eCommerce Blog / SaleHoo Stores Update, 17th July 2012

SaleHoo Stores Update, 17th July 2012

Hello all,

As part of our development drive on Stores, we've released a few changes!

Here's what's new today:

  • Added: You can now choose whether your /products page shows your products, your categories or your brands! (You can configure this from your main Store Settings)
  • Changed: We've modified the way stores are created, so you can have your new store ready for you in just seconds, rather than minutes!

SaleHoo Stores isn't perfect (if it is, you wouldn't hear from me each week!).

That's why it's important you're able to contact us when something's wrong, or not quite how you want it; today, I'm going to show you how.

Get heard by our developers!

When things go wrong

When using your store, you might sometimes encounter 'bugs'. 'Bugs' are issues where you expected your store to do one thing, and it did something completely different (or didn't do anything at all).

Whenever you encounter a 'bug' you should email our SaleHoo support team
Here's what you should put in your email:

  • Your store's name 
  • How you noticed the problem 
  • What should've happened
  • What actually happened
  • An image of the issue (if possible)

Here's an example:

Hello SaleHoo Support,

I run a SaleHoo Store, Today, a customer tried to buy 'Ruby Red Slippers' [link] from me. When they clicked 'Add to Cart' it should have added the slippers to the cart. Instead, a picture of a flying monkey appeared. I've tested this, and the same thing seems to happen for all of my products.

Kind Regards,

Once we've found the issue, we'll figure out how many people it affects and how hard it is to fix; from this we'll add it to our todo list, and (if possible) show the best way for you to work around it in the meantime.

New Features

As part of our development drive, we're putting in a lot of new features; for this, we really want to know what features you guys would like most.

That's why we have our feedback forum. This is the place you guys can go to tell us what you want to see, and vote on ideas other people want in SaleHoo Stores.

Here's some tips to make sure we consider your idea:

  1. Great time/result tradeoff
    We look for changes that will take the least time to create the greatest advantage for the most customers.
  2. One idea at a time
    Please don't try and comment on more than one thing in a single idea. If you want a feature related to 'shipping times' and a different one related to 'editing products', please add them as two different items. Having multiple items makes it difficult to see which features people are really voting for.
  3. Votes
    Related to point #1, the more people voting on a single idea, the more we'll consider it (because obviously more people want it). Remember, you can add more than one vote on an idea, so if you really think an existing idea is important.

Hopefully this clears up the best way to get your voice heard by the developers. Remember, email SaleHoo Support if you have a bug (or any other issue), and comment on our Feedback forum if you have great feature ideas.

Happy Selling!

SaleHoo Stores is our premier selling solution, allowing you to create your own online, professionally designed, search optimized digital store, in less than three minutes. Get your own Store now!


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