Oberlo Shutdown: Why It's Happening Plus 5 Top Alternatives
Remember 2017? (Barely, but yes.) It was only 5 years ago that Shopify acquired Oberlo for a whopping $15M. And now? The dropshipping giant is being softly put to sleep, never to be seen again. Despite being one of the most successful Shopify apps with more than 100,000 active installs, Shopify delisted the app from its app store on May 12th, with no option to install it any other way. Not only that, existing users will need to migrate their content to another provider by June 12th or risk losing all their data. The app will continue functioning as normal up until that point, but we’re basically looking at a month’s notice for a pretty earth-shattering change for business owners. So what happened?  Navigate This Guide: [ sh