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Optimize Your eBay Photos with Windows Live Photo Gallery

This is a guest post written by Lace Llanora from The Wholesale Forums, the UK’s leading B2B networking community & advice forum for wholesalers, distributors, importers, dropshippers and retailers. You can follow them on Twitter and on Facebook.

Not all photos are created equal. Successful eBay sellers know that only top notch imagery deserve a spot on their listings. But don’t sign-up for a $100 photography class just yet, continue reading and discover how easy it is to enhance your product shots to boost your eBay profits!

Windows Live Photo Gallery – Totally Free

Surprise! Windows Live Photo Gallery could be already installed in your computer, so go ahead and browse for it under the Programs menu. Don’t despair if you can’t find it - download Windows Live Photo Gallery, absolutely free. 

Image adjustment tools explained

Photo Gallery has awesome yet simple editing tools to improve the appearance of your photos.  Does your photo appear too heavy on one side? You can automatically straighten it with a click (you’ll see how below). Other adjustments include exposure, color settings, noise reduction, and more. Continue reading for each tool’s explanation.


Unlike complicated photo editing software (read: Photoshop), Photo Gallery has a more user-friendly interface that’s easy to understand. For instance, if you choose to adjust exposure – you won’t be presented with numbers and scales but thumbnail buttons that display varying modes:

Choose exposure adjustment to enhance your photo’s mid-tone. Here’s an example of a product image before and after an adjusted exposure.

Notice how a correct level of exposure easily provides a clean, professional-looking background for your item? Now this product shot would look even better - if only the item looked upright! So, if we click on the straighten button we’ll end up with an even more professional-looking photo as seen on Figure 3. 

Noise Reduction

Ever produced a photo that’s too grainy? Digital cameras are susceptible to noise which produce a grainy image. Noise can be picked up from a variety of sources but all it takes is one click for noise to be reduced. Here’s an example of a grainy photo whose noise is auto reduced with Photo Gallery: 

Again, all you have to do is click on the ‘noise reduction’ button once, if the image is too reduced that details are blurred – you can select ‘fine tune’ wherein you can adjust noise reduction manually.


If like most sellers, you want your photos to be flawless then you’ll love the ‘retouch’ feature of Photo Gallery. In the example above (using the cooking sheet), you’ll see that the background image is a bit crumpled and that’s because a white sheet of paper is used to act as a background. Now let’s try to eliminate that using the ‘retouch’ tool. 

Select the retouch tool and drag a rectangle on the ugly spots on your photo (check out the sub-illustration). The larger image shows how Photo Gallery automatically fixed the crumpled area.

Auto Adjust

So no matter how easy it is to use the tools above, Photo Gallery has added a feature especially for the lazy bones or let’s say, you’re in a real hurry to upload images on eBay. Load your image onto Photo Gallery and simply select ‘Auto Adjust’ and it will do just that. No more tinkering with each tool but again, you can manually adjust elements by selecting ‘Fine Tune’.

 More eBay Photography Tips

  • Own your photos. You spent precious time taking those shots and processing them with Photo Gallery – don’t let anyone steal your work! Use a watermarking software to label your photos and complain without contest to eBay when you see your images on another’s listing. For starters, you can use simple programs like Microsoft’s Paint to insert a label on your image - but make sure it can’t be cropped easily. 

Have you tried using Windows Live Photo Gallery? What’s your experience and how has it improved your listings? Share your thoughts and experiences below!


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Ed on 18:10 15 Dec
An excellent photo editing software I use is Photoscape which you can download from for FREE. Make groupings, animated GIFS, plus so much more.
Alice Delore on 20:08 15 Dec
Thanks for the recommendation, Ed. I've heard good things about Photoscape too :)
Alice Delore on 20:11 15 Dec
Here's a link for anyone who is interested in using PhotoScape:
Lace on 16:18 16 Dec
Thanks Alice and Ed for that information :) Also, one of our community members asked what software does a great job with annotating product shots. I'd recommend FastStone Photo Resizer, it's also FREE :) Would love to know what you guys suggest? Lace The Wholesale Forums UK
Carlos Higuti on 1:34 18 Dec
Hello, Alice! Very interesting this software will be of great help to my work. Thank you very much for the tips!
BloolonoPlali on 3:10 21 May
thank you for sharing
Ormeta Gray on 20:34 17 May
How do you post photos on your ebay listing site?
Melissa Johnson on 14:55 22 May
Hi there!

eBay has a guide about it, found here:

Hope that helps!
frederick gilbert on 17:26 13 Dec
cool beans just downloaded photoscape need windows 10 for Windows Live Gallery i have windows 8 so hey reading and seeing good info.
Jean Campanello on 0:46 2 Jun
Can anyone recommend a camera to use for taking photos of handbags, wallets and jewelry?
Rhea Bontol on 2:52 3 Jun
Hi Jean! Nothing specific for me though as I can always enhance it with photo editing apps.


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