Addoway mixes ecommerce with social media marketing: But will it make you rich?

Erika Garnica, eBay PowerSeller and ex eBay Top Seller account manager, reviews Addoway, a new ecommerce alternative for online sellers.

After being so familiar with eBay for the past 8+ years, I admit that it has been difficult for me to overcome my resistance towards learning about and/or getting involved with other websites similar to eBay.

It’s not that I have any great loyalty to eBay, or that I’m so arrogant to think that none of these other sites will ever come close to eBay in terms of quality or popularity.  It’s just a matter of my being more comfortable with eBay and more adept at navigating it than I am with any other similar ecommerce sites.

Still, I must say that I’ve been very interested in and intrigued by many of these other websites, and it has often been in the back of my mind to soon begin learning about them and trying them out.  The only thing holding me back from doing so has been time.

So you can imagine my excitement when I was asked to register on Addoway and learn about it for the benefit of Salehoo members who may be interested in using the site.  And I was pleasantly surprised to see how beneficial and profitable it appears to be, and what unique features it offers.

The first thing that struck me when visiting the Addoway site is that part of its logo includes the words “social ecommerce”, which is actually quite a new concept among most ecommerce sites.

There have been few companies/websites who have tried taking on both ecommerce and social networking, and none who have yet succeeded at doing both very well.  But Addoway makes no secret about the fact that this is their intent, to fill the gap between social media and ecommerce.  They want their site to be the “intersection of social media and ecommerce, where buyers connect with sellers they know and trust -- rather than shopping from strangers with nothing more than a user ID or feedback score to back up their reputation.”  It’s a valid point.

Like many newer ecommerce sites, Addoway charges no fees to list and sell items on their website.  And with the integration of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, sellers are able to provide a much greater amount of information about themselves, as well as establish possible connections with buyers and other sellers based on their relationships on Facebook and other social networking sites, designed ideally to increase the level of trust between buyers and sellers.

Additionally, Addoway allows sellers to import their eBay listings quickly and easily, which could be a huge draw to eBay sellers looking to expand their reach and integrate other sales channels into their business plans.

From a usability standpoint, for the most part, it’s extremely easy to set up an Addoway account and profile.  You’re given a “My Addoway” page (similar to a My eBay page) with just about every Addoway feature accessible from the left column of that page.

The only difficulty I experienced was in trying to register on the site initially by connecting to my Facebook account, and in connecting with my Facebook account after I was registered.  There were some technical difficulties that prevented me from connecting to Facebook the first few times I tried.   So one thing I had to do was to use the regular registration form to set up my Addoway account, and it took me a few tries to successfully link my Facebook account with my Addoway profile.

Besides being able to link up with most of the main social networking sites, you’re also allowed to provide URL addresses to your website and blog (if any), and you’re allowed to accept Google Checkout for payment as well as PayPal.

Addoway’s main category list is almost identical to eBay’s, with a few exceptions:

eBay categories not found on Addoway - Cell Phones & PDAs; Entertainment; Musical Instruments; Pottery & Glass; Specialty Services; Sports Memorabilia, Cards & Fan Shop; Everything Else

Addoway categories not found on eBay - Food, Drink & Perishables; Furniture; Office Supplies; Virtual Goods & iPhone Applications; Website Domains; Other

To be clear, both sites contain basically the same products, but some of them are grouped into different categories with different names.

The biggest drawback to Addoway when compared with eBay is probably what you’re already thinking -- the level of popularity and exposure, which directly determines how many sales you can expect.  This is the same huge obstacle faced by just about all of the other websites who have ever attempted to compete with eBay (other than Amazon), but considering that Addoway offers the unique feature of integrating social networking, perhaps it will fare better than the others that have gone before.  Only time will tell.

At this point, Addoway’s Google page rank of 3 pales in comparison to eBay’s rank of 8, but most newer websites have similarly lower page ranks.  Obviously, it takes time to boost your page rank, so that may not be anything that should concern you or prevent you from pursuing Addoway.

