10 Ways To Cash In on eBay In the Next 4 Months

Throughout the year, there are abundant opportunities for eBay sellers and online retailers to cash in on regular holidays and annual events. Regardless of what you sell year-round, anyone can adopt new product ranges for these events and see a spike in profits. 

Here's a quick list of 10 events and holidays coming up in the next four months that you can cash in on. 


April and Beyond: Beach and bikini season! 

Summer is on it's way for the northern hemisphere and beach 'n bikini season are almost upon us. You will need to get in quick if you want to make the most out of this season. Items selling well around this time of year are bikinis and swimwear, cover ups, beach volleyball sets, beach tents for shade, tan accelerators and sunscreens. 

April - September: Wedding season

Mid summer is the height of the wedding season. While most brides and grooms will have their big purchases like gowns and suits already taken care of, accessories and decor items sell well around this time of year, as do wedding gifts that guests pick up for the happy couple. 

May 5th: Cinco de Mayo

The day of Mexican pride and heritage is widely celebrated in the US and in Mexico.  Mexican costumes, sombreros, and ponchos will pick up in sales, so if you can source these cheaply, it's worth checking them out. 

May 12th: Mother's Day

All kinds of giftware and fashion sell well leading up to Mother's Day. Think home decor items, fashion accessories, beauty items and kitchen gadgets. Quality, beautiful items tend to be more popular around this holiday as buyers strive to spoil their moms. 

May 27th: Memorial Day 

All things red, white and blue including flags and BBQ supplies sell well around this solemn occasion. 

May 20th: Victoria Day, Canada

In Canada, this day marks the unofficial end of winter. Picnic and BBQ items increase in sales. 

June: High School Graduation (Plus kindergarten and college graduation) 

Graduate gifts and high quality frames for those diplomas sell well around this time. 

June 16th: Father's Day 

Men's gifts including everything from golf clubs to socks and cologne are what sell well around this time of year. Offer free gift wrapping to lure in more buyers. 

July 4th: Independence Day

As a born and bred New Zealander, I've only experienced July 4th once... but I loved it! The fireworks, the BBQ and the fun make it such a great day. Leftover stock from Memorial Day can double up here: Red, white and blue flags and decor fly off the shelves. Scene setters and wall sheets (with NYC skylines, etc) are gaining popularity as is USA themed paper serving ware. 

July-August: Back to School

Most schools reopen around August so July is the time to sell all those back to school items including backpacks, scientific calculators, laptop cases, and stationary. Now is also the time when a lot of students stock up on basic clothing items they can mix and match everyday for no-fuss dressing in the morning. 

Hot tip: July and August is when you should start planning your Christmas strategy too - it's the most lucrative time of year for retailers so make sure you cash in! 

The Bottom Line

If you want to cash in on any of the events I listed above, now is the time to start planning! Get in touch with suppliers and start comparing prices.


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Carla Lopes on 21:51 18 Dec
Buying up a bunch of bikinis and swimwear in the off season has worked for me in the past.


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