SaleHoo Stores update, 3rd July 2012

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Hello all,

As part of our development drive on Stores, we've released a few changes!

This round was largely bugfixing:

  • Fixed: There was a problem with Paypal where an order could be placed and paid for, but would not show up in the store until after the payment cleared about a week later. Now, when an order is paid for, but not cleared, it will be marked as "Pending", and a note will be automatically added.
  • Fixed: There was a problem where Paypal would respond to a Store after a transaction was completed successfully but, when the store attempted to verify the transaction, Paypal responded it was "Invalid", causing the order to not show up.
  • Fixed: A problem occurred where email would not send correctly from the store; this bug was fixed several months ago, but accidentally reappeared during some other changes in the last month.
  • Fixed: In your store, it was possible to disable 'Subtotal' on the Order page, which meant the store would't calculate order totals.
  • Fixed/Changed: All pages/products in your store now have a page title set to '[Page Title] | [Store Name]', except for the homepage which just shows '[Homepage Title]'. (Previously pages would either have the title '[Page Title]' or '[Store Name]')

How to set page titles

Page titles have now been fixed to be more consistent across your Store, so this is a good time to remind you how to set page titles for different pages.

For normal pages, the page title is set at the top of the settings; this is the same title that is used for the page header and in the breadcrumb navigation.

For products, brands and categories, the name of your item will be used as the page title. However, you can override this to be anything you want by changing it under the SEO settings.

Your page title