The Results Are In! AuctionBytes Seller's Choice Marketplace Ratings

AuctionBytes recently conducted their 2nd Annual Seller’s Choice Marketplace Ratings.  Over 4,000 sellers were surveyed to rate the web’s most popular marketplaces and there were some surprising results!

The top five marketplaces, as voted by sellers, are (by rank):

1.         8.2/10

2.     8.1/10

3.    7.4/10

4.     7.0/10 (a big favorite among SaleHoo members!)

5.              6.8/10

Each of the sites in the survey were rated on 5 different metrics: Profitability, customer service, communication, ease of use, and whether you would recommend the site.  

See the full results below:

Some other interesting statistics that emerged from the survey:

  • Webstore was named the most profitable of all the sites, with a rating of 7.06/10 while eBay trailed behind (coming 5th to last out of 16 sites) with a rating of 4.58/10.
  • Artfire took the title for best customer service with a rating of 8.57/10. Meanwhile, eBay who was last only to Blujay was rated with 3.44/10. No surprises there!
  • This year, eBay again got the most number of ratings - 80%. The second most rated site was Bonanza - previously called Bonanzle (43%) followed by Craigslist (40%); Etsy (28%); Amazon (26%); Artfire (21%); eCrater (20%); and, both with 16%; iOffer (13%); Rubylane (11%); Blujay (9%); Atomic Mall (8%); (6%); OZtion (4%); and (3%).

Which marketplace is right for you?

If you’re looking for a new marketplace, use these statistics carefully: You shouldn’t just go for Artfire, Rubylane or Webstore because they were voted as most profitable, as these sites are unique and work best for specific items including antiques and collectibles. Therefore, if you are selling T-shirts, you might not find these sites very profitable for your product line. Remember that market research is imperative!  

How do these statistics match up with your experiences?

Have you tried any of these sites? We would love to hear from you!


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Comments (24)

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goldpedler on 16:21 28 Jan
I would like to hear some numbers for all of these selling venues, in addition to this great info, that address their annual numbers of sales, or overall usership. As disgusted as I am, personally, with ebay, do ANY of these selling venues do even one-hundreth, or one-tenth, of ebay's business ? Also would be interesting to know the rates of growth on these up-and-coming selling venues. THANKS for the great info ! Tami
Jamie Toelle on 16:43 28 Jan
wow, never heard of many of these sites! Great post and there's some valuable information there for Salehoo members! Plus I can use this info to help promote Salehoo...
Hishanudin Nawawi on 7:00 29 Jan
quite surprising..ebay falling down,as expected!
Heavenhome on 11:06 29 Jan
I agree that atrfire is number 1 because I can sell there and very easy to operate.
Alice Delore on 20:16 30 Jan

Your products are beautiful! Thanks for sharing the link to your listings.

You mentioned you find Artfire easy to use, do you also find it profitable?

Do you agree with their rating as #1 for customer service? Would be interesting to hear from you!
Colette - TopCat2x2 Wood on 22:25 30 Jan
Hi Alice - been busy processing a new order just in so I'm behind on my non-sale emails. This post was a real eye-opener. Are many of these other markets worldwide like eBay, i.e. Canada, UK, USA, Australia, etc. I'd be interested in checking out other avenues if I can become a Canadian member able to sell Canada and USA like I'm currently doing with eBay. Thanks for the info. Colette TopCat2x2
Alice Delore on 1:26 31 Jan
Hi Colette,

Good to hear you've been busy processing sales!

To answer your question about the platforms being international, most platforms do allow international sellers such as yourself to sign up and become a seller.

I checked out the top 3 sites (Artfire, Webstore and Rubylane) and after a quick look around, I couldn't see anything that indicated that international sellers cannot sell using the sites and all 3 site's registration forms had an option to select your country (so it doesn't just accept US members).

I suggest you have a look around the forums and see what other international sellers have to say about selling from Canada. Here's a link to Artfire's forum to get you started:

Have you considered selling on Bonanza?

It's a really popular marketplace among SaleHoo members (and in my experience using it, a fantastic site!). I think your watches could sell quite well there - they tend to attract buyers looking for something a little different (and their tagline is "find everything but the ordinary").

It's a great marketplace to setup on as you can just import all your eBay listings using their importer, so it won't take long.

Additionally, you only pay fees when you make a sale (and they will be less than what you are used to paying on eBay), so trying it out is pretty risk free! is another fantastic and emerging marketplace that I would recommend. They didn't feature in the marketplace ratings - probably because the site is less than a year old!

But despite it being so young, we've heard very good things about it! They also have an import tool you can use, and there are no fees so like Bonanza, it's free for you to try out :)

I've sold on both Addoway and Bonanza from New Zealand, so I know you will be fine selling from Canada.

All the best!

