25 Best Dropshipping Suppliers in USA [Tested & Vetted]

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Where can you find US Dropship Suppliers?

💡 Quick Answer: If you are looking for access to quality US suppliers, SaleHoo Directory is the perfect place to go. Not only does it have an extensive selection of over 8,000 trusted and reliable wholesalers, manufacturers, but many of them are based in the US. This means that you can benefit from being able to purchase products from a supplier that's close to you, enjoy fast shipping, and get the best wholesale and dropship prices in the market.

If you haven’t yet considered selling to American customers or establishing relationships with US suppliers for your online business, then this is your sign to!

There are plenty of compelling reasons to get the country with the second largest annual eCommerce spend per capita on your side. We’ll get into some of those reasons shortly.

This article is for you if you wish to:

  • Start selling to customers in the USA
  • Start using suppliers based in the USA, or
  • Both!

The United States eCommerce market is a force to be reckoned with, boasting rapid year on year growth, making it the second largest market for eCommerce behind China. It looks like Americans love their online shopping, especially for fashion, electronics & media and toys, DIY & hobbies, which came in as the top 3 categories by sales volume in 2021.

Whether you want to sell within the USA or outside of it, there are some major benefits to using US suppliers, especially so you don’t have fear that you’re going to be ripped off by less than honest suppliers. With no language barrier (for English speakers, at least), it's likely that American suppliers will be easier to communicate your needs to and ensure that your expectations are going to be met.

By no means a non-exhaustive list, these are some key benefits of using US suppliers:

  • They generally have higher quality products.
  • Shorter shipping times due to geographical location.
  • No language barrier improves ease of communication.
  • Returns process is likely to be easier and faster.
  • You can charge higher prices for American-made products.
  • You can use an ‘American Made’ stamp as a selling point.
💡 Hint: We talk about dropshipping a lot in this article as a popular business model for online sellers. In brief, dropshipping is where you list products online to sell but when a customer places an order it is your supplier who packs and delivers the item on your behalf. You’ll never have to have inventory on hand, making it an inexpensive business model to start and run.

You may want to find US suppliers to dropship for you or, alternatively, you may wish to find wholesalers who will sell you their product in bulk at inexpensive wholesale prices. There are definite pros and cons to each, but luckily most dropshipping suppliers are open to both options.

Heads up: If you want to resell goods in the US, you will need to apply for a resellers license. This means your customers pay sales tax for your products, rather than your business having to.

If you’re looking to sell to US customers, then identifying a profitable niche will be one of your top priorities. Recalling that American suppliers are known for their high quality, we have a few suggestions for product categories to consider below:

  • On demand printing (whether it be clothing, wall canvases or various products).
  • Sports, hobbies and outdoors products.
  • Eco-friendly products (a growing trend).
  • Personalized products.

Next up we’re going to share some of our best US supplier picks for a whole range of product categories.

If you want to find out more about starting a dropshipping business first, then please check out the hint box below for a handy guide. This article will be waiting here once you’ve finished.

💡 Hint: Not sure how to get started dropshipping in the US? We’ve written a guide on how you can get up and running in five easy steps.

25 of America’s Best Dropshipping & Wholesale Suppliers

To get you started, we’ve curated a list of 25 of some of our most interesting dropshipping and wholesale suppliers for your online business. However, this is only the beginning. There are thousands more US suppliers out there waiting for you in all sorts of different industries!

Fashion, Apparel & Accessories Suppliers

1. On-Demand Customized T-Shirt Printing Access Supplier Here

This supplier makes on-demand t-shirt printing using your own designs. These t-shirts can be sold on eBay, Etsy, or your own website. They use AlStyle and Gildan brand of t-shirts for their order fulfillment.

They ship internationally and they accept PayPal as a safe payment method. They have their production printing facility in Toronto Canada but they are close to the American border so they drive orders everyday to Buffalo, NY and all American and International orders ship from Buffalo via USPS. Canadian orders ship from Toronto via Canada post.

Type of Products Carried
On-Demand Printing of T-Shirts and Hoodies

2. Premium Leather Jackets Manufacturer with Decades of Experience Access Supplier Here

Since 1985, this supplier has been an industry leader committed to serving the needs of the motorcycle industry throughout North America and Europe. Their products are the result of decades of leather tanning and manufacturing experience, using only hand-selected leather and premium textiles under careful supervision. Their goal is to make motorcycle apparel and accessories affordable for all.