Along the same lines, it doesn’t appear that many sellers are having much success on Addoway yet.  There are 10 seller testimonials on Addoway’s “What Users Are Saying” page, and not one of them says that they’ve had any success selling anything on Addoway yet.

In short, although I recommend at least signing up with Addoway at this point, I wouldn’t expect to make any money on the site yet.  Although Addoway may end up becoming extremely popular, and it definitely has a promising value proposition, it has a long way to go towards offering online sellers any profits.

Erika Garnica

eBay User ID theauctionguru
eBay Powerseller and Top-Rated Seller
Former eBay Top Seller Account Manager


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Carolyn Newsom on 16:23 15 Jul
Hello, we LOVE Addoway and think it will continue to grow exponentially!! We signed up and had a sale in under 24 hours! Not wealthy yet there, but also not on ebay;o) We love that you get a free blog, that there are not any fees for listing or selling! Many of our buyers know we are on ebay, but still prefer to buy on Addoway, as they pay less (since we pay no fees;o) Try it, you'll love it! It also links/has buttons people may choose to go to your ebay store, or Bonanzle. It is a great new site!!
Hector J Sanchez on 17:14 15 Jul
I seem to correct the findings made in this review. It is clear that Ebay has a large lead over this site and many others. The proposal to integrate electronic commerce with social networking is very fresh and my view, will have a great future, so yes, they invest much time and trouble to get it. I will not let ads on Ebay, but not bad considering and I will publish in this fledgling network. Best regards. Google translate powered
Sue on 17:24 15 Jul
I guess I'm remiss in adding my testimonial on the "what users are saying page". I AM making sales on Addoway. What I love about the social aspect is, I don't send everything I list over to facebook, so as not to overwhelm my friends who may think I'm just doing too many cheesy self-promotions. If a facebook friend sees something they like, my experience has been that they will go to my addoway and see all my stuff and buy either what brought them there, or something they didn't see on the facebook feed. I used to know ebay inside and out having been a seller since '98. Now I barely list there at all. Who can afford to unless you're selling 99 cent jimcracks you bought for a nickel.
Cathy Cavarzan on 17:28 15 Jul
I just signed up with addaway and I must say I found it very easy to register with my facebook account and to start listing items.With the holidays coming I am anticipating increased exposure.I signed up with the new pro at just under &9.00 a month you are able to set up Google Analytics plus I am already getting a lot more traffic then any other site outside of ebay. I see it becoming very popular since it is linked to social media like facebook and twitter.
Carolyn Newsom on 17:32 15 Jul
Once again, you have nothing to lose by testing/trying Addoway!! All the gurus are saying you must diversify in today's economic markets...have a WIDE presence on the web. Addoway is a, free, and growing at an astounding rate!! Our imports from ebay are done in an hour or less, complete with the fancy templates/photobucket pics in tact!! People may still go to our/YOUR ebay store or Bonanzle and see postings there as well. While we Love Salehoo for reviewing this great New Kid on the Block, we question having a savvy eBay Exec-Ex doing it. Please try it!! and you know what...being/doing /interacting on Addoway helps our sales on eBay, too;o) Whoo Hoo!! Can't lose!!
J. Denman on 17:47 15 Jul
The quickest way to keep me AWAY from Addoway is to use the phrase "social networking" in connection with the site. After picking up a computer virus that burrowed deeply into my computer hard drive on Facebook and paying the resulting $240 tech fee to have it removed, I took the computer tech's advice and closed my Facebook account. If a friend wants to write to me, she or he can use regular email. I will sell online on several selling sites, but will not link to Facebook or any other social networking site in an attempt to increase my sales. I no longer trust Facebook and have read news articles since my experience that justify my action. So I will not be visiting Addoway at all.
LAUR @ TRUETIQUES on 17:48 15 Jul
Since joining Addoway we have had sales from the beginning of the upload into their system. It was effortless and the Addoway staff made sure that our items were readily showing up in the search engines. We have not had to even advertise our presence in this new selling mall. We are extremely pleased with the results of our success selling on Addoway. They actually prove they can rival other sites, not just talk about it. Truetiques.