Colette - TopCat2x2 Wood on 17:14 31 Jan
A big thanks, Alice. With a brand new year it feels right to start looking at what's on the other side of the fence. You've given me some great starting places. Always a pleasure, Colette
amescrafts on 4:50 2 Feb
Wow this list is fantastic. There are sites I've never even heard of. I actually did a test run (between Nov-Dec 2010) on a few of these sites in particular: ebay, ebid, eCrater, Etsy, Webstore, and Artfire. For example, I created multiple duplicated of 5 greeting cards to post in case I had multiple sales. I was able to sell greeting cards only on Ebay. I was able to sell jewelry on the Webstore. I got alot of visits on Artfire but no sales. So I'm questioning if my descriptions are any good or if I need to add more products to the stores, or get more reviews. I'm not sure. But I've sold the most on Ebay and by selling at local craft fairs. As to the ease of posting, I love Webstore the best. I'm doctored into Artfire at a low rate so I'll keep trying there and just started to test out Etsy given the recommendation of many crafters I came across. I'm in the production phase now. But I also sell commercial items to supplement my income. I hope this helps.
amescrafts on 5:03 2 Feb
To answer goldpedler's questions. The big giants are eBay and Amazon as to usership. As to the profitability, I can attest that both Webstore and eCrater are very low. I believe I paid $10/one time fee to become a verified seller for Webstore. Therefore, all sales are my profit. eCrater is free. Artfire is a subscription I believe now the price is $10/mo. Etsy is growing in popularity and have seen at least two major news network talk about its popularity. They charge a small fee of 60cents to post per item for three months- the rest of the profit is yours. eBid is trying to compete with eBay and have a large UK usership. You can pay a final value fee or pay a one time approximately $50 fee and never pay an additional dime. Therefore, all profits are yours. Like anything else, its trial and error. I tried a few out because the risk was very low. Like everyone I'm tired of paying a third party fees.
Alice Delore on 19:56 2 Feb
Thanks for the info, amescrafts!

Sounds like you've tried a few different platforms!

I did a similar test to you with listing the same items across platforms, but can't reveal the results just yet ;)

Regarding you getting a lot of hits but no sales, depending on the item it can take up to 100 hits on average to get a bid.

You might be right about adding more listings - often on smaller sites it is worth adding as many listings as you can (if they are for different items, it's debatable whether you should add multiple listings of the same item - eBay no longer allows this) . More listings means that you get more exposure so it's worth doing :)
George on 9:04 4 Feb
No mention of Addoway or Buzzmart, I'm disappointed.
Alice Delore on 19:32 6 Feb

Not sure about Buzzmart, but Addoway didn't actually feature as one of the marketplaces that were rated - probably just because the marketplace is less than 1 year old.

Regardless of whether or not it was rated, Addoway has seen some tremendous growth since it launched and continues to go from strength to strength. It will be interesting to see how it ranks when it is featured in the marketplace ratings.
Small world on 3:42 8 Feb
What a small world. I was browsing your website and saw your discussion about What a small world. One of my old bosses, Tony, is one of the founders. Very wise business man.
Newbie on 5:12 8 Feb
Hi, I'm thinking to sign up with SaleHoo. And planning to get source to do blind drop shipment. Are you all buying from wholesaler or by blind drop shipping? Please advise. Regards, Max
Irene Vallejo on 0:18 9 Feb
Hi Max, The SaleHoo directory contains small wholesalers, bulk wholesalers, drop shippers, liquidators and manufacturers for hundreds of popular products . Kindly send us your inquiry at :) Full information will be taking a lot of space here. I hope you understand. We'll be waiting! Take care.
Rusty on 6:08 23 Jun
Alice you are sharing some interesting ideas here. Keep them coming as my brain is in over-drive. Thanks.
Russ on 1:02 26 Jun
ioffer is barely there. I remember when it started. This list is accurate. I have been with bonanza and they are a good alternative to ebay.
Christine on 8:02 27 Jun
Great info will give this all a go. Thanks all
Geoff Unruh on 14:35 15 Jul
Webstore is difficult to sell on haven't made any sales there yet at all very frustrating.
Steven Mautner on 23:22 16 Sep
I think the best place to sell is You choose your own url and they take care of the shipping so you don't need to deal with UPS or Greyhound.
brian smith on 17:43 20 Nov
hi listed over400 items over a month plenty buyers looking but none ever sells
is a rip off as i know my stamps would sellebay is as bad had over 5,000 feedbacks on 2 sites selling stamps
but there auction fees have rocketed,plus always unfair to sellers as always,buyers always right in a disspute
even after a buyer left me 5 threatening consecative negative feedbacks abay refused to remove them then blocked me for life
seller perforormance at this point was all 4.9 out of 5.0sellers beware of ebay,bye
Jack Dempsy on 19:49 7 Jan
Amen to that. Ebay does not have your back as a seller and think the buyer runs the show. Well without product you don't have buyers. EBAY SUCKS!!!!
Jack Dempsy on 19:46 7 Jan
EBAY has become a nightmare to sell for and don't care about the sellers who make them the money and pay there salarys. There customer service people could care less if you fall below there so called performance rating. They don't care about the seller. BEWARE!!!
matt on 22:50 11 Feb
i had an ebay account for 3 months, 100% positive feedback from 269 sales, 4 cases for non delivery, tracking information given to buyer. buyers left positive feedback and then......boom, ebay ban me for life for low dsr. i posted the same day as the buyers purchased . when i spoke to the so called customer service i was repeatedly told the same thing again and again and then told i should post earlier!!!! ebay are a joke, i need to be physcic to be able to post orders the day before they are ordered????, i am on etsy and would recommend them definately will also be looking into webstore and artfire. down with ebay they have forgotten what made them ....the sellers!


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