Shipping is done on a timely basis from their distribution center in New Jersey, which ensures quick delivery.

Type of Products Carried
Men's Leather Jackets, Ladies Leather Jackets, Men's Leather Vests, Ladies Leather Vests, Unisex Leather Chaps, Ladies Leather Chaps, Leather Pants, Kids Apparel, Men's Textile Jackets, Ladies Textile Jackets, Denim Apparel, Flannel Shirts, Thigh Bags, Saddle Bags, Tool Bags, Windshield bags, Clip-on bags, Purses, Biker Whips, and more.

3. Men’s 100% Silk Ties Made in Italy Access Supplier Here

This supplier’s ties are made using the finest silk available. They are then run through Italian weavers to ensure the best quality fabric and just the right texture.

The ties are given wool interlining, adding a layer of thickness that helps tie a beautiful knot. The ties are all hand-sewn for ultimate quality and perfection.

They have traveled across Europe to find the best fabric, the best designs, and the best quality ties.

Type of Products Carried
Men's Ties, Men's Neckties, Silk Ties, Silk Neckties, Designer Ties, Wedding Ties, Wholesale Ties, Skinny Ties, and more.

4. Californian-Based Activewear Company Focussed on Performance and Comfort Access Supplier Here

This supplier established its business in 2017 and was founded on the core belief that the most technologically advanced athletic apparel should not compromise style and comfort. Each piece is detailed with sophisticated cuts and sleek designs, cutting-edge fabrics, and seamless craftsmanship.

Based in Los Angeles, California, this supplier designs their collections for busy lifestyles with an eye for fashion. They ship internationally and they accept PayPal and major credit cards as safe payment methods.

Type of Products Carried
Women's Activewear, Men's Activewear, Activewear, Leggings, Capris, Shorts, Sports Bras, Shirts.

5. Popular Brand-Name Fashion and Apparel (with Liquidation Pricing) Access Supplier Here

Authentic brand name apparel supplier, this supplier specializes in buying off-price, closeouts, and liquidations of popular apparel for men, women, and children. Striving to be the premier wholesaler of apparel, they offer quality clothing at very low prices, and great customer service. All merchandise offered are 100% authentic closeouts and overstocks with invoices on file to prove authenticity.

Type of Products Carried
Men's Clothing, Ladies Clothing, Kids Clothing, Maternity Clothing, Socks & Underwear, Accessories, Sunglasses, Footwear, Cosmetics, Handbags, Timberland Boots.

💡 Hint: Want some more ideas about what to sell? We’ve come up with a list of some of our best low cost, high-profit margin products.

Health & Beauty Suppliers

6. Strong Formula Natural & Organic Health Products Access Supplier Here

This supplier sells natural organic products that are used to cleanse and detox the body. Their formulas are original, strong and highly effective. They ship within 24 hours of your order coming through, and provide excellent customer support. Their flagship product is one of the finest detox and colon cleanse products on the market. Please note that they do not have any minimum order requirement for drop shipping, but for light bulk or wholesale, the minimum order is $200

Type of Products Carried
Organic Detox Kit, Alkalizing Superfood, Vegan Probiotics, Digest Power - Natural Laxative, Rainforest Trace Minerals.

7. Industry-Leading Advanced Teeth Whitening Products Access Supplier Here

This supplier is a manufacturer of advanced teeth whitening products and a revolutionary new way to get ultra clean teeth and eliminate oral germs and bacteria.

They have become one of the most trusted and innovative providers of high-quality oral care products in the market. Their products are sold only through qualified distributors that adhere to the highest business ethics and quality standards while ensuring 100% customer satisfaction.

Type of Products Carried
Advanced Teeth Whitening System, Electric Toothbrush, Mouth Trays, Laser Teeth Whitening Kits.

8. Natural Organic Personal Care Products for Sensitive Skin Access Supplier Here

The goal of this supplier is to formulate mild and effective formulas and reduce the adverse effects of exposure to known or suspected irritants commonly found in everyday bath and skin care products.

Type of Products Carried
Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Lotion, Diaper Ointment, Baby & Massage Oil, Foaming Shower Oil, Organics Ah-Choo! Chest Rub, Organics Dusting Powder, Sanitizing Products.

