3 Hot New Niches to Get Excited About!

Are you looking for your first new niche? Or are you a seasoned-seller who is looking to diversify? Here are 3 hot new niches get you inspired!

#1 Resistance Bands

Looking to penetrate the lucrative weight-loss market? Resistance bands could be just the ticket. Resistance bands are not only great for buyers who are looking to tone-up and get fit this summer, but also for those in need of low impact, post-injury strength training and at-home rehabilitation. Resistance bands are also great for anyone who has caught on to the Pilates craze and is looking for a little something to fire-up their workout.

They are small and light-weight which means they are easy for sellers to store and cheap to ship. These are hot sellers because they appeal to a range of fitness levels, increase coordination, are easily portable for travelers and make a workout a little more interesting.

#2 Baby Safety Equipment

Baby products are perennially in demand. While baby clothing has long been a great seller on eBay and there is still plenty of room for growth, competition is fierce. But never fear, there are still a few niches in the baby market that are very profitable and not quite so competitive.
All parents want to ensure the safety of their children and while wrapping them in cotton wool would ease the minds of many parents, it's not exactly practical! Hence the reason baby safety products are so popular. Safety gates and other safety products like door locks and baby monitors range a lot in price, which means that new sellers with just a little money to spend can still enter the market, as well as those ready to make a more serious investment.

This is a great new niche to get into because as long as people continue to have babies, parents will have to buy things for them and with so much to get set-up from cradles to strollers and the never-ending need for expensive diapers, most parents will want to keep costs to a minimum which is why so many are turning to online retail options to save money.

#3 Pet Grooming Tools

If it's not babies people are spending money on, it's surely their pets.  At-home pet grooming is really taking off as it saves time and money on visiting pet spas and prolongs pet well-being which helps reduce visits to the veterinarian. You can get into this market with a wide range of products but the best sellers are nail trimmers and grooming brushes. These will interest all pet-owners who are tired of being covered in their pet's hair and having it all over their furniture and carpet. Nail trimmers are great for maintaining pet nail's and reducing painful scratches from when dog jumps at you with excitement.

According to the Humane Society of the United States, there are currently over 163 million cats and dogs owned as pets in America, which means there is huge market potential for pet supplies out there. Cat grooming is a much smaller and less-developed market but is making great success ratings - so now is a great time to get involved. Dog products are huge and there is massive diversity in products and therefore plenty of room for you to find something that you are passionate about selling!


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