eBay Apps That Make you a More Productive Seller

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If you made $20 from 7 minutes work, you would feel pretty happy about it, right? However if it took you an hour to make that $20, your business simply wouldn't be as profitable. Profit margins on eBay can be tight. One way to help increase how profitable your selling ventures are is to really streamline your systems and make each transaction as fast for you to process as possible. Time is money, people! 

Using eBay apps are a great way to speed up the process of listing, managing and fulfilling orders. eBay apps are verified by eBay, but most are created by third parties. Here are some of the most popular apps (as voted by users) that will help make you a more productive (and profitable) seller. 

Cross Sell

Cross Sell lets you maximize sales by showing buyers your other listings, dramatically increasing your exposure and your chances of making additional sales. This free app is a favorite among eBay sellers because it helps overcome one of the biggest pains of selling on eBay: Standing out from your competitors and getting products in front of customers. 

Average user rating: 4.5/5 (based on 2637 ratings)

Cost: Free 

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ShipSaver Insurance 

Buy discounted shipping insurance to ensure that your buyers get their items safely. Shipping insurance is essential on eBay but it can really eat into your profit margins. Using ShipSaver allows you to keep more money in your pocket! Everything is done online which saves you a trip to the post office... and therefore makes each sale more profitable. 

Average user rating: 4.5/5 (based on 449 ratings)

Cost: Free 

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Do you have trouble staying on top of your finances? If you want to streamline how to manage your money, and make preparing for taxes easier, Outright is for you! Ever since the IRS required PayPal to report your online sales, online retailers have been more weary of keeping an eye on what comes in and out of their accounts, and what you owe in tax. This app automates a lot of the leg work, saving you time. 

Average user rating: 4.5/5 (based on 1736 ratings)

Cost: Free 

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eBay Listing Analytics

I've put this app at the bottom of my list because it has mixed reviews and it seems as though the app has not been working for the past couple of months (have you been affected? Leave a comment below). I decided to include it on my list anyway because it's likely that eBay will fix the issues soon and also because it has a high average rating from users. You might already be using this but just in case you haven't heard of Listing Analytics, it gives you insight to how many clicks, views and sales your listings are making. Knowing these stats allows you to weed out any products in your range that aren't selling, and focus on your top performers. 

Average user rating: 4/5 (based on 3515 ratings)

Cost: Free 

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Have you used any of these apps? What was your experience? 

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  • paul Cost 29th of September
    Hi Alice, Would like to get that app Froo! Cross Sell but when i click on 'Get it for free' after my Ebay login it comes up in red and states You cannot subscribe to this application because you don't have permission. Why is that so is it because i am registered to Ebay australia ?
  • Alice Delore 9th of October
    Hi pcostie,

    Sorry you are having problems with the Froo app. I just added it to my account and didn't have any problems. My account is NZ based, so it shouldn't be an issue that you have and Aus account.

    I've just contacted their support and informed them of your issue, but I suggest you contact them directly via eBay support (there's not listed email address, I just used an enquiry form to get in touch with them). You could try leaving a comment here: http://applications.ebay.com/selling?ViewEAppDetails&stab=4&rpgN=2&riPP=10&appType=1&appId=cross.froo.com

    I hope this helps :)