9. Premium Organic Men’s Beard Care Products Access Supplier Here

This supplier established its business in 2017 manufacturing great beard care products and essential oil gift sets. They ship internationally and they accept PayPal and major credit cards as safe payment methods.

Type of Products Carried
Beard Kit, Beard Oil, Beard Balm, Essential Oils, Diffuser

10. The Original French Tip Dip Manicure Kit & Nail Care Products Access Supplier Here

This supplier is dedicated to product innovation and research in order to give the consumer the most desirable result at a reasonable price while maintaining the highest standards of quality.

All of their products are packaged, inspected, and shipped via their local warehouse close by in Arizona and this supplier thrives on maintaining top of the line customer care and end user satisfaction in mind.

Type of Products Carried
French Tip Dip Instant French Manicure Kit, Nail Care, Nail Polish, Collections, Removers, Gift Sets and Implements.

Homeware and Eco Product Suppliers

11. Fine European Tapestries at Affordable Prices Access Supplier Here

A leader in fine European tapestries, wall decor, wall art and wall hangings, this supplier is a privately owned family run business. They accept major credit cards, such as Visa, MasterCard and American Express. They sell to qualified interior designers, furniture and antique dealers, and more - both nationally and internationally. They offer wholesale and drop shipping programs. Their products are sold with a 100% money back guarantee.

Type of Products Carried
Wall Hangings, Cushions, Table Cloths, Handbags, Table Runners, Mats, Arts.

12. Eco-Friendly Insulated Drink Bottles and Thermos Access Supplier Here

This supplier is based in Boulder, Colorado and creates premium quality hydration bottles and drinkware that maintain the optimal temperature of beverages while reducing dependence on single-use plastics.

They started their product line with a simple goal in mind: to replace wasteful, single-use plastic bottles with insulated bottles made from stainless steel. Bottles that can keep your coffee steaming hot and bottles that can keep your water icy cold.

Type of Products Carried
Insulated Water Bottles, Insulated beer Tumblers, Insulated Wine Tumblers, Insulated Boulders, BPA Free Insulated bottles, Food Container, Growlers.

13. Customized On-Demand Printing Provider Using Latest Technology Access Supplier Here

This supplier is a one-stop shop for all your print-on-demand needs. They use latest in print technology with HP Latex Inks for manufacturing high-quality prints, photo boards, calendars and pillows. They have delivered 1 million plus canvases across the globe.

In addition to offering print on demand services, they also offer order fulfillment & drop-ship solutions in over 190 countries across the globe.

Type of Products Carried
Canvas Prints, Wood Prints, Poster Prints, Photo Boards, Photo Pillows, Metal Prints, Acrylic Prints, Famous Artists, Canvas Banner, Engraved Plaques, Digital Oil Painting, Prisma Prints.

14. Eco-Friendly Compostable Food Packaging for All Needs Access Supplier Here

This supplier is a web-based distributor of compostable food packaging products. They specialize in high quality, sustainable foodware for conscious consumers.

Type of Products Carried
Compostable Food Packaging Products, Paper Straws, Paper Carryout Bags, Paper Cups, Fiber Bowls, Takeout Clamshells, Folded Cartons Food Boxes, Takeout Containers, Portion Cups.

15. Sustainable Bamboo Foodware for Conscious Consumers Access Supplier Here

This supplier uses the strength, renewability, and versatility of bamboo to offer an ever widening array of products. Whether you are looking for a disposable plate, bowl or utensil for your next party or if you want a reusable bamboo plate that can replace or complement your existing dinnerware, they have what you want.

Type of Products Carried
Bamboo Tableware, Bamboo Dinnerware, Bamboo Catering Supplies.

💡 Hint: This is only a small taste of the US suppliers that the SaleHoo Directory has on offer. Find out more about getting unlimited access to all our 8,000+ suppliers from the USA, UK, Europe, China and more!

Sports, Hobbies & Outdoor Activities Suppliers

16. Premium Sports Recovery Products Access Supplier Here

This supplier established its business in 2018 manufacturing products for athletes and sports enthusiasts. They ship their products internationally and they accept credit cards as a safe payment method.

