, journalists, and students who barely have the budget for premium photographs. These image resources are also a good place for photographers and artists to showcase their talent and launch or boost their career. This comprehensive guide explains image licenses, lists down free stock photo sites, and answers frequently asked questions about copyright. Post Contents: [ show hide ]
AOV vs. LTV: Why Lifetime Value May Matter Most In eCommerce
The world of eCommerce is a competitive one and a successful marketing strategy is one of the best ways to get ahead. It’s simple to say that marketing strategy is important, but much more difficult to determine which marketing strategy is best for you. Thankfully, this can be much easier when you’re making good use of data and statistics. Many marketing techniques focus on increasing Average Order Value, or AOV. AOV isn’t the only important statistic, though. Increasing your customers’ Lifetime Value, or LTV, could be key to long-lasting success. Here, we discuss AOV and LTV, as well as the best ways to improve both metrics for bottom line profitability. Average Order Value: A One-Time Revenue Boost
10 Fantastic Online Selling Apps to Build Your E-Commerce Business
Online sales, regardless of niche, can be a pretty competitive business. As a dropshipper, you may think that you can just go muddling along with little effort because you have nothing to lose if you don't sell. This is true to an extent, but just because you have little or no capital tied up in your business doesn't mean you aren't losing money. By missing opportunities to sell that could so easily be caught if you just put a little more effort into marketing, you're missing out on a serious profit. With these 10 web and mobile apps, perhaps you'll find it a little easier to make that crucial step from “What are you gonna do,” to “I've done it!”
eBay Apps That Make you a More Productive Seller
If you made $20 from 7 minutes work, you would feel pretty happy about it, right? However if it took you an hour to make that $20, your business simply wouldn't be as profitable. Profit margins on eBay can be tight. One way to help increase how profitable your selling ventures are is to really streamline your systems and make each transaction as fast for you to process as possible. Time is money, people!  Using eBay apps are a great way to speed up the process of listing, managing and fulfilling orders. eBay apps are verified by eBay, but most are created by third parties. Here are some of the most popular apps (as voted by users) that will help make you a more productive (and profitable) seller.  Cross Sell Cross Sell lets you maximize sales by showing buyers your other listings, dramatically increasing your exposure and your chances of making additional sales. This free ap
6 New Ways to Sell Stale, Slow-Moving Stock
Out the old and in with the new. We’re all familiar with that saying. Things are no different in the eCommerce world. In order to introduce new products, you need to deal with stale, slow-moving inventory first and foremost. According to experts, inventory that’s sitting idle for more than six months is a major expense to your business. And, if your slow-moving stock happens to be a high-quality (and therefore high-cost) inventory too, it can add to your cash flow woes. So, how do you deal with your slow-moving stock that is not only obstructing the cash flow of your store, but stopping you from adding fresh stock into your business as well?   I will walk you through six new ways that could help you deal with the excess inventory problem. But before I start talking about them, let me underline a few crucial facts about excess inventory and its severe effect
Getting Started
The beginners' guide to starting a business selling things online
22 Free Business Name Generators for Founders (Best of 2023)
Coming up with a unique brand name for your business is no easy task. Your brand name needs to embody your core values as well as your distinguishing characteristics. While also conveying what it is that you sell. And of course, we all want our name to sound cool! Luckily, we don’t have to be creative geniuses to come up with a decent brand name. All we need is a business name generator. In this article, you’ll learn... Post Contents: [ show hide ] What is a Business Name Generator? How to Choose and Name a New Business List of the Top Free Business Name Generators Shopify Name Mesh BNG Anadea WordLab Dot-O-Mator NameSmith NameStation NetSubstance Cool Name Ideas FreshBooks Getsocio

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