How to Conquer the eBay Summer Slow Down

Here it comes again. The annual slow down on eBay that comes every summer. While the rest of the northern hemisphere is outside lapping up the sun, graduating from high school and college, barbecuing and road tripping, eBay sellers get hit right where it hurts: The bottom line.

So how can you prepare for the summer slow down? Here are my best tips.

Diversify your product range

If your product range is limited by seasons, diversify! I know this seems like an obvious option, but beyond simply diversifying your product range, consider selling your existing items in other markets. For example, if you sell ski gear and experience a slow down in sales in the summer, start listing your ski gear on where Australian buyers are on the hunt for winter items during May, June, July and August. 

"Your quietest time should be your busiest time"

This is a mantra my fiance often preaches. His business is rarely slow, but if he ever has a free day, he makes the most of it by finessing business plans, marketing strategies and all those other things that it’s hard to find the time to do.

So what you can do during your slower periods to help grow your eBay business? Start by identifying weaknesses in your listings and your delivery of products. What do your competitors have that you don’t? Work on filling the gaps by improving your item descriptions or spending a day re-shooting product photos of your best selling items.

If competitors have better feedback scores than you, make a plan to improve your feedback by:

  1. Offering faster shipping
  2. Include a note or free gift in packages
  3. Increasing your level of communication throughout the selling process so that you buyer is always in the loop and knows when their item is due to arrive.

Contact new suppliers

I've touched on this in my first tip, but it deserves another mention: Contacting suppliers can be time-consuming, so it's easy to put it off when you are busy, but it's essential for getting access to good prices on products and expanding your product range. That's why during the summer slow down, it's worthwhile to set some time aside and get in touch with some new suppliers who can help your business expand.

Remember:  One of the golden rules of SaleHoo is to never go off a price listed on a supplier's website - you need to contact them to access volume discounts! 

Have you noticed a slow down in your sales recently? 


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Comments (4)

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Kshyama S. Patel on 20:55 6 Jul
I really enjoyed he blog. It is excellent to share knowledge.
Brian Shailer on 22:22 6 Jul
Hi! Alice, I have read few of your blogs, they are informative and give thought to other ideas..good thinking,thanks Brisha.
Wanda Kurdian on 2:44 8 Jul
Alice - Always enjoy your blog and have followed some of your instructions. eBay does everything possible now to keep you from communicating with your buyer. They want to do it for you and also check the "star". Alice, thousands of us small sellers are leaving eBay because of the "Sponsored Links" being added to our listings. I haven't sold a single thing since they began putting links on my listings of sites selling my items at ridiculously lower prices, and even one wholesale site where customers can see what I paid for the jewelry. Small sellers made eBay, and now that pompous ass in charge wants it to be like a department store. Can you just tell us the name of a site we can move to and sell old and new merchandise that has some traffic??? Thanks, Wanda K
jason on 23:03 10 Jul
I sell Vintage vinyl records, May thru the end of August, I do about 60% of my sales from other months. One thing I did do, was start running auctions when eBay has a totally free to list special. that really saved me this summer. only 7% commission as well instead of the 13% usual fee, normally I couldn't do that, because it would cost me at least .25 cents per listing to run an auction. I have learned though to put back money from the peak times, as well as diversify on blujay and ecrater, not much success there though. never put all your eggs in one basket, Also after a built a reputation. I was able to ask a little more for my items, now instead of selling at the lowest price, I try to keep in the middle of the pack.


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