eCommerce Blog / Mixing Social Media and eCommerce: It’s all about quality and not quantity

Mixing Social Media and eCommerce: It’s all about quality and not quantity

As part of our partnership with the social marketplace,, their CEO and Co-Founder, Fredrick Nijm, is sharing some of his expertise with SaleHoo members. In this post, Fredrick talks about how quality over quantity is so important when reaching out to buyers via social media channels.

This saying has been around for years and you can use it pretty much anywhere you go, and in any context around the world and people will almost always agree: quality out weighs quantity. The depth and breadth of your marketing strategy should involve producing quality results from quality work every single time. Too many businesses and individuals get caught up with doing too much too fast and think it’s okay since they did a lot. “Something has to stick right?” Wrong! Remember: Quantity might work today, but quality lasts tomorrow.

A lot never equates out to the results you want in the long term. You will get some results today, but they are often short term and produce very little value and return. For example: A lot of love in a relationship doesn’t mean giving someone a lot of flowers. A lot of love is quality love given over time that produces trust and confidence. It’s listening, companionship, friendship, bonding, and some flowers too. A lot of something is almost always a little too much if you know what I mean.

So how does this all relate to eCommerce, Fredrick and what I am trying to do in my business?

Well I am glad you asked. Just try not to get too caught up in sending too many tweets or too many Facebook posts just for tweets and posts sake. Take the time and produce valuable content and valuable messages that people need to hear. You can share your items with your friends and their friends because this is valuable information too, but it’s also very important to follow this up with in depth content that requires two-way interaction. If you are just sharing your items the interaction is just one-way (you to them). If they come back and check out your items then great, but when they do that’s all they do and they only do it that day.

They either buy or they don’t, but when you produce valuable content like blogs, or what I call passion posts (tweets or posts about why, what, how, when etc) the interaction is two-way. They interact, you respond and the process continues today, tomorrow and beyond.

Two-way interaction is valuable because it’s qualified content and it’s lasting. You can’t produce as much of this as often as you can the quantity posts (often just the items in your store), but quality produces the interaction that results in longevity in your business because people relate to you and what you provide.

Produce those lasting results that increase engagement and involvement in your brand and your business will prosper and last. It’s what we are doing at Addoway. It’s how we started, what we continue to do today, tomorrow and beyond.

How do you apply the quality over quantity rule to your business?


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Obrad on 10:25 16 Mar
Yes I think this is good article. Social Media and business has to be in connection in the way of quality. This is for long term. Quantity work will give results in short term only.
donald rainwater on 16:48 20 Mar
Another great site using social media and eCommerce is and it doesn't charge listings fees or transaction fees of any kind.
Alice Delore on 22:49 20 Mar
Thanks for your thoughts, Obrad :)

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