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Things to sell on eBay

Looking for things to sell on eBay? If you’re stuck in the ‘electronics or designer clothing’ mindset, we’ve put together some niche ideas to help get your creative juices flowing:

1. Doll furniture

Doll furniture is sought after by both children and adult collectors, so it’s not surprising this is an extremely profitable eBay niche.

Popular products and ranges include: doll bed,  doll dresser,  toy furniture,  doll chest,  toy kitchen,  vintage doll furniture,  american girl doll furniture, barbie doll furniture, Victorian doll furniture

When you find a new niche that you know nothing about, the Google Keyword tool is extremely handy for getting a ton of ideas for other popular searches in the niche. Searching for ‘doll furniture’ in the Google keyword tool will give you more than 200 related products and search terms. What you can then do is go back to eBay, plug in these searches and check the completed listings to see what sells.  This is also a great way of finding deep niches like ‘Victorian doll furniture’ and ‘pintoy dolls house furniture’.

2. Food processers, mixers, food dehydrators

Small appliances are perennially popular and a great example of common household products that sell extremely well on eBay. Brand names like Cuisinart, Kitchen Aid and Magic Bullet are fashionable, but there are also plenty of people looking for basic models too.

Some of the popular keyword searches on eBay for these products are: kitchenaid mixer,  blender,  cuisinart,  food chopper,  juicer,  cuisinart food processor,  kitchenaid food processor, commercial food processor, magic bullet blades, gasket seals, dehydrator,  food dehydrater,  nesco dehydrator,  food saver,  food processor,  nesco food dehydrator,  ronco food dehydrator

When you search completed listings for these products, don’t forget to check out eBay’s suggestions of related search terms. This is a fantastic way to learn not only what people want to buy, but also what the best keywords are to include in your auction titles!

3. Dog accessories

Dog lovers make up a huge proportion of the population, so it’s not surprising this is a thriving niche. That said, you’ve got to be careful: Some products like dog collars don’t sell very well on eBay at all, they are just too saturated.

However, there are still plenty of deeper niches waiting for someone to make a killing on, such as dog baskets, Pet ID tags, dog crates, dog training DVDs, dog vitamins and health products, dog muzzles and anti bark collars.

Check the SaleHoo directory for some brilliant suppliers for all these items (including some new additions by our staff this week!).


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ebay selling tips on 10:19 16 Feb
Ruby union football boots and mechandise can be fun and highly collectable items to sell on eBay, Thanks for the post!
Jeykumari Kajnedra on 2:27 14 Jan
Where do i find "Completed Listings"
Melissa Johnson on 17:24 14 Jan
Here's a link that should help!


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