SaleHoo Stores Update, 10th July 2012

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Hello all,

As part of our development drive on Stores, we've released a few changes!

Today we have one new feature, and a few important bugfixes:

  • Fixed: Store customers were not able to reset their account passwords.
  • Fixed: Retro theme showed odd characters on product pages
  • Added: Social Sharing Icons!

How to enable Social Sharing

This week we added the ability to share a product from your store to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest!

To use this feature, login to your store admin area, and scroll down to the 'Social' section. Here you can individually enable which social features will show up on your storefront.

Once a social network is enabled, your customers will be able to click on the icon on your storefront, to share your product


How to enable social sharing icons

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  • Ruben Martinez 1st of January
    Hi Jonathan,

    When I share a product from my webstore it has the default information on the facebook page. How can I update my information where it doesn't have the default info from Salehoo?
    • Melissa Johnson SaleHoo Admin 5th of January
      Hi, Ruben!

      If you're using Facebook to post directly, you can actually click on the various text boxes that Facebook auto-generates to change the link title and the meta text, and even change the photo. The info in those links is auto-generated by Facebook, and there's no real way to control what it generates.

      You might also want to check the meta data and H1 title tags on your site to make sure they're formatted the way you want.

      Hope this helps!