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How do I find a niche item to sell on eBay?

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This week's question from Ben: "How do I find a niche item to sell on eBay?"
I help Ben by revealing one of my niche-hunting methods


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dbell4444 on 19:16 2 Jun
I would like difinitive information on the tax situation for eCommerce sellers. EBay is not where I am selling. I have an online web site ... and I get all kinds of info. that I pick up from here and there, but nothing definitive. I am in WI, but will open my main corporation in Nevada very soon. So, I know I must tax people in WI...and communities are not all taxed the same ... for sales tax that is.
Richelle Monfort on 1:42 29 Jun
Hi dbell4444, You can usually get one from your State’s website – just Google ‘Your State + sales tax’. Most states also charge a small fee. This varies from state to state, but it's usually around $50. If you can’t find any information online on how to get a seller's permit, then just contact or visit your local County Clerk Office. I think you'll find the info in these guides quite useful: Hope this helps :)
Anthony Cortellessa on 4:05 3 Jul
I still have no idea how to find a niche :(
Alice Delore on 21:29 5 Jul
It's a tough task, a_cortellessa, and some sellers spend months, if not years selling a variety of items before they start finding niche items that they will stick with.

A good way to find a niche item is to test items by drop shipping them.

This is one of the best things about drop shipping, as it allows you to test out potential niche markets, without the risk of buying a wholesale lot, which may or may not sell.

So if you have a few ideas for possible niches, I recommend finding a supplier who can drop ship those items and then get listing.

This is one of the most fool-proof ways to do market research :)

Good luck!
Richelle Monfort on 23:18 8 Jul
@a_cortellessa: Also, try working closely with things/products that interest you. It is often more fun working (selling) something you are passionate about and much easier since you know the product fairly well. While reading through various blogs and online guides, I cam across this tool being recommended by some, HammerTap - a research tool to determine a products viability on the market. You might want to try this one. All the best!
Ipl live score on 2:08 31 Dec
Nice work Brian you obviously put a lot of work into it. Lets hope 2010 is as fruitful for you.
google talk download on 20:07 25 Jan
Great article, lots of smart tips. I am going to show my buddies and ask them what they think.
j 41 shoes on 2:57 26 Jan
Cool article. No surprises that Google was number 1…


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