Fredrick Nijm on 17:51 15 Jul
Thank you so much for writing this lovely review of We have many sellers with strong sales happening on the site and we would welcome the opportunity to send along those success stories. Thank you again.
Sue on 17:53 15 Jul
I hope I haven't posted twice. If I have please forgive. I'm an old ebayer from about 1998. So I, too, knew ebay the best and felt most comfortable there. I'm a big facebook user, though. I was "stoked" when I found Addoway. I, for one, AM making sales on Addoway. I think as more and more sites send the listings to facebook, sellers need to be careful though. I sort of approach my sales there with the golden rule mentality. I don't send everything I list on Addoway to facebook. Why? Because it can get invasive and people can get sick of "cheesy self-promotion". What HAS seemed to work for my sales on Addoway is, I send over about 1 in 4 listings. If it peaks interest, they'll go to my Addoway booth and may see something they like even better. So I for one have made sales which is encouraging for me. I also love that Addoway has no problem with pointing potential buyers to your own website. I've made sales there, too, as a result of that. A raving fan? Yep, I sure am because it is one of the many venues that IS working for me!
GottaWearShades on 17:54 15 Jul
One obvious question (from a powerseller rapidly becoming sick of ebay, which is totally non-identifying ;-) ... When you sign up on alternative sites, do you re-use your ebay seller name, and if so, has that ever caused a problem for you?
WildRags on 18:40 15 Jul
Interesting read, thank you. With roughly 13 years online sales under my belt, I have tried numerous venues over the years. I maintain an ebay always but keeping it has not always been easy for the fees are not always worth the sale. Addoway is an awesome new site offering much of everything people are looking for. Many site sales are due to repeat customers and friends. The larger sites, you happen to snag a sale from an unknown person simply because the site is large. The saying “you get out of it what you put into it” applies to all online sales. Advertise, pass the word, promote, socialize! I drug my feet in joining as I had tried other avenues without being totally happy with the results. Addoway offers the added Google benefits including yet not limited to their checkout system. I do not see addoway as competing with larger sites such as ebay, I see them growing at a comfortable rate, keeping up with the times and needs of buyers/sellers and giving sellers a great opportunity to learn and grow. Even well seasoned sellers need to keep updated, educated, learn, grow with the changing times. Since joining with addoway, I have experienced superior customer care, ease in navigating the site as a buyer and seller. Shopping and selling has become FUN again! Addoway is growing perfectly and I am here to stay. It is exactly what I have been searching for as both a buyer and a seller online. My friends, prior customers and social are all following me to addoway too. It is simply awesome.
Grace Harman on 1:15 16 Jul
@newsom213: Thanks for introducing us to Addoway - it certainly does look like it could have potential in the future. And it's great to hear some success stories from people already! Thanks for sharing everyone. @GottaWearShades: There shouldn't be any problem using your eBay username on other ecommerce sites. In fact, it's a good idea to keep your branding consistent across all your sales channels.
Carolyn Newsom on 3:49 16 Jul
@ J. Denman You do not have to be on Facebook!! We are not and still have sales there. @Grace-Salehoo Thank YOU and Salehoo so very much for reviewing Addoway!! You are THE BEST!!! Salehoo Rocks!!!
Bill Russell on 6:26 16 Jul
Joined Addoway today based on this blog post. What can I say other than it's a refreshing alternative to Ebay. I've been with Ebay a long time but never really tried any serious selling until recently(Retired with a lot of free time). It seems every time I turn around EBAY is putting up some kind of roadblock(no money orders, restrictive auction lengths on High Priced designer Items, etc, etc). Haven't made a sale but did get an inquiry on this my first day with Addoway. I recommend everyone give it a shot - the price is right :)
Laurie Mckay on 8:21 19 Jul
well, I joined and did the ebay to addoway thing, it only imported 9 items considering I have 275..
Fredrick Nijm on 2:10 20 Jul
Hey AustGarageSales, Addoway currently only operates in the US and so the importer is setup to import from the eBay US site only. Any listings posted to any other site other than eBay US will not be imported. Once we are setup to extend to international merchants later this year, we will add an option to the importer to select which eBay site to import from. Thanks
