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Your frustrating search to find dollar store suppliers for dropshipping or in-person stores stops here. We’ve got your complete list of suppliers and wholesale vendors to help you turn a real profit selling dollar items.

So congrats, you’ve been spared the product sourcing research. Simply browse the categories below to find the vendors and products that are right for your store.

And guess what? We're not stopping there. Scroll to the end for some bonus tips on maximizing your dollar store game.

First off, we start with those bestsellers you should always be keeping in stock.

Best-Selling Dollar Store Product Categories

The following six categories are the kind of products you’ll want to always have in stock. They will make up the core of your product offerings because people often come to dollar stores strictly for these items. Many of them are consumable, which will keep customers coming back for more when they need replacing.

Pet Supplies

A lot of people treat their pets like family. I know this from personal experience, too: My girlfriend always has to buy our cat something every time we visit a dollar store!

Health & Beauty Aids Suppliers

Health and beauty are universal human desires, and as such people are willing to spend money to acquire them. Again, consumable products (especially those people use daily) should be at the core of your product offerings.

Household Cleaning & Misc. Suppliers

No dollar store would be complete without cleaning products. People will come back for these again and again.

Sporting Goods Suppliers

People who play sports often tire of spending big money on equipment that’s frequently lost, such as tennis balls, birdies, lighters, small camping gear and tackle box items. As such, it’s easier (and more affordable) to simply buy them from the dollar store.

Toys & Games Suppliers

Have you ever seen (or been) a parent in a dollar store? Then you know this scene all too well: a child passes the toy section and immediately starts asking (or perhaps begging) for a toy. When the toys are only a dollar, it’s hard to say no!

All Other Categories

Beyond the perennial bestsellers, here are all the other categories I’ve found:

Apparel & Footwear Suppliers

While the types of clothing you can sell are fairly limited because of price, there is no shortage of small accessory items or suppliers you can buy from.

See the extra tips section at the end for when to sell these kinds of items at a loss!

Arts & Crafts Suppliers

Arts & crafts are a staple at any dollar store. You’ll likely find that the kid’s coloring books and supplies sell well to parents.

Automotive Suppliers

Similar to apparel, the variety of automotive products is limited by the low price. However, almost every supplier has the same few items that can be purchased for under $1.

Baby Items Suppliers

Baby items are another staple at the dollar store. You can get them at almost any supplier because they are so popular. Here are a few of the best I’ve seen:

Books Suppliers

No store is complete without some books. Even if they are just puzzle and coloring books.

Candles & Scents Suppliers

People love to make their homes smell good, and a $1 candle is a great way to do that. Here are some affordable candles and scents:

Candy & Snacks Suppliers

Of course, no dollar store is complete without the candy and snack aisle! Due to the consumable nature of these products and their long shelf life, these are sure to be a hot seller.

Cellular Accessories Suppliers

Almost everyone has a cellphone these days. Ear buds and chargers are likely to do very well, if for no other reason than they only cost $1.

Dining & Kitchenware Suppliers

There are a lot more products in this section than you might think. It’s amazing what you can find for under $1.

Electronics Suppliers

Electronics are another great seller because they are so expensive in other stores. While not quite a best-selling category, they are a good supplement to have on the counter.

Food & Grocery Suppliers

These products should be part of your core lineup that you never run without, similar to candy, because they’re consumable and long-lasting.

General Merchandise Suppliers

This section is for items that don’t really fit anywhere else, but are still good to have in your store.

Hardware & Tools Suppliers

Dollar-store home improvement items are great as an affordable way to make a home look better. You’ll likely find plenty of customers seeking these items.

Holiday Suppliers

Don’t forget to purchase holiday items far in advance of the actual holiday if you have the storage to do so. These things sell out very fast (and you can always keep the extras for next year’s holiday).

Home Goods & Decor Suppliers

While not bestsellers, these products will likely be one of your more popular sales categories, especially the photo frames.

Jewelry Suppliers

These make for great end-piece fillers.

Laundry Supplies

Consumable items and cleaners are great as a core set of products you never want to run out of, so always keep your laundry section stocked.

Lawn & Garden Suppliers

Lawn and garden products shouldn't be a huge priority but will still make a good addition to your wares.

Related: Check out our article on how to dropship garden supplies here! 

Licensed Goods Suppliers

What’s great about selling licensed goods is you can capitalize on trends, like new movies or games that just came out. Additionally, you’ll want to watch for your state’s favorite football teams and keep those branded items stocked.

Party Supplies

Lots of people go to dollar stores just for party supplies. Don't miss out on this trend!

Summer & Outdoor Suppliers

These items are seasonal, so be sure not to overstock them unless you have the storage space available.

Extra Tips

Here are some key tips to building the best dollar store you can build:

  • Use loss leaders.
    A loss leader is a hot item you take a loss on in order to get people in the door. You might buy it for $1.25 and sell for $1. You lose $0.25 on that item; but by surrounding  it with other items, you make a great profit on what people tend to buy alongside it. Very few people leave a dollar store with just one item.
  • Buy in bulk.
    We all know the more you buy at once, the better deal you’ll get on each item. The less you pay, the more you’ll make when you sell them. The majority of dollar store items never expire, so it’s less risky than buying bulk goods with an expiration date. If you're more risk averse, consider those suppliers no minimum orders.
  • Use an online store.
    In addition to your physical retail location, you can build an online store as well. Be sure to do the math on your costs, however, as slim margins makes this difficult (note: dropshipping could solve this problem for you). Look into examples like Shop Miss A and Dollar King.
  • Visit other dollar stores to see what’s selling well for them.
    Sam Walton, the founder of Walmart, was well known for being in his competitor’s stores more than his own. Why not learn to focus on constantly improving.
  • Focus on core products and hot sellers.
    Soon after opening your store, you’ll quickly realize your top sellers. Be sure to always keep these in stock. Core items to keep in stock include: household cleaners and common health and beauty items.
  • Use multiple suppliers.
    Having just one supplier can put you at their mercy if they raise prices, fail to deliver on time, or go out of business.
  • Find great deals to save money in the long run.
    Before you commit, find suppliers that offer the most competitive discounts or free shipping.
  • Go to the source.
    If you want to be really competitive, consider going to the source where most dollar stores get their items from, this could mean paying a visit to a wholesale powerhouse like China.

Kudos on taking the plunge into the world of dollar stores! I trust this detailed supplier list is a great point of reference for you to find those perfect products and partners.

While the margins can be tight on a retail project like this one, smart financial planning can yield substantial profits. Keep nurturing your venture, and success will surely follow.


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