SaleHoo vs. Worldwide Brands

When comparing SaleHoo vs. Worldwide Brands, we could show you a biased feature comparison table we created (like this)...


But the reality is, both Worldwide Brands and we here at SaleHoo claim to offer the same features with our membership subscriptions:

  • A strong selection of dropshippers and wholesalers with a wide variety of products at low, competitive prices.
  • Friendly, responsive customer service.
  • Additional training resources to help teach you how to grow your ecommerce business.

It’s easy for us both to claim to offer this, and claim that we do it best. But when comparing SaleHoo vs. Worldwide Brands, you want to know which one of us really offer these features.

And we believe that the the ultimate way to figure that out is to listen to unaffiliated reviews from real customers.

Let’s compare real, unaffiliated customer reviews left for SaleHoo vs. Worldwide Brands…

On, SaleHoo has 31 positive reviews with no negative/neutral reviews (source):

Compare that with Worldwide Brands, which has no customer reviews (source):

When comparing SaleHoo vs. Worldwide Brands, ask yourself this question: Would you rather purchase an unproven product for $299, or a proven product with unaffiliated, positive customer reviews for just $67?

Here are some of the reasons that our customers have given for why they chose to leave a positive review for SaleHoo:

Prices & Quality of Products

The customers in our reviews said that they’ve found excellent products at low-prices through our suppliers, which they can then resell for a profit:

“This directory pays off... You can quickly find quality products... and establish lasting business relationships with very competitive companies that basically are looking for great sellers like you”

- Juan G. (source)

“I was really impressed with SaleHoo Group… [they have] many products and [are] connected to many sellers.”

- Itamar M. (source)

Incredible Customer Service

Our customers indicated in their reviews that they experienced first-class service and that our support team is always happy to help with any queries, even in helping people find the right suppliers for their business:

“The best customer service I have received from a company in a very long time”

- Angela W. (source)

“They are very good with returning messages and I get personal phone replies within 24 hours or less. Since I have so many questions i'm [sic] very impressed with their lengthy detailed email responses.”

- David W. (source)

Helpful Educational Resources

Several members noted in their reviews that they found the bonus educational resources very useful, and that our training has helped them grow their business:

“I am a business owner with a Fed Tax ID, a Reseller's License, a real company with a real website… Salehoo has taught me about 50% to 60% of EVERYTHING I've learned along the way about how an e-commerce business works.”

- Cody G. (source)

“SaleHoo has been a huge source of wholesale companies and informative articles relating to things I need to grow my business. Recommended!”

- Greg H. (source)


When you join SaleHoo, you can feel secure and confident in your purchase because these unaffiliated reviews from real customers show that they:

  • Have had excellent experiences with our customer support.
  • Have found our training very helpful and have used it to grow their businesses.
  • Have found profitable suppliers/products with the help of our directory.

What would you prefer: A proven product for $67, or an unproven product for $299?

When comparing SaleHoo vs. Worldwide brands, would you rather pay $299 for an unproven product, or just $67/year for SaleHoo — a proven product with excellent customer reviews?

Choose the proven (and cheaper!) membership. Get it now.


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