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Wholesale Jewelry Seller - The April SaleHoo Seller Spotlight

This month's SaleHoo Seller Spotlight bellongs to Johno, a new member who has only been with us for a week, but who has been selling successfully online for almost one year.

Check out Johno's full profile below to reveal what he sells, where he sells it and his advice for anyone who wants to turn their business into a full-time income earner. 

Name: Johno Bourgeais Forum username: Zipi

What items do you sell?

My main items are body jewelry and other bits and pieces including home and living items. 

Where do you sell them?

Trademe.co.nz (New Zealand's #1 marketplace)

How long have you been a member of SaleHoo, and what do you like most about it?

Only a week, if that. What I like about it is if you have a question staff will respond within 24 hours. Very quick reply. They also offer guides which gives you ideas on how to improve some things that you may have over looked in your business. 

What one piece of advice do you have for other sellers?

Don't leave your full time job until you're more than certain that you can make a living on your new business. I believe I left my job a little too soon as i didn't know that the time and money going towards the business was twice if not triple more than I had intended.

What was the biggest obstacle you have had to overcome in selling online?

Market research is up there and setting up an inventory and accounting system to make life a little easier.

What’s your favorite thing about making money from selling items online?

Selling online is a huge advantage as it's proving more customers are in fact buying online nowadays. Technology has changed the market so much that the foot traffic on the internet can make a huge difference in sales for any business.

Check out Johno's listings here:  http://www.trademe.co.nz/Members/Listings.aspx?member=3796184

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Why is his website page blank? Reply
Good luck to you Johno. I would say on average it takes 3-4 months before you pay yourself back and start making some real money. Reply
Site Admin
@David Try again now :) Thanks for stopping by Tudor Springs, hope business is going well for you! I agree 3-4 months is probably a good ball point figure. Reply
I like the website. Also the garden rack, something I could use on my site. Good luck to you. Reply
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