Type of Products Carried
Sport Recovery Wraps, Creams, Muscle Rollon.

17. Exceptional Stainless Steel Barbecue & Grilling Products Access Supplier Here

This supplier offers products with solid engineering that provide an exceptional BBQ grilling experience. Quality stainless steel construction and commercial-grade stainless steel burners help ensure your BBQ Grill will last for years and provide maximum performance. They offer fine selections in both propane and gas BBQ grilling options.

Type of Products Carried
Grills, Outdoor Kitchens, Refrigerators, FirePits, Fireplaces.

18. Mega Outdoors Supplier for the All-Round Adventurers Access Supplier Here

This supplier is an American-owned company which established its business in 2016. Their brand is built on outdoor activities and products that make outdoor activities a safe and enjoyable place for the whole family.

Type of Products Carried
Camping, Outdoor, Hunting, Survival Gear & Accessories, Face Covering, Boot & Shoe Care, Outerwear, Childrens' and Infants' Wear, Camo, Bags, Rifle Case, Gun Strap, Universal Gun-Cleaning Tools Kit, Monoculars, Fishing Supplies, Military Poncho, and more.

19. Fun Ride-On Toys for All Ages Access Supplier Now

This supplier established its business in 2001 as an importer and exclusive U.S. distributor for high-quality ride-on toys and scooters, accessories, and replacement parts.

They sell wholesale and dropship for dealers of all sizes. All of their gas-powered products conform to EPA regulations. They ship internationally and accept PayPal and major credit cards as safe payment methods.

Type of Products Carried
Ride-On-Toys, Power Wheels, Battery Powered Riding Toys, Go Karts, Gas Skateboards, Gas Scooter Parts, Electric Scooters, Scooters, Gas Scooters, Stand Up Gas Scooters, Electric Bicycles, Scooters, Accessories, Replacement Parts.

20. Mega Supplier of Fun Remote Control Toys Access Supplier Here

This supplier offers a huge range of airsoft guns, RC toys, and many other toys. They accept credit cards, money orders, and bank wire transfers as forms of payment. International orders are welcome.

Type of Products Carried
RC Cars, RC Helicopters, RC Trucks, RC Airplanes, RC Boats, RC Submarines, RC Gas Boats, RC Sail Boats, RC Electric Boats, RC Tug Boats, Mini RC Boats, RC Hovercrafts, Remote Control Boats, Remote Control Submarines, Radio Control Boats, RC Tanks, and more.

Novelties and Decor Suppliers

21. Quality Sports Collectables & Autographed Memorabilia Access Supplier Here

This supplier has been selling quality sports collectibles on a wholesale basis since 1981 to retailers throughout the world. They currently manufacture a complete line of sports plaques and memorabilia products across many different price points. The company is also a master distributor for many exciting lines of sports novelty products.

Type of Products Carried
Autographed Memorabilia, Autographed Baseballs, Autographed Frames, Autographed Sports Plaques, Sports Framed Showcase, Novelties, Raceday Tire Plaques, Racetire Standup, Stat Plaques, Trading Card Plaque, Circle Decals, Credential Holders, and more.

22. All Things Magic & Theater Mega Manufacturer and Wholesaler Access Supplier Here

This supplier is a leading wholesaler, retailer and manufacturer of a large range of products for all types of magic and theater performance.

Type of Products Carried
Magic Tricks, Theatrical Make-up, Novelties, Practical Jokes, Costumes, Carnival Supplies, Clown Supplies, Face Paints, Balloons, Smoke Bombs, Light up Toys, and more.

23. Huge Range of Brand-Name Diecast Model Cars Access Supplier Here

This supplier established its business in 2015 as a dropshipper and wholesale distributor of diecast model cars and trucks. They take pride in the vast selection of brand name items, fast and efficient processing, private label shipping, and large inventory. They ship within the contiguous United States and they accept PayPal and credit cards as safe payment methods.

Type of Products Carried
Diecast Model Cars & Trucks

24. One Stop Shop for Trendy Home Decor Access Supplier Here

This supplier is your go-to source for a huge range of wholesale home decor accessories and unique gifts. They do not charge any additional fee for dropshipping to your recipient (regular shipping rates apply).

