SaleHoo vs. AliDropship

SaleHoo and AliDropship have been designed to make your work as a dropshipper easier. However, they do this in different ways. Both offer an easy way to import AliExpress products into your online store, but that is where their features diverge with SaleHoo offering a vetted supplier directory to find your perfect supplier, and AliDropship offering purchasable online store templates or custom store builds. 

  SaleHoo AliDropship
Dropship Tool    
Online Store Template Purchase    
Supplier Directory    
Vetted Suppliers & Products    
24/7 Customer Service    
100% Money Back Guarantee    
BBB Rating


SaleHoo and AliDropship can be considered alternatives for people who are looking for an easy way to build a profitable dropshipping store.

Using them, you can make your work as a business owner a lot easier than having to do everything manually yourself.

While both offer one-click imports to get products into your dropshipping store, this is where the main similarities end.

In this article, we will take a deep dive into these differences so that you can conclude which one you think is better: SaleHoo or AliDropship.

Our findings have been informed by what real customers are saying about each, so you don’t have to take our word for it.

Let’s get into it!

General Overview

SaleHoo has two primary tools for online sellers, their Dropship tool, which enables their members to directly import products to dropship into their Shopify store, and their Directory tool, which enables members to browse a huge range of vetted suppliers from around the globe and find ones that are right for their business needs.

AliDropship also has two primary tools. The first is their dropshipping plugin, which allows you to easily import products directly from AliExpress into your WooCommerce store. They also offer online store website templates which are available to purchase from $300 USD or their team can custom build a website for you from $299 USD.


Pro Tip: With powerful online store builders like Shopify and WooCommerce available, you may be able to save a lot of money by building your own store and using a dropshipping tool, such as SaleHoo or AliDropship to complement it.!

We’ve broken down the offerings of each platform in more detail here:

General Overview SaleHoo AliDropship
Dropship Tool    
Online Store Template Purchase    
Supplier Directory Tool    
Vetted Suppliers & Products    
One-Click Product Import    
24/7 Customer Service    
BBB Accreditation    
BBB Rating 4.5 1.6
100% Money Back Guarantee    

Pro Tip: Not sure where to begin on your dropshipping journey? We’ve come up with a guide to get you started in just five steps!


Dropship Tool

First, we’ll compare the two dropshipping tools offered by SaleHoo and AliDropship.

SaleHoo’s dropshipping tool can be a real time-saver, making it easy to start selling great products on your Shopify store. But what exactly does it do?

SaleHoo Dropship allows you to easily identify and import vetted, high-quality products listed on the SaleHoo platform into your Shopify store using their ‘one-click store import’ feature. The import process automatically uploads all the associated product information to save you from having to write out your own descriptions. Of course, there is the option to edit any information as you see fit so that it can be customized specifically to your store. You can also edit product images, product variants, and much more.

So, how does AliDropship compare?

AliDropship offers a plugin, which, once installed, allows you to find products directly on AliExpress and easily import them into your store. AliExpress is a very crowded marketplace, with lots of variation in quality and reliability. This means you will need to conduct your own background checks to ensure that the products you are choosing come from reputable suppliers since AliDropship doesn’t do this for you. Doing your due diligence is likely to save you a lot of time, and money, further down the track. It is good to be aware that sourcing products directly from AliExpress may be more risky to you.


Tip: Both of these platforms have millions of products available to dropship. If you’re stuck for ideas, we’ve come up with a list of low-cost, high-profit margin products to get you started.

Dropship Tool SaleHoo AliDropship
Easy to set up    
One-Click Product Import    
Product Information Edit    
Product Variants Edit    
Image Selection    
Vetted Suppliers & Products    
24/7 Customer Service    
100% Satisfaction Guarantee of Your Money Back    
Screenshots of SaleHoo
Screenshots of AliDropship
Directory Tool

SaleHoo offers a separate supplier directory product to complement their dropshipping tool.

With SaleHoo’s supplier directory, it is easier than ever to find reputable products and vetted suppliers for your business needs.

There are more than 8,500 suppliers listed in their directory and all have met strict requirements to test for their quality and reliability.

The directory includes more than just dropshippers for a wider range of needs. You may wish to use the directory to find wholesalers or even manufacturers to produce custom products for your business. Additionally, the directory includes liquidators selling brand-name products at steeply discounted prices.

 Among other requirements for SaleHoo suppliers, they must:

  • Be a genuine manufacturer, dropshipper, liquidator, wholesale supplier, or distributor.
  • Have an active website and email.
  • Clearly display their contact details on their website.
  • Have had a business website for at least two years.

What if you can’t find the type of supplier you’re looking for on the directory? No problem! The SaleHoo team can perform a custom search for you free of charge.


Tip: Figuring out what type of dropshipping store you want to build can be tricky. We’ve come up with a guide to give you some bestselling product ideas and useful market research tools to help you out.

Directory Tool Comparison SaleHoo AliDropship
Vetted Suppliers   Does Not Have Product
Extensive Filters    
100% Satisfaction Guarantee or Your Money Back    
Screenshots of SaleHoo


Now, show us the money. What do you actually have to pay to get all the goodies from these two platforms?

SaleHoo is a monthly membership which is suitable for both new sellers and those looking to scale. The $27 monthly plan is packed with value, including 2 user accounts and up to 500 monthly product imports directly from a catalog of handpicked products listed on the SaleHoo platform. Their $97 monthly plan is for larger teams, up to 10,000 product imports, with 3 sub-users and the option to integrate with 3 online stores.

