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SaleHoo Stores Are OPEN for Beta Testing!

For a long time, we at SaleHoo have preached about the benefits of selling on your own website, as opposed to selling on a marketplace.

In particular, we love that when you sell on your own website, you don’t have to pay fees, so all your profits are yours to keep!

We also love that when you sell on your own site, you DON’T have to compete with hundreds or thousands of other sellers who sell the same items as you. Instead, you can pull traffic from search engines including Google, Yahoo! and AOL to pull buyers to your site and buy from you (and only you!).

So now, SaleHoo is putting our money where our mouth is: We have created SaleHoo Stores, an e-Commerce web store that allows you to quickly and easily setup your own online store and start selling your items right away (without the marketplace fees and heavy competition!).

What You’ll Get With Your SaleHoo Store:

  • A search-engine optimized website. Every page is optimized so that it is easy for buyers to find your website when they search in Google and other search engines.
  • No monthly fees! Not only will you be free of monthly fees, but we will also shout you your first year’s hosting free.
  • Easily import your eBay items. If you are an eBay Turbo Lister user, it will take you no time to import all your eBay listings instantly into your new store. This means you can instantly expand your audience, with no extra time taken to list your items on another platform.
  • Unlimited storage space. List as many products as you like – with no website crashing, and no extra fees!
  • Superior support. When you sign up to SaleHoo Stores, you can expect that you will have the same level of superior support that you have as a SaleHoo member. We have trained technical staff waiting on hand right now who are ready to answer your questions. Send us an email and we will reply within 24 hours or receiving it!

What SaleHoo Stores Look Like

As I mentioned, you can add your own logo and adjust the theme of your store, but just to give you an idea of what your SaleHoo Store will look like here are some sneak-peak screenshots from some already-established SaleHoo Stores:

Here is the home page of a SaleHoo Store made for Squashways, who sell Squash Racquets. 

As you can see, this store has a very clean and simple feel, making the products the most eye-catching feature for all site visitors.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the features of this particular store:

You might be wondering how easy it is to manage your website. Well, rest-assured knowing that it is very straight-forward!

You just login to your admin area at

Then you will arrive at your admin area which will look something like this:

As you can see, all your products are simply laid out to make it easy for your to modify your product listings. You can also sort your products by brand and category to help save you time.

Adding new product listings is super easy too – we’ve tested it and it’s even faster than listing on eBay!

Help Videos to Get You Started

We’ve done a lot of hard work to make setting up and managing your SaleHoo Store really easy, including making a series of videos to show you around your Store and show you how easy it is to get setup.

Let’s take a look inside the SaleHoo Store Member’s Area (which you will get exclusive access to when you sign up) and the videos that are available for you to view:

Each of these videos are created by Mike at SaleHoo who does a great job of showing you step-by-step instructions on how to use your store, so you never have to worry about getting stuck, or not knowing what to do once you sign up for your SaleHoo Store.

 Our Amazing “Beta Tester” Special

We’re so excited to get you set up with your own store that we are currently offering a limited-time only price of only US$97 to get your SaleHoo Store. It’s normally worth US$497, but we want to get as many users using the software now, while it is in Beta so that you can help us make the stores even better. Your special price comes with no obligations to help us improve the software though, just get in touch with us if you do run into any problems, and we can sort them out ASAP!

Our Money Back Guarantee!

Sign up today and take 60 days (that’s an entire two months) to try out your SaleHoo Store.

If you decide that you are not 100% thrilled with how amazing everything is, we will refund you your money in full!

That’s how confident we are that you will love our new SaleHoo Stores software.

Click here to find out more information and to set up your store.  

Any questions? Hit the comments section below!

P.S Your discounted rate is 100% fixed and if you sign up now, you will never have to pay the full rate, but you will still benefit from all new features we add or improvements we make.


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Comments (59)

