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Make a Real Investment This Black Friday With SaleHoo Stores for Just $1

We all know that Black Friday weekend (including the up-and-coming Cyber Monday) is a time when our bank accounts tend to groan under the strain of all that extra spending ... but what if you used this Black Friday shopping season to make an oh-so-awesome investment in the future of your online business? 

Invest in Your Online Success with SaleHoo Stores

We are offering you an unbeatable Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal. For a strictly limited time you can try SaleHoo Stores for 30 days for just one dollar. You'll even get a free custom-made logo and $100 worth of Google AdWords vouchers as part of the $1 offer!

Sorry, this Black Friday / Cyber Monday offer has ended. You can still find out more about SaleHoo Stores and how you can build a beautiful online store in minutes.

SaleHoo Stores is our unique and powerful eCommerce platform. It helps you build beautiful eStores, manage payments securely, calculate shipping fees and, of course, make more money online! 

For the price of a little spare change, you can set up your very own eCommerce website that is ready and rearing to make you a great online income. 

Setting up your own SaleHoo Store is a real investment in your future and the success of your online business. With eCommerce and Internet sales growing annually, you need to have a Web presence. In the next 30 days you could set up your very own eCommerce site and start profiting from selling whatever products you fancy. On Black Friday 2014, you could open the digital doors of your SaleHoo Store to a flood of new customers!

Why You Need an Online Store (and Why a SaleHoo Store Is the Ideal Way to Get Started)

2013 has seen frenzied levels of growth in online shopping across the globe. Despite sluggish sales in the world of brick-and-mortar retail, eCommerce is exploding upwards.

Traditional shopping holidays like Black Friday are getting dominated by cut-price sales from online retailers, with customers reaping the rewards of higher competition and more choices. Cyber Monday is the icing on the eCommerce cake: a day dedicated to consumers getting the best possible deals from online retailers.

You need your own online store if you want to tap into the ever-growing profits of online retail and eCommerce. This is especially important if you currently rely on brick-and-mortar sales as the basis of your business model; what are you going to do if offline sales are falling while online sales are expanding rapidly? Setting up your own digital retail space to grab a slice of the eCommerce pie is an investment that will pay off handsomely.

Of course, setting up a profitable eCommerce website isn't as simple as slapping together a few webpages and hoping that the money will roll in. Online shoppers are more discerning every day. If you don't have a slick, professional and attractive website that offers all the important features, like secure payment processing and reliable shipping cost calculation, then you'll find yourself pushing a boulder up a steep hill.

The good news is that SaleHoo Stores makes it easy to build a stunning eCommerce website. You don't need any programming experience at all, and there are 15 professionally designed templates to pick from. This means you can make a true digital work of art. 

With SaleHoo Stores you can easily create an eCommerce website that looks this good with no prior experience:


Squashways Canterbury - SaleHoo Stores website


With your own SaleHoo Store, you'll be able to increase your bottom line and prepare in advance for big shopping holidays like Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas. 

Don't Miss the eCommerce Boat—Build Your Store Today

Online selling is only going to grow over the coming years. That's why we are giving you the amazing opportunity to make a real investment in your future at an unbeatable Black Friday / Cyber Monday exclusive price. Start building your own SaleHoo Store today to enjoy the power and flexibility that having an eCommerce site brings. You'll even get a free logo professionally designed for your store and $100 in Google AdWords vouchers. 

Sorry, this Black Friday / Cyber Monday offer has ended. You can still find out more about SaleHoo Stores and how you can build a beautiful online store in minutes.

If you're worried about any nasty surprises, rest easy—you can cancel your subscription to SaleHoo Stores at any stage in the next 30 days with absolutely no obligation to continue.

Thanks for reading! If any of your friends or family want a way to start working from home, bring in some extra cash in their free time or just get an awesome Black Friday deal on a great product, then share this blog post with them using the social sharing buttons below.


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