How to Create Landing Pages with Crazy Conversion Rates

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Are you one of those sellers who is wasting time and money when it comes to landing page upgrades? Do you spend time making superficial changes that result in tiny increases in conversion? Instead you should be revising the page and the strategy!

You might not understand what landing pages and conversion rates are. To create an effective page, you’ll need a good grasp of these concepts. Ready? Let’s review.

A landing page is a website designed to capture sales leads. The leads are supposed to generate pay-per-click income. The purpose is to lure Internet surfers and turn them into customers, or at least click-throughs. Most pages fail at this task because of poor design and strategy.

The term "conversion rate" refers to the number of surfers who click on links or ads on your landing page and inquire about your products or services. Most conversion rates are low, usually under 2 percent, which is why most landing pages fail.

The low-conversion rate myth

Conversion rates are often incredibly low because many sellers buy into the myth that they have to settle for a miniscule conversion rate and tiny paydays. Nothing could be further from the truth! With the proper strategy, you can achieve a rate of 11 percent or higher. It’s entirely doable.

This myth might cause you to make superficial changes, such as altering button colors or constantly changing fonts. This busy work gives you a sense of power, but it won’t help you raise your conversion rate.

The first step to raise your conversion rate is to forget the superficial changes. Instead, you need to implement a new strategy based on time-tested marketing tactics. Aim for a conversion rate of 11–15 percent instead of 2 percent, then once you hit that, you can aim even higher.

How to really increase your conversion rate

Let’s look at a few strategies that can really increase your conversion rate. Many of them are so obvious that you’ll be shocked you didn’t think of them!

Reward surfers

Give surfers a compelling reason to click through by rewarding them. Most sellers try to lure people with something like a free preview. That isn’t really compelling or exciting, is it? You need to offer something they see as a reward, particularly if they are unfamiliar with your product and its benefits. One sure-fire method is to offer a $5 gift or a chance to enter a drawing for a prize. Other offers include a discount or coupon on your product.

Ask a question

One way to get somebody to click is to turn the page into a survey by putting up more than one button. Instead of “Click here to apply for a loan,” you might put up two buttons. One asks, “What interest rate would you like?” and another asks, “Why are you applying for a loan?” Turning the box into a survey works too.

Create multiple landing pages

Try creating a number of different landing pages employing different strategies until you find one that works well. Something to remember is that no conversion rate is too high. You can always go higher if you really want to.

Concentrate on one page

When you find a page with a high conversion rate, concentrate on that page. Focus most of your energies on improving that page and increasing your success.

Trim the amount of information

Many sellers make the mistake of revealing all the details on their landing page. This gives customers no reason to click through. So make sure that the only way surfers can get essential details is to click through. For example, replace “Low Price of $500” with “Click Here to See Our Lowest Price Ever!”

Keep the words simple and clear

The standard guideline is that a 12-year-old should be able to read and understand your writing. Don’t drive visitors away by filling your page with pretentious words, acronyms, and jargon.

Also, try not to use unnecessary phrases and long sentences. Make sure all writing is simple and clear. Do you know a young person? Ask them to read your words and let you know if they don’t understand anything.

Make the offer bold and dramatic

Newspapers have long realized that bold and dramatic headlines attract readers. Try to imitate the style used in tabloid headlines. For example, replace "Lower Prices" with "Insanely Low Prices!" or "New Marketing Software" with "Best Marketing Software Ever!"

Conversion rates are not everything

Another reason why landing pages fail is because sellers fall into the trap of thinking that conversion rates are an end in themselves. A conversion rate is a tool for achieving a goal, not the goal itself; the goal is to generate more sales by generating quality leads.

Having a high conversion rate will do you little good if the leads you generate don’t become sales. You might end up wasting your time talking to people who have no interest in your product or no use for it. In some cases, quality leads are actually better than a high conversion rate.

Make sure that the landing page and any offers on it are targeted to those most likely to buy your products. For example, a landing page for a Mercedes dealer should not stress "the lowest car prices in town." People interested in an inexpensive vehicle probably have little interest in a luxury car. Instead, that page should focus on the quality or features of the latest Mercedes model.

By focusing on conversion rates, many marketers also neglect conversion rate optimization and the additional streams of revenue it can open up. For example, they might ignore opportunities to add banner advertising or participate in programs such as Google AdWords or Amazon Associates. If successful, these efforts can help your landing page pay for itself.

A landing page with crazy conversion rates is a good thing to have, but it should never be your final objective. Instead, your main goal should always be generating a lot of high-quality sales leads that create a path to higher revenues.

So, stop wasting your time and money and create a great landing page. You can do it!


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