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lahcen amzoug on 4:54 9 May
Thank you Irene, I have pointed the domain to your server, is there a way verify that from SaleHoo?
Irene Vallejo on 7:07 10 May
Hi lessen10: Yes, I have seen that the website is now up and fine. :) I have also sent you another email. Kindly send me any further questions at :)
Paul Allen on 1:56 12 May
Can you change the theme after setting up the store? Do I have to purchase a domain name from another place, i.e
Paul Allen on 2:00 12 May
Can you purchase multiple stores?
Irene Vallejo on 7:26 12 May
Hi allentoy: It's going to be one SaleHoo Store per email address/account. Once bought, if you try to purchase another one you will get a prompt that says 'this email address is already in use', and the checkout/payment will not proceed. Yes, you can change the theme or template at any point of your store set-up and there are several templates to choose from. Unlike other sites that offer you a subdomain only, you always have the option of creating your very own domain and URL for your SaleHoo Stores site. You can then enjoy 12 free months of hosting, and if you decide to continue, you’ll enjoy a bargain hosting rate. You get everything all in one place all for a one-time payment. :)
Bazza on 22:16 17 May
Once the first year is up, can I move the site hosting to another host?
Paul Allen on 17:13 18 May
Hello, one final question. Is the introductory rate still available?? and when is time up for it, if it is?
Irene Vallejo on 5:19 19 May
@Bazza: At this stage, Salehoo Stores users cannot migrate or transfer their store to other hosting providers. You may still use the domain though, with any other web hosts. :)
Irene Vallejo on 2:18 20 May
@allentoy: Yes, the introductory rate of US$97 for the SaleHoo Stores is still on offer, and there's no definite date until when, but surely not much longer. :)
John Zwikstra on 21:48 24 May
Hi The $60.00 charge for the SSL includes a dedicated IP so the SSL is only for your dedicated IP? Otherwise, you would be using a shared SSL at no cost? Are these assumptions correct or is the $60.00 for a shared SSL?
Irene Vallejo on 4:10 25 May
Hi John, The $60 is for the dedicated SSL. Salehoo does not offer a shared SSL at the moment.
Clifford Tan on 2:20 30 May
Hi, Rather than having a cookie cutter website and everyone using the same template, do you have a range of templates we can choose from? Clifford
Irene Vallejo on 1:08 31 May
Hi Clifford, Yes, there are several templates to choose from - Basic in blue, green, white or yellow and Elegant in Simplicity, Ghost or Corporate design. You can also change the templates at any point. :)
Alan Wood on 3:01 8 Jun
What is the reason that no ccard is provided on your Salehoo store site, is there going to be any in the future, don't like dealing in cheques, they can be cancelled too easy.
Irene Vallejo on 1:55 9 Jun
Hi chainarong, PayPal is among the payment methods you can enable at your SaleHoo Store. PayPal is one of the largest and most reputable payment gateways. It is a third party merchant, that can accept credit card payments on your behalf. :)
Olga Graham on 7:28 11 Jun
Could you kindly give a couple of addresses of Salehoo store sites that are currently up and running. I would like to have a look at them prior to proceeding with any further thoughts about this. Thanks
Irene Vallejo on 4:16 14 Jun
Hi yaamba, I have sent them to you through private message. Please check your inbox. All the best! :)
daveozpc on 13:10 14 Jun
Do you get access to the suppliers also or do you still have to pay the separate fee for that service?
Irene Vallejo on 23:18 14 Jun
Hi daveozpc, Sorry but purchase of the SaleHoo Stores will not automatically grant free membership or access to the SaleHoo Wholesale Directory. To join SaleHoo, please just click the link below: For further questions, you may email us at Cheers!
Daveozpc on 12:58 20 Jun
Thank you for your reply.
Jerry Paul on 20:10 21 Jun
Could you send me some examples of existing websites as well ? Thanks, Jerry
Irene Vallejo on 3:24 22 Jun
Hi Jerry, I have sent them to you through private message. Please check your inbox. All the best! :)
Ben on 12:02 22 Jun
Could you send me some examples of existing websites please?
Irene Vallejo on 4:58 23 Jun
Hi Ben, As I am not able to send you private message, kindly send us your request at Hear from you soon! :)
Christian McAnally on 1:34 29 Jun
Hi there. I just found this promo! Question. I bought my domain name but have not set it up yet. I can use my domain name with a store through you all? I wanted a .com and nothing else behind it (like some hosting programs). Can I use that then? Also can you send me some existing websites? Thanks! Christian
Irene Vallejo on 4:28 30 Jun
Hi Christian, Sorry, but the beta period was completed. Watch out for the launch of the SaleHoo Stores this September, 2011! :) Yes, you can use your own domain name (such as - you don't have to use an unsightly and unprofessional "". :) With SaleHoo Stores, your Store is all your own! And for your request to see some of the existing websites, I have sent you a private message. And welcome to SaleHoo! :)
Keith Stephens on 1:11 16 Jul
I have a question, where do I go, or how to I have my categories listed on my website. I know how to have categories listed in my product section in the admin. I'm trying to find out how to list them on my website. Such as category Home & Garden, sub-category, gardening tools. Can someone help me on this.
Irene Vallejo on 12:54 16 Jul