Richelle Monfort on 2:49 20 Jul
Thanks for the update Fredrick Nijm :)
Syed Ali on 8:46 21 Jul
Oh gr8 it's really a cool blend of e-commerce with social marketing
Jaime Statham on 2:03 26 Jul
I checked it out-haven't posted anything for sale just yet but it seems very interesting and I found a few sellers that had things I even liked ;) I have to say that I do like the idea of not paying any fees (that can really add up especially when you are already selling something on ebay for dirt cheap b/c no one bids!) but I know ebay somehow has to get theres too. does addoway make their money? Anyhow-I can see it growing in the near future and I plan to test the waters and sell a few items on there as well. They both have pros & cons but so far I dig Addoway :)
Richelle Monfort on 5:30 27 Jul
Hey guys, Great news for Addoway, they are just surpassed 100,000 listings and they have quadrupled their sales too! To read more about this milestone, please visit the link below: Cheers :)
Mike F Dancetraxx on 7:25 27 Jul
Since i joined Addoway i have expanded my customer base and have sold many items. The e-bay listing importer is very easy to use and i highly recommend giving it a try. The most important thing to know for a new seller on Addoway is that it is FREE. No listing fees or final value fees. If you are a serious on-line seller you really have nothing to lose!
Jason Burgar on 19:38 27 Jul
I am in the process of using Addoway. I'm getting together my merchandise and hopefully will be selling soon. I do have a question. Should I use my personal Facebook account or open another one using my business name and then friend request all my friends for the new business Facebook account?
Richelle Monfort on 2:10 28 Jul
@jnls4: I think you can use which ever account you want. If you don't mind personal and business matters getting mixed up I don't see the need to open a new account. But if you are serious about this then it wouldn't hurt starting one strictly for business. Why not try it out with your existing facebook account and see where it goes.. All the best! :)
Fredrick Nijm on 23:20 28 Jul
@jnls4 you can join with your personal account and set your name to your business name. You can also link your business fan page to your profile account once you are signed up. @atticblingandthings we make our money through membership programs that are optional to the seller. These memberships give you more exposure throughout the site, analytic tools and monthly reports. Please feel free to reach me at if you ever have any additional comments or questions. @richelle thank you for posting the PR release of our passing of 100,000 listings. :) sales are up 400% now.
Richelle Monfort on 2:16 29 Jul
You're welcome Fredrick! That's great news! To more success and ever increasing sales for everyone :)
Corey Kossack on 19:54 17 Sep
Appreciate all the Addoway support here! Thanks for being part of our growing community of sellers.
Fredrick Nijm on 19:38 18 Sep
I agree Corey - we absolutely love the Salehoo community as well. Thank you so much. If you ever need anything you can find both of us online daily. Addoway just launched another importer to help more sellers give Addoway a try.
Peter - The Leeflang Archives on 17:10 13 Oct
Technically (functionally, graphically, speed) Addoway is well ahead of the competition. The Ebay importer, including the brilliant stock synchronizer, is also unsurpassed. Now I'm just waiting for a 'lister' addition, so I can manage inventory from one location and the problem of adding new inventory from Ebay or our site is resolved.. I also liked the fact that we showed up in the Google Base product listings swiftly. Appealing to me is further: - Addoways' focus on making communication between buyer and seller (all along the sales process) easy, instead of harder, so lowering purchasing barriers, - Addoway's fearless openness by explicitly allowing linking to all one's other sales channels. Knowing of course that this is a two-edged sword, since it may lead buyers away from the site Where Addoway could really beat the competition is with increasing the stickiness to their own site. With that stickiness a natural increase in sales will occur on this site. How to make (potential) buyers stick more to the site? - Expand the communication options (like live chat as an option not a 'mandatory' function) juts like now 'live help' on many serious e-commerce sites. A dial seller's 800 phone button would also help greatly. The more sellers can communicate with buyers, teh more opportunity for 'upselling'. Addoway