Cleaning Robots: Monday Market of the Week

One of the best things about technology is the way it can automate all sorts of tasks for us. Also up there on the list is the way it puts information at our finger tips. "Smart" used to refer to a person’s intelligence, but now we use the term for anything high-tech. Smartphones, smart cars, etc.

I was poking around in the lab and found yet another “smart” product that automates what we used to do ourselves. Forget broomsticks or even vacuum cleaners. Enter the cleaning robot.

It’s portable, it vacuums dirt, and its sensors help it avoid staircase and seamlessly navigate along the walls corners of the room. This saves a lot of time and effort, especially if you have a busy schedule. You might want one (or several) of these for home, but do they have a place in your online shop, too? Let’s find out based on the data provided with the Market Research Lab.

Types of Cleaning Robots

There are many types of cleaning robots, each with a specific use. The examples below are just a few of the main types available to consumers. ​

Vacuum Cleaning Robot

The most common type of cleaning robot, which picks up dust and dirt on all sorts of flooring, including hardwood, vinyl, tile, and carpet.

Mopping Cleaning Robot

This type comes with a tank that dispenses clean water (or mixed with cleaning solution), and mops the floor as it goes.

Pool Cleaning Robot

This type of robot  collect debris and sediments from swimming pools (or hot tubs) with minimal human intervention. No more scrubbing algae yourself! 

Gutter Cleaning Robot

Specially made for gutters, this type of robot has an auto-function that blasts away leaves, dirt, and clogs while brushing gutters clean.

Window Cleaning Robot

This type of robot features advanced suction that  allows it to attached to framed or frame-less windows. Perfect for hard-to-reach or tall windows.

Why Sell Cleaning Robots?

Performance on eBay and Amazon

​People sometimes overlook the fact that research is one major key to success in e-commerce. Luckily, we have the Market Research Lab that analyzes the sell rate, competition, and even the average price of cleaning robots. The data will give us an idea whether selling these time-saving devices is indeed profitable.

  • High Sell Rate

    The sell rate is a measure of the units that have sold versus total listings. From the lab data, it’s evident that the iRobot Roomba series has been successful in the online market, with sell rates at 90% and 83% respectively. This gives you an idea of what brands people are looking for when purchasing cleaning robots. While the Bissell cleaning robot has a success rate of 40%, it still could be a viable product if the other numbers are workable.

    Apart from the numerous smart vacuum features, I found out that these 3 models are targeted for homes with pets, as they are strong enough to vacuum away pet hair, which every pet owner knows gets everywhere and sticks to everything. This is a sign that there's a viable market segment for you – people with pets!

    Take a look at any product's features and figure out how they benefit different groups, as this will be a clue as to who you should be targeting with your marketing. 

  • High Average Selling Price

    A high average selling price (ranging from $328 to $565 in this case) gives you an advantage, as you have more control over your profit margins. You can even maximize your profits by purchasing cleaning robots in bulk (remember to factor in costs of storage and shipping materials when calculating your price). Suppliers rarely publish their wholesale rates to the public so it’s best to contact them directly and negotiate terms for buying in large volumes.  

  • Low Competition

    Low-competition products are ideal when selling online.  The cleaning robots we found in the lab have very little competition -- just 11 to 19 listings -- which increases your chances of potential customers seeing, and choosing, your products.

General Demand

To drive traffic to your listings, you need to have the right keywords in your title and descriptions. You might think “cleaning robot” is sufficient, but that's far from the only keyword you could (or should) target. Below are 5 results gathered from the AffiloTools Keyword Research.

keyword research

Notice that “Roomba pet series” tops the search results by far. iRobot's Roomba is a pioneer in cleaning robots. Another top-selling brand is Dyson with 1,300 local searches. You may want to take note on these brands, now that we know their popularity.

When generally listing cleaning robots, you may want to include these keywords to increase your visibility: cleaning robot, auto vacuum, and robot cleaner. Their search volume is still high at 1,000 – 1,300, which means these are widely used keywords.

Extra Bonuses

We know for sure that anything electrical or battery-operated will experience wear and tear in the long run. Grab your buyer’s attention and sell something related to cleaning robots, like spare parts and accessories. Some examples are AC adapters, bristle brushes, filters, cleaning solution, or even rechargeable batteries. Some of these accessories are readily available from the suppliers you deal with or from verified SaleHoo suppliers. Contact them directly and inquire for special rates should you purchase these items in bulk.


I'm happy to say the numbers from the lab look good, and you could earn a healthy profit selling cleaning robots online. People with pets can make a good target audience, but they're not the only niche you should be looking at. As for brands, the widespread popularity of Roomba or Dyson robots mean you should definitely look at those specific products. Offering parts and accessories for cleaning robots can pad your profit margins, set you apart from competition, and help bring in more sales.

 How to Sell Cleaning Robots

Here are some options to help you decide on where to sell your cleaning robots:

1. eBay or Amazon

eBay and Amazon still get the most traffic of any online selling sites and based on the lab's results, we have caught a market for cleaning robots on these platforms. eBay alone has more than 600 listings for "cleaning robots," while Amazon produced more than 6,000 listings. Offering promotions (even free shipping) can help attract customers, keeping you ahead of the competition. Other ways to bring traffic to your listings are found here.

2. Your Own Online Store

One way to avoid competition is to sell at your own online store. You can be successful at this if you bring in enough traffic. Using the right keywords when listing your cleaning robots is essential to bringing in prospective customers. I recommend using AffiloTools Keyword Research tool to help you maximize the effectiveness of your listings.