Hi lonestardiscounts, Once you have your main categories listed, add the subcategory in the same way - under Product, Category, Add New, but before saving, tick check the Parent Category it will be under (options that will show will be the categories you have earlier set). At your store's front end, the main categories will be showing in the left part of the page. Clicking on each category (ex. Home and Garden) will open to a page that shows the subcategories under it (ex. after clicking on Home and Garden, the next page will show tab/boxes for Gardening Tools, Furniture, Home Decor etc.) Send me a message at, and I'll do my best to help. :) Cheers!
aquasamo on 17:56 20 Aug
Hey there! Is the introductory rate of US$97 for the SaleHoo Store still on? Do i still need to pay the SSL fee of $60 other than the introductory rate? And how can I join the Salehoo Store as it will officially launch in September?
Irene Vallejo on 0:54 22 Aug
Hi aquasamo, Sorry, but the beta period was completed, and the beta testing offer is no longer available. We will let you know of the new pricing scheme as soon as it becomes available. Please watch out for the launch of the SaleHoo Stores this September, 2011! :) Cheers!
susan on 12:50 13 Sep
Hi, Could you sent me some examples on existing stores? Thanks
Irene Vallejo on 8:02 14 Sep
@Susan: Let me know where to send it to. Email us at Cheers!
Hope Locke on 22:49 18 Sep
Can you please send me some examples of existing stores. I would so appreciate. So sorry that somehow I missed the beta...Where was I? I check my mail all the time...Oh well.
Irene Vallejo on 1:51 19 Sep
@bizhope: I have just sent you a private message regarding your request. :)
David Dornquast on 3:38 19 Sep
Please send example of existing stores. Thanks.
Irene Vallejo on 8:28 20 Sep
@beavercreek1018: I have just sent you a private message. :)
Trude on 19:03 21 Sep
Hi.I am considering buying a premium plan SaleHoo shop. Your special offer is 47 dollars per month (if I buy it before midnight). I wonder if this amount (47 dollars) every month automatically are drawn from my account? What date each month is this happening? Can I at any time terminate my shop and also end the monthly fee (47 dollars) that is withdrawn from my account?
Irene Vallejo on 8:24 22 Sep
@Trude: Yes it will be automatically drawn monthly during the anniversary date of your purchase. Yes, the monthly charge is covered by SaleHoo Store's 60 days money back guarantee, For more info please send us your questions at :)
Hope Locke on 13:48 22 Sep
Ouch! Wish I had caught this in beta...shucks... can't you guys offer something for us old Salehoo members? Can't hurt for trying, yes. Have a great day all.
terry matthews on 16:53 22 Sep
I have purchased one of the e-stores. I have not yet set it up.I am new to all of this. Never had a web store before so I don't know what I need to do. Also I have a brick store but I don't have enough product in it to put on my store site. I'm hoping the e-store will over time help me with my brick store.Since I don't have product for the e-store Is it best right now to do several dropshippers of different products to put on my store site to get it up and going so that I can start that the best thing to do or any other suggestions to help me get a successful store up and going.because I have no experience what soever about having a website but I want to have one which I do now. Ineed help really bad to get this started. Maybe once I get it up and going I will start learning more. I will get better. Thanks.Help Help.
Irene Vallejo on 10:10 23 Sep
@bizhope and @cbeasymoney - Yes, you will not be ignored. :) I have sent messages to each of you. Please check your inbox.
Dale Brewer on 11:30 24 Sep
Domain names are important to e commerce success. Why are domain names not included with Salehoo Stores?
Irene Vallejo on 6:10 27 Sep
@beachdisney: The main reason is that domain names are not our core business and there are other companies that specialize in selling domains. Besides, many people already have domain names that they want to use rather than us giving them one. :)
BHOGENDRA KARKI on 1:32 28 Oct
Hi everybody, I have purchased premium store and now under processing of string it up. I am a little bit confused about the terms and condition on information section of the store. I know the terms and condition comes with the purchase of store are very relevant and mandatory. However I am not sure where I mention my own terms and condition about shipping, products, return or refund , payment, warranty etc. In addition to the terms of use comes with the store. Can I add my own terms and condition there to cover and regulate worldwide transaction. Regards, Karki
Irene Vallejo on 15:46 31 Oct
Hi Mimosa, welcome to SaleHoo! :) You can set your own Terms and Conditions, and can even create pages about your policy on shipping, return, warranty policy etc through your store's Admin page. Send us an email at and we'll help you along. :)
neil chaikin on 15:34 15 Jul
How does one access all Salehoo stores? I notice some come through Verizon. I'd like to explore these stores for ideas.
Irene Vallejo on 1:37 16 Jul
@retailer73: HI! Richelle has shared the list of stores that had been set live at Cheers!
Hanief on 23:14 27 Jul
Hi. I think you should remove "powered by salehoo stores" from your theme.
Raja Kuppuswamy on 14:48 26 Jan
is correct. It doesn't look very authentic. It might hurt site's reputation.
Richelle Monfort on 22:19 26 Jan
Hello Raja,

Sorry we don’t have any plans to remove this at the moment. Having the SaleHoo logo just should hurt your store's reputation after all we are hosting your store :)
Irene Vallejo on 1:54 30 Jul
@Hanief: Kindly add your suggestion at Thanks!
Edric Madlambayan on 0:03 23 Jun

How do I get to see these?


Melissa Johnson on 21:40 24 Jun
hi, Edric!

Here's a link to our demo store so you can see what it looks like as a customer and as a store admin:

If you have more questions about what our stores look like, you can always check out our forum, where both staff and other sellers hang out:

You can also contact support!

Hope that helps!


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