Type of Products Carried
Home Decor, Home Decorating Accessories, Unique Gifts, Bath Accessories, Candles and Holders, Christmas Collectibles, Figurines, Fountains, Garden Dİcor, General Merchandise, Halloween Items, Health and Beauty Products, Home Furnishings, and more.

25. Gorgeous Hand-Crafted Scrapbooking Supplies Access Supplier Here

This supplier is an established leader in flower embellishments in the scrapbooking and crafting industries. Their flowers are hand-made by skilled artisans, never by machine, to ensure the highest quality and craftsmanship available. The romantic scrapbooking papers and embellishments are full of gorgeous, eye-catching colors and textures. They ship internationally and they accept Visa as a safe payment method.

Type of Products Carried
Scrapbooking, Home Decor.

💡 Tips: Not finding what you’re looking for? This list is only the beginning! The SaleHoo Directory has 8,000 + pre-vetted suppliers from all over the world (including a large selection from the US). Find out more about how the SaleHoo Directory can help you build a highly profitable business.
Dropshipping United States: FAQs

Using US suppliers can come with a range of benefits:

  1. They generally produce high quality products.
  2. Shorter shipping times due to their geographic location.
  3. No language barrier means more communication ease.
  4. Return process is likely to be easier and faster.
  5. Better tracking options for parcels.

We found that in 2021, fashion apparel, electronics & media and toys, hobbies & DIY came in as the top 3 product categories by sales volume in the US.

Based on current and predicted trends, here are a few niche ideas:

  • High quality sporting and outdoors equipment.
  • Eco-friendly products.
  • Personalized products.
  • On-demand printing products.

Weighing up the pros and cons of dropshipping and wholesaling, you may decide to use either of these supplier options based on your own priorities.

With US dropshippers you don’t have to hold inventory so this may be the most attractive option for you. If you want to sell within the US, then using US dropshippers comes with the added benefit of having shorter shipping times.

Alternatively, you may wish to use US wholesale suppliers to benefit off lower wholesale prices and to have more control over your order fulfillment and customer experience processes. What makes a great wholesale supplier depends on what you want to get out of the supplier for your business. If you're looking for guidelines, here's a list of what you can look for in a good wholesale supplier. 

Yes, it’s perfectly legal, and a popular business model. Ensure you register your business in the US before you start selling to avoid any regulatory red-flags.

You may wish to seek the advice of a third party consultant before you start selling in the US to make sure that you are aware of all your responsibilities as a seller.

If you are US-based: Usually you would charge your customers sales tax. Most online store platforms and marketplaces make this process very straightforward. You may wish to speak to an accountant to clarify what taxes apply so you can set your store up appropriately.

If you are overseas based: It is important to understand what tax you should be charging your US customers. We recommend speaking to an accountant before you begin selling to go over any requirements.

You also may wish to have a look at this Shopify US tax guide to give you a broad understanding of your obligations.

While it varies from case to case, we have some recommendations that are sure to benefit every online seller:

  • Make your side-hustle a habit. Set aside time to work on your business each week and stick to it!
  • Prioritize your business tasks from most necessary to least necessary. Think having a 10 email long customer welcome automation is super important? Maybe it is, but maybe not if it's taking up the time you could otherwise be spending on actually implementing marketing techniques to get those sales.
  • Treasure your supplier relationships and ensure you put in the time to lay out your expectations and find out their requirements. If you learn to negotiate well with your suppliers, then business is good for everyone.
  • Listen to your customers and seek their feedback. They are, after all, the ones actually putting money in the bank and making this whole thing worthwhile. Ask them what they like and don’t like about the products you’re selling.
  • Discover how to make your online store a success.

It depends on you (of course)!

If you follow our recommendations in the previous answer, you can be well on your way to making a healthy additional income stream.

For example, If you sell one type of product that makes you $20 in profit, then sell 30 of these each week, then that could be an extra $2580 in income each month, or $30,960 per year!

There are a range of places for you to sell online, each offering different features.

You will most likely want to sell on:

  • An existing marketplace (think Amazon, eBay, Etsy)
  • Your own online store (made on Shopify, WooCommerce, Squarespace)

Here is our guide on the best places to sell online in 2022.


Is there something this article hasn’t answered for you? We’d be more than happy to help with any questions you may have about dropshipping, finding US suppliers or SaleHoo. Reach out to our live 24/7 customer support chat team.


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