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Double Strollers: Why this High Demand Item Can Make You Profits in 2018

Double Strollers are a must-have for families with twins, or young children. They allow parents and caregivers the convenience of running their errands outdoors without the hassle of carrying one or two kids at the same time.

Given the popularity of double strollers with young families, the Labs shows they are in high demand, based on the large number of strollers successfully sold online. In one example, it shows a solid sell rate of 67%. This suggests that double strollers is a viable niche. But is this figure alone enough to convince us to start selling double strollers online?

This blog breaks down the following:

  1. Types of Double Strollers
  2. Analysis of the SaleHoo Labs data
  3. The General Demand
  4. Bonus Tips on Selling Double Strollers

Preparing for twins, or a multi-child household is a crucial step for every parent. To be successful at selling double strollers online, let’s go through the data to understand your target consumer’s behavior.

Types of Double Strollers

There are different kinds of double strollers depending on need and preference. Either for twins or kids who are 3 years apart. Below are common types to consider.

  • Double jogging stroller: Specially suited for runners, its safety features include rear suspension for smoother rides, and a hand brake (or a foot-operated brake) that controls the wheel speed and brings the stroller to a complete stop. It has a fixed front wheel that allows the back wheels to maneuver the stroller.
  • All terrain double stroller: As the name implies, this type is designed to travel more easily on rougher terrain, and are more stable than other types.
  • Tandem double stroller: Designed with one seat in front, and one seat at the back. This type however doesn't allow the front seat to fully recline, but it's most convenient when maneuvering through doors and aisles.
  • Umbrella double stroller: Designed in side-by-side position, both children get the same amount of arm and leg space. This type is extremely lightweight which is perfect for weekend getaways.
  • Sit and stand stroller: Specifically made for an older child, and an infant. This type is great for toddlers who want to walk around and ride when they get tired, while the infant rides along in the regular stroller seat.

Why Sell Double Strollers?

There are 3 main things to consider when researching products to sell. In the Labs, they are summarized by sell rate, average price, and competition; which makes it easier to determine how viable double strollers are in the current market.

Success rate for Revolution Flex Duallie Jogging Stroller Success rate for City Mini Double Stroller Success rate for Contours Options Elite Tandem Double Stroller

  • High Sell Rate

    The Labs shows that double strollers have a sell rate of at least 50% and up to 100%, which indicates that they are selling successfully online. With double strollers, having a sell rate of at least 67% indicates that these products are indeed in demand.

    With the 3 examples, it looks like tandem, jogging, and umbrella double strollers are types that are well-liked presently. You will also notice where the market is spending their money by noticing the brands featured such as Contours, Baby Jogger, and BOB. These minor details are a big help in identifying deeper target markets should you dive into double strollers later.

  • High Average Selling Price

    The average price in the Labs will give you an idea of how much profit you can earn should you sell these kinds of double strollers online. Based on the 3 examples, with the average price ranging from $417 to $647, you can get a profit of at least $41.70 for each sale, given that at least 10% profit is a good starting point.

    High-priced items such as double strollers can potentially earn you a decent profit. Just make sure that you are able to compete in the market, especially if you’re selling on highly saturated online platforms.

  • Low Competition

    Competition can influence your target market, and the way you price your products. Luckily with the Labs, it identifies which products have low competition such as the 3 examples of double strollers above. Selling low competition products is ideal as this gives you more control over your price and profits.

    Research is key here to stay on top of the game. Considering these factors can help you sell double strollers effectively at a profit.

The General Demand

Keywords are very important when listing your items online because they drive traffic to your site. Using AffiloTools Keyword Research tool, this helps us identify the search volumes (local volume) of keywords used when people search for “double strollers” on search engines like Google.

*Note: The keyword search results will give you a long list, but below are 6 top examples

Keyword research results for "Baby Bouncers and Swings"

As you can see, there is indeed a high demand for “double stroller” online with a search volume of 49,500. A deeper niche of “double jogging stroller” is also showing high searches of 14,800. This can give you an idea when targeting deeper markets.

There are also consumers who prefer to buy brands for known quality. In this case, you may want to consider Graco, Chicco, Joovy, and BOB as these are brands that are most preferred generally with search volumes from 4,400 to 12,100.

Our target local volume is at least 1,000 to know a product’s development online and with the current number of searches for double strollers, the trend indicates a higher chance of getting a sale.

Tips on Selling Baby Bouncers and Swings

Your target market is parents or caretakers with twins, or kids within a 3 year age gap. Consider offering upgrades such as toys you can attach to the stroller, or an extra compatible stroller cushion to gain additional sales. You may also want to offer other complimentary products such as car seats, or bouncers and swings – this can mean twice your sales, too! Checking out twin baby essentials online will provide you with more ideas of what else you can sell. The Labs even has a large selection of high-selling products under the “Baby” category. For smaller baby products such as milk bottles, and other feeding essentials; you can also bundle them up to attract potential buyers.

Over to You!

We have double stroller suppliers that ship globally and have been verified as safe and legitimate. You can access them instantly here in our directory.

Let us know if you're selling double strollers online and share your success story with us! Also, please feel free to leave your comments below and let us know if we've missed something.

Disclaimer: The information published here is strictly for informational purposes. All above items are only suggestions for possible products which we believe will sell favorably, and this article should be used as a guide only. At the time of writing, all above products were researched using methods recommended by SaleHoo and found to be potentially profitable for sellers. All sellers are encouraged to conduct their own market and product research.


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Parents of two children with just a bit of an age gap between them might find a sit and stand stroller handy in a lot of going-outside situations.
You can use a sit and stand stroller 2019 when you’re taking your kids out for grocery shopping,
a walk in the park or to the neighbors next door. A sit and stand stroller can accommodate both your kids while offering you the peace of mind you need to enjoy these moments with your kids.
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