There are also other website-builders like SaleHoo Stores, which automates the SEO section to help bring traffic to your site. All you need to have is a list of your products to sell and you're ready to go.

3. eBid

Like eBay and Amazon, is a platform for selling almost anything. The good thing about eBid is that it has no listing fees so you can list your cleaning robots here all you want!

I did a search on "cleaning robot" on eBid and it came up with very minimal results. Compared to Amazon or eBay, the pool of buyers is smaller on eBid but with no listing fees, it's a no-risk marketplace and there's still a potential to make sales. Just don't make this platform your only choice for selling.

4. Local Selling Sites

Selling through localized online sites can be a good way to reach more customers. Since you'll usually have the option to meet up with customers for payment and pickup, you can save money and avoid the hassle of packing an item to ship. Selling electronic items can be risky when buyers receive a damaged item. Meeting up with them gives you a chance to demo the product and prove it works as it should.

Trusted Cleaning Robots Suppliers

If you'd like to try your hand at selling Cleaning Robots, check out these trusted suppliers:

Cleaning Robots Supplier #1Cleaning Robots Supplier #1

This supplier dropships a wide variety of products such as electronics, clothing, toys, musical instruments, home decor, pet products and so much more! The company can dropship single items to your customers for no additional cost. Bulk orders are accepted as well. Although the company is based in China, it ships to most countries worldwide. Note that PayPal is the only accepted payment method.

Large Product Range: They sell products under these categories: Apple accessories, electronics, cell phones & accessories, lights & lighting, sports & outdoor, toys & hobbies, clothing, bags & shoes, home & garden, health & beauty, automobiles & motorcycles, computers & networking, jewelry & Watches, and intimate apparel.

Dropship fee: No joining fee.

Wholesale and Dropship: Both options are available. The supplier offers blind shipping as well, with no additional fee.

Cleaning Robots Supplier #2Cleaning Robots Supplier #2

This supplier has been a worldwide business leader in selling blue-ribbon consumer goods since 2007. The company accepts credit cards -- Visa, MasterCard and American Express -- as well as Solo debit card payments for United Kingdom customers only. You can also pay via PayPal, Western Union, or wire transfers. Drop shipping is available for most countries worldwide.

Large Product Range: They sell products under these categories: weddings & events, fashion & clothing, phones & electronics, home & garden, shoes & bags, sports & lifestyle, jewelry & watches, cell phone accessories, and other gadgets.

Related Products: Wedding dresses, bridesmaids dresses, mothers & special guests dresses, flower girl dresses, special occasion dresses, cocktail dresses, evening dresses, prom dresses, quinceanera dresses, shoes, wedding accessories, wedding veils, jewelry, handbags, wraps, headpieces, gloves, sashes, lingerie, wedding favors, practical favors, candle favors, coaster favors, placecard holders, keychain favors, bookmarks, bottle stoppers, candle favors, favor holders, frames & albums, soap favors, wedding ribbons, cell phones & accessories, security systems, spy cameras, jammers, security cameras, alarm systems, surveillance DVR, baby monitors, MP3 & MP4 players, digital voice recorders, iPod accessories, Android tablets, cameras & camcorders, laptops, notebooks, batteries, headphones, android tablets, car MP3 players, car stereos, car amplifiers, car FM transmitter, car speakers, car subwoofers, car DVD players, car lights, car monitors, car alarms, car GPS, car audio, car accessories, kitchen faucets, bathtub faucets, shower faucets, shower heads, chandelier lights, LED lights, table lights, Tiffany lights, wall art, paintings, wall stickers, bath accessory sets, glass shelf, robe hooks, toilet roll holders, towel bars, soap baskets, tattoo kits, tattoo machines, tattoo inks, wigs, makeup, electronic cigarettes, women's dresses, women's Tops, women's fur & leather, women's skirts, women's pants, women's outerwear, women's sweaters, adapters & chargers, solar gadgets, plastic gadgets, precision instruments, voltage converters, professional tools, electronic gadgets, computer gadgets, video game gadgets, microfiber towels, activity trackers, and more.

Wholesale and Dropship: Both options are available. You can contact the supplier directly for order requirements.

Cleaning Robots Supplier #2Cleaning Robots Supplier #3

This supplier is one of the leading European wholesalers and dropshippers. The company is located in Spain, but can ship to all of Europe and Northern Africa. The company's mission is to distribute these products from the factories directly to customers, thus reducing the marketing costs.

This supplier responds to the market demand and offers a wide range of innovative products of the highest quality at extremely competitive costs. Currently, it is known as one of the most prestigious wholesalers for a large number of manufacturers and multinational companies.

This is a young and enthusiastic company, thanks to a highly qualified professional staff and the best logistics facilities

Large Product Range: This supplier offers a huge range of items like kitchen supplies, gym equipment, household cleaning supplies, consumer electronics, and many more.

Related Products: This supplier carries Iberian ham, Champagne, knives, pans, blenders, mixers, juicers, coffee makers, BBQs, kettles, ovens, peelers, sandwich makers, toasters, mugs, tanning lotions, hair irons, hairdryers, robot vacuum cleaners, scales, steam cleaners, electric blankets, ecoballs, mops, organizers, body care products, abdominal benches, vibrating belts, vibrating platforms, ashtrays, electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes, lighters, calculators, money boxes, watches, portable DVD players, TVs, tablets, speakers, headphones, etc.

Order Requirements: Requires an account set up which takes approximately 15 minutes. The company requests that you offer as much information about yourself or your company as possible. They will provide your account with different features depending on the given information. Customer support will attend to all your concerns as well.

Wholesale and Dropship: Both options are available. You can contact the supplier directly for order requirements.


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