SaleHoo vs. Alibaba

When comparing SaleHoo vs. Alibaba, we could provide you with a biased comparison table that we created…


...But we think that, instead of hearing our opinion, it would be far better to show you the reviews for both SaleHoo & Alibaba from unaffiliated customers instead.

SaleHoo vs. Alibaba for Reliable Suppliers

Reviews left for Alibaba on SiteJabber and show that hundreds of customers have had negative experiences with suppliers listed in their directory. Some issues include suppliers providing false information in their profiles, not honoring refunds, sending faulty goods and cheating customers out thousands of dollars:

“Purchased $10,000 of marble urns… After nearly two years and dozens of emails to lots of different people, we finally received a shipment of product that we did not order. I am not the only one.”

- Brad B. (source)

“I am in business more than twenty years. Over the past three years our company has used Alibaba more than 30-times to source products. Only two-suppliers turned out to be real. Five-suppliers scammed us (only one returned part of our money).”

- Zin Y. (source)

“A lot of the suppliers are allowed to false[ly] advertise. For example… They claimed that MOQ's were 1,000 when in fact they were 25,000 and admitted to me that it was just a way to attract buyers... I've taken my business elsewhere.”

- Sandra S. (source)

Here at SaleHoo, we have a strict set of policies that suppliers must meet to be verified and included in our directory. This ensures that when you work with a supplier in our directory, you know that you can trust them. Some of the requirements include the following:

  • Suppliers must be able to prove that they have being doing business online for 2+ years.
  • They need to have a verifiable physical address/location and provide full contact details.
  • They must prove that they are a manufacturer or a wholesaler that is licensed to sell goods at wholesale prices.

As a result, when you compare the customer reviews left for SaleHoo vs. Alibaba, you can clearly see that SaleHoo customers have had excellent experiences with our suppliers:

“This directory pays off... You can quickly find quality products... and establish lasting business relationships with very competitive companies that basically are looking for great sellers like you”

- Juan B. (source)

“They have so many good wholesalers and it is so hard to find REAL companies like the ones they have listed on your own. Really. I have looked for years… It [is] definitely worth the money.”

- Toni G. (source)

“I have used SaleHoo for a year and come up with some very good suppliers… I recommend [it to] anybody interested in commercial business.”

- Taskin B. (source)

SaleHoo vs. Alibaba for Customer Support

Alibaba claims to have a buyer-protection program, but previous reviews from customers indicate this is extremely unreliable. Many customers have left reviews indicating that they have no received refunds on faulty orders and feel that they were scammed out of their money. In addition, customer service representatives have asked for unnecessary personal information that was not relevant to the claims process which has left many reviewers concerned for their privacy:

“When the supplier failed to meet our contracted requirements or the delivery schedule we canceled the order and requested a refund... After supplying clear evidence of the contractual gaps and obvious delivery delay the Trade Assurance rep. seemed to totally disregard the evidence and favor the Chinese supplier…. In my opinion they are largely partial to protecting the China suppliers.”

- Jeff C. (source)

“Extremely awful customer service and sellers on the website… you may be able to order cheap products, they're almost always falsely advertised… it is EXTREMELY difficult to get your money back after receiving an order.”

- Sarah M. (source)

“I placed an order with Alibaba yesterday… the transaction went through at 7:50 a.m. for almost $1,000. Today, I heard from Alibaba that my transaction was cancelled and that to resubmit the transaction, I would need to send them a copy of my drivers license and social security number. No US retailer could ask for that information. BEWARE”

- Callen L. (source)

When you compare the reviews of SaleHoo vs. Alibaba, you can also see that unaffiliated customers at SaleHoo have noted the fast, personalized customer service they get from our support reps:

“I have gone through a lot with scammers on alibaba etc until I stumble[d] on salehoo… they also provide a very exceptional customer service and not automated response AND each response addresses all your issues and specific problems.”

- Ibrahim T. (source)

“I must say that the customer service experience at Salehoo has been top notch. They are very good with returning messages and I get personal phone replies within 24 hours or less.”

- David W. (source)

The best customer service I have received from a company in a very long time.”

- Angela W. (source)

Comparing the Customer Complaints for SaleHoo vs. Alibaba

Alibaba has received 243 complaints on in the past 3 years. Out of these, only 9 complaints were successfully resolved, with the other 234 going unanswered:

The contrast when comparing the complaints for SaleHoo vs. Alibaba is striking. In the past 12 months we here at SaleHoo have received 0 complaints, with only 2 in the past 3 years. Both complaints were successfully resolved to the customer’s satisfaction:

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