SaleHoo Stores Update, 31st July 2012

Hello all,

As part of our development drive on Stores, we've released a few changes!

Here's what's new today:

  • Fixed: Currency conversions were not loading correctly
  • Added: You can now record stock levels for each variation of an item!

How to use stock variations

Stock variations allow you to record stock levels on different variations of your product. For example, if you were selling a specific style of t-shirt, you might want to track how many green t-shirts vs. how many red t-shirts you had left in stock.

To turn on stock variations, edit your product and go to the 'Availability' section. Between 'Date Available' and 'Stock Quantity', select 'Per Variation' and hit 'Save'.

Now you are able to set the date a variation of your product is available, and how much of it you have! You can also come back to this section later when you want to view stock variations

Happy Selling!

SaleHoo Stores is our premier selling solution, allowing you to create your own online, professionally designed, search optimized digital store, in less than three minutes. Get your own Store now!


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