should be aware that most online sellers never have their entire inventory online, possibly even just a fraction, but with extra communication they can drill down into the buyer's 'mental wish list' and then make buyers aware of the extra offline inventory'. - Offer 'Back In Stock Notification' subscription functionality to buyers, so the sellers are made aware of otherwise unknown demand, - Offer different and more 'content' (articles, catalog details, reviews, forums etc), - Offer content that is specific to each product group, - Offer meeting places specific to each product group, - Cooperate with experts and expert sellers in each product group to create the content, - Offer experts and expert sellers a shared revenue model, to incentivize their continuous contributions, - Offer expert sellers who provide their proprietary reusable 'catalog content', like descriptions and stock images a revenue sharing incentive to expand and maintain the catalog content. other sellers can then reuse those entries without a major time investment and will share part of their sale in return. - Offer sellers a solid unique protection (in the user agreement) for their (catalog) content contributions (no other site does that so they virtually steal that content now and make it available direct or indirect to competitors). - Offer buyers 'product group specific functionality' once they hit their specific category page. Example: A buyer of magazines needs different fields displayed to him and queried than a buyer of TV's. Also, a buyer of used/antique (rather) unique items needs different information than a buyer of new commodities, like for example 'condition details'. Furthermore, a buyer of media items (like CD's, books, magazines, newspapers, records, DVD's etc) needs more detailed information (usually a full free text query of the description) than a buyer of non media, who can navigate to his purchase by merely selecting from 'structured search' drop boxes. - Add one or more unique 'entertainment element' to the site (entertainment combined with buying works to increase stickiness, as Disney, furniture giant Jordan's and online electronics auctioneer Swoopo have shown). - Offer 'Abandoned Cart' and 'Failed Transaction' information to sellers, so they become aware where they can improve or where they can make their providers improve (currently most marketplaces do not provide that info, so sellers are unaware how much business they are losing - it may be substantial, like f.e. if a payment service is dysfunctional - and cannot correct to fix that), This suggestion for more 'stickiness' will of course depend if Addoway wants to brand itself as a 'the premier social marketplace to visit' or not.. :-)
Mike on 16:03 31 Jan
Love Addoway, another similar marketplace that has just launched a few months ago is which combines marketplace and social networking in one, and supports a ton of new features. I sold my first item 2 days ago on Buzzmart so it is worth having a look at. I love this concept and I think it will be a huge success.
Chandreyee on 11:53 10 Feb
I am relatively 'wet behind the ears' when it comes to selling. I have only 1 year of e-commerce experience, but several in regards to social media. I started selling online in January of 2012 and have been what I consider relatively successful since. I have recently utilized Yardsellr (which I have so far had the most sales on) Etsy (second in my ranking of sales) and other sites such as Outbid, Tophatter, Ebay, Copious and a few others. As of late, Tophatter and Copious have been unfruitful and Yardsellr is closing it's doors. Presently, I"m looking into other websites to sell on. Addoway was suggested in a comment thread and so I followed up. So far, I have been able to transfer my Etsy listings as well as my Yardsellr listings, and additionally, my feedback score from eBay. I'm hoping to figure out if importing other seller ratings is also possible. I LOVE the social e-commerce development on this website! Yardsellr was also partially geared towards buyer and seller interaction, but NOTHING compared to what I am experiencing right now as I am setting up my storefront. Granted, this is day one, but I did just read something posted on Addoway stating that 14000+sellers nominated them for some kind of great seller site. (Don't ask what because I don't remember, I'm terrible that way). Anyhow, obviously, this being day one and not having any credibility directly on that site, I have not had any sales. But any vendor should know that one day is nothing to base anything off of. If I can ever find this thread again, I'd be happy to post a follow up in a month.
Rebecca Smith on 10:04 7 Oct
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