For access to their supplier directory, you can pay $67 for annual access, or the better value option of $127 for lifetime access. SaleHoo is constantly improving their supplier directory and adding more suppliers. 

AliDropship sells their plugin for $89. The primary functionality it provides is the ability to directly import and edit products from AliExpress in your WooCommerce store.

As mentioned previously, AliDropship offers custom built sites starting from $299 and premium site templates cost $300. You may judge this to be useful or otherwise you can build your own store quite easily on another platform.

SaleHoo AliDropship
Dropship Monthly Price $27.00 or $97.00 Dropship Plugin $29, $79 or $299
Directory Annual Price $67 Online Store Template Does Not Have Feature
Directory Lifetime Price $127 Custom Store Build Does Not Have Feature

Online Store Templates + Custom Online Store

AliDropship offers purchasable online store templates for $300 USD. There are currently 9 offered.

The idea behind these store templates is that you can purchase a replica of existing successful dropshipping stores to make your own profits. However, if lots of customers are purchasing the exact same online store, then you will be facing stiff competition and may not be able to make any money at all!

It is likely that these existing stores became successful by creating a strong brand with a decent marketing budget. If you are going to purchase a replica of their store, then there is no guarantee that you will see the same success. No one likes a copycat!

AliDropship can also build a custom store for you. These start from $299 and go up to $899.

This may be an option for you if you have a lot of upfront capital to start your business, but otherwise it can be easy (and a lot cheaper)  to build your own site on Shopify, WooCommerce or Wix, among other options.

Customer Service

SaleHoo and AliDropship offer a range of customer service options. Customer service can be particularly useful if it's fast, especially when you have a time sensitive issue to resolve, and customers to keep happy.

SaleHoo offers a 24/7 support service across a range of chat, email and telephone options. They often receive positive comments about their customer service, and team members are commonly thanked personally.

“I had a lot of questions before signing up. The chat with John was awesome. He worked really hard for me. I asked a lot of questions and he gave me really thorough and prompt responses. Great customer service!”

“My experience with Karen was really successful. Karen is very attentive, kind, fast and cares for the good of the client with a professional disposition to answer all their doubts and questions.”

“SaleHoo offers sales help and support that far exceeds other e-commerce support companies.”

AliDropship also receives positive feedback about their customer service, but less frequently. They have also had some less than impressed customers.

“All the Customer support representatives were highly cooperative, adequately knowledgeable and efficiently responsive.”

“They said someone would call and It will take 3-5 days for them to complete the store. While I was waiting for the store to be complete, I asked if I can get that phone call at least 5 times and no one ever called me. Instead, they kept sending guides…At this point, I knew I would never receive a call with all the questions I had.”

“AliDropship team support is extremely poor and disappointing…Anytime I contacted AliDropship team on possible suggestions to get sales, all I was told is to buy more social media marketing tools/products from them, which I did. I kept on spending more with no result and no sale.”

Customer Service SaleHoo AliDropship
24/7 Customer Service    
Chat Support    
Email Support    
Telephone Support    
Personalized Responses    

SaleHoo vs AliDropship Reviews

In order to get the best ‘insider’ opinions on how well these platforms are performing for customers, we’ve tracked down some customer reviews.

Let’s take a look at them:

SaleHoo has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and has a 4.49 rating. They have a 4.7 TrustScore on Trustpilot, where they consistently receive five star reviews (91%). We’ve included some excerpts from customer reviews here:

“I have had several interactions with SaleHoo over the past 6 months and each time my questions have been answered very quickly and to my satisfaction. Their customer service is top-notch and they practice what they preach. It's refreshing to interact with a business who has the best interests of clients in mind.”

“I would highly recommend SaleHoo to anyone in Sales. They provide an excellent choice of Suppliers from many different countries, so whether you are looking for a drop shipper or wholesaler - the choice of previously vetted companies is exceptional. Customer Service is excellent - rapid and responsive!”

“Very responsive, professional, and give you tons of information. The team answered all my questions and supplied a plethora of URL's to read up on all the answers I was searching for. With that said, my decision making is simple and quick.”

AliDropship is not yet BBB accredited, and has a BBB rating of 1.11. On Trustpilot, they have a TrustScore of 4.1 and they receive five star reviews, but less consistently (81%). Some reviews are positive, but there are also mentions of scams and poor customer protections. We have included some review snippets below:

“Nothing to complain about, everything works well, seamless integration. Does what is promised.”

“After 4 days of ads and self-promo, I have 0$ in sales which they said on their page that you will start marking money right away which was also false. $250 later in ads still zero in sales on their so-called winning products. I reached out within my 15 days to request a refund and they stated they do not do refunds on their stores. Everything thing in their ads is false and deceptive. They don't answer your questions they just send articles. I just want my money back because this is not what they promised.”

“After leaving a bad review I get treated like a king. Please treat your customers well from the get-go!”

“They make a lot of false expectations of what you can earn with their website and marketing plans. I spent nearly 4k and have nothing to show for it. They built a decent website but was very slow after purchasing a marketing plan. They blamed it on the template they recommended themselves and the staff isn’t helpful.”

Review Platform SaleHoo AliDropship
BBB Accreditation    
BBB Rating
Trustpilot Rating

Top Alternatives

Dropshipping is a popular business model for people all over the world. There are lots of other tools out there which are designed with similar features as SaleHoo and AliDropship. You may wish to conduct further research to compare these products to other ones out there and find the one that is going to best meet your needs.

Q&A Discussion

We welcome any questions you might have about SaleHoo, AliDropship or eCommerce in general. You can reach out to our customer team here and expect a speedy response.

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