Video Blog: Offering Buyers Free Gifts

Today's video blog post is the final in our ten part series, so we are going out with a bang by revealing a proven selling strategy that delivers solid results.

Check out the video for the scoop and if you would like to see more video blogs in the future, let us know by leaving a comment below


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Want the written transcript of this video? Check it out below: 

"Hi guys,

I'm Alice. Welcome to our 10th and final video on online selling tactics that you can use to help boost your online sales.

Today’s video is all about offering free gifts to buyers.

Offering free gifts is a really great way to absolutely exceed your buyer’s expectations and ensure that they continue to purchase from you in the future which is crucial for the long term profitability of your business.

There are a couple of ways that you can use the free gift method in your selling strategy:

1. Offer a free gift in the listing – advertise the fact that if you buy the item, you get a free gift as well 

2. Including a free item in the buyer’s package so that when they receive their item, they get a really nice surprise.

3. Offering a free gift when you buyer makes a number of purchases. For example, you send them a little extra when they have bought 4 or 5 items from you.

Free gifts don’t have to be overly expensive; I’ve seen people give buyers hand-written recipes when they sold Crock Pots and other kitchen items.

Another idea is if you sell clothing, you could order 50 or 100 scarves for female buyers and perhaps some cheap cufflinks for male buyers. I know you can get both of these very cheaply from SaleHoo suppliers so take a look around the directory.

Offering free gifts to buyers is pretty simple but there are two important tips that I want to share with you to ensure you always get the most recognition from offering a free gift:

1. Make it really clear when you are offering something for free. You can do this by using a subtitle feature, if you are selling on eBay, or just writing “free scarf” or whatever it is you are giving away in your item title. This way, when buyers are searching for items and deciding which item to click on, they will be much more inclined to click through to yours.

Here’s an example of some eBay listings and as you can see at the top, there is a listing which advertises a free bag with purchase (see video for example). 

2. Always include a hand written note with the free gift. I think this gives you a lot of mileage from the free gift because you can say something like “I really appreciate your business and so I’ve included this little gift for you as a token of my appreciation. I give away free items often, so make sure you check out my listings again ”

So I suggest that you try giving this tactic a go and if you have used this tactic before, leave me a comment and let me know your experience.

As I mentioned, this is the last of my series of mini tactics videos, but if you want more in-depth, proven strategies for how to build a strong and profitable business, I highly recommend you check out my video training course, Online Selling Tactics.

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So click the link below and check out Online Selling Tactics today. Thanks for watching!"


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Comments (13)

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Oleg on 17:15 20 Apr
Hi Alice, Whenever you send me an email with hot topics, that changed much of my business. Thank you for everything.
pgarret09 on 20:17 20 Apr
I have been receiving free gifts through incentive reward sites for the last 2 years.I even managed to get all my kid Christmas pressies completely free last year this way. If your interested check out "freebies in Ireland"
Heather on 23:46 20 Apr
Thank you for posting these 10 video blogs, we have gained a lot of insight in selling on eBay. Each video has helped us step by step in increasing our sales and we appreciate your time and effect in providing these videos. We look forward in seeeing anything that you provide ike this in the future. Once again THANKS
Ali Christchurch on 2:13 21 Apr
Hi Alice As I drop ship do you think an additional email mentioning the free gift would be as successful as including a note.Or can you suggest another way Ali
roy wood on 2:36 21 Apr
Thank-you Salehoo for all you do! I have been studying the situation for an online store with you,and continue to educate myself so i hope to not fail. i would Love to do this full time to get away from my mid-night shift job working for "peanuts." still thinking of what to call our online store,and educating.......................
Dana on 12:13 21 Apr
Hi Alice, I love & value these blogs!! I read & watch each one a few times and apply your techniques where I can. PLEASE DON"T STOP!. Keep them coming.
Donna Stangroom on 20:20 21 Apr
I like your blog and want to read more of them.
Alice Delore on 20:42 22 Apr
Thanks for all your positive comments everyone!

I'm so pleased to hear from some of you that you have tried and succeeded using these tips I have shared. Hearing this news is my favorite part of my job :)

Hopefully I can do some more videos like this in the future.
Alice Delore on 20:46 22 Apr
Ali Christchurch,

With drop shipping, you could ask your supplier to add a note or a free gift into each parcel, but some drop shippers may not be open to this as it is extra handling and admin for them. If I were you, I would buy a small wholesale lot of free gifts and send them out to the buyer separately from the actual item they purchase. You could send it one week apart from the actual item arriving so that they know you are still thinking of them.

Keep in mind that you will have an additional shipping cost if you do it this way (because you are not including the free item with the bought item package) so when you look for something to offer as a free gift, so for something very small and cheap to send. Something in an envelope would be best to keep packaging and postage costs down.

I like your idea about a hand written note too. You could combine this with a 1 page printout of some of the items you supplier has, that you can drop ship to the buyer.

I hope these ideas help :)
Alice Delore on 20:51 22 Apr
Roy wood,

Thank you for your feedback, great to hear from you! I'm pleased to hear that you are doing your research before you get started. Keep learning, because there is so much to learn! Knowledge acts as 'armor' that prevents you from making a bad decision.

Keep in touch with us via the forum if you have any questions. Hopefully we can help you get off night shift and get you on a better income :)

Don't give up - set aside time for learning and set goals as to what you want to achieve and when.
Lace Llanora on 8:55 24 Apr
Hi Alice, This is a fantastic way to end your v-log series although we wish you'd have more episodes in the future :) I absolutely agree with freebies not needing to be very expensive. The key is to be thoughtful about it and think very hard what freebies can go with the products you sell or something you think will be highly appreciated by your buyers. As with any marketing strategy, it's best to plan this ahead so you can buy freebies in bulk like what Alice mentioned inside the video, how you will promote the freebie on your listings and if you are to push your freebie offer on Facebook or Twitter. Lace
Alice Delore on 22:02 25 Apr
Thanks for your comment, Lace! That's a good thought about promoting the freebie via Facebook and Twitter.

Joyce Knake on 17:57 28 Apr
I am into drop shipping also so that makes it a little more difficult to sent free gifts. Maybe an e book (small) tips, ideas etc. would be more convenient.


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