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Authors of Inspiration: Best Business Books that You Need to Read

Authorship is a funny thing. Selling the best business books comes hand in hand with an influx of cash, adoration, and some inevitable criticism. But the best authors really seem to hit the mark. Their motivational stories transcend the murmuring conversations surrounding their market, and resonate with the public at large.

Well, we here at SaleHoo believe in giving credit where it’s due. So in that spirit we’ve compiled a list of the most motivating scriveners that speak directly to the needs of online sellers. These are authoritative authors who break down actionable steps anyone can follow to create, manage, and cultivate an ecommerce presence.

Best Business Books by Skip McGrath

Skip McGrath is a prolific author and supremely successful online seller. He got his start as a top seller on eBay, and became a very rich man in fairly short order. Together with his wife, Lisa, he made over $10,000 per month by the end of their first year in business. 

After getting fed up with the low quality of online tutorials, he began writing his own how-to guides and e-books. It turns out that most of the ones he was reading were filled with speculation, and that he knew more about the business than many of the authors he was reading!

He has since parlayed this good old-fashioned know-how into a very lucrative writing career. The result is an incredible wealth of information contained in the pages of some of the best business books an online seller could hope to get their hands on. He covers a wide variety of online sales topics in his work.

Skip is the author of:

Inspirational Books and Helpful Information from Christine Clayfield 

Christine Clayfield has become world famous for her work in the book "Newbie to Millionaire." In it, she describes in her trademark no-nonsense style, how she began an online business despite knowing nothing about it whatsoever, and became a bona fide millionaire. Hers is a motivational story that proves you don’t have to be a genius to get rich. You just have to be willing to put the work in, and recognize that there are no short cuts.

Her works include:

There are Famous Authors, and Then There's... 

Probably the most famous author on our list, Seth has an impressive resume. Former marketing director for Yahoo, founder of Squidoo.com, noted public speaker, and author of 17 bestselling books. Seth’s unique point of view and powerful observational prowess has made him one of the most-read Internet marketing bloggers in the world today.

Seth’s subject matter of choice includes a wide variety of topics including leadership, management, marketing, technology, futurist trends, and much more. Being so prolific, putting Seth's entire library in a limited space is quite troublesome. You can find his complete offering of educational and inspirational books here.

In the meantime, you might want to peruse these two essential titles:

  • Persuasion Marketing: If you’ve got leads, they can become customers. Moreover, you can build relationships with those customers. Marketing is networking and this book will give you invaluable insights on both. 
  • The Dip: Learn to recognize and escape dead ends, while still being able to differentiate between an inescapable situation and a temporary setback.

Top Business Books from Kristina Halvorson

Perhaps best known as the CEO and co-founder of the content strategy firm Brain Traffic, Kristina is also a capable author in her own right. While not as prolific in long-form literature, Kristina produces a great deal of free content on her firm’s blog, and her single published book, "Content Strategy for the Web," is a must-read for anyone interested in employing content in their online marketing strategies.

  • Content Strategy for the Web: The ultimate guide to content strategy that will teach you the proper process behind decision making for a successful content strategy. 

Fascinating and Motivational Stories from Gregory Ciotti

A noted Copyblogger contributor, content strategist, and the author of the popular behavioral psychology blog, Sparringmind.com, Gregory Ciotti is perhaps the one of the least famous authors mentioned on this list, but he’s a personal favorite, and he might just be one of the best authors in his chosen niche. While not a published writer in the strictest sense, Gregory is an excellent wordsmith nonetheless. His work on Sparringmind is big on self-improvement, the science of habit formation, and describing the keys to success in succinct and easy-to-understand language. If you’re looking for insights into the way your own habits influence your behavior and how those behaviors can cause your content strategies to succeed or fail, I highly recommend that you take a look at some of his work, including his e-book:
  • Conversion Psychologya must-read for those wanting to discover how human behavior plays into the art of the sell. Best of all it's available for free!

That's all for our list of famous authors. Take a look at their work and decide for yourself whether they've got some of the best business books available. Perhaps you think I've missed some important names? Let me know who your favorite business authors are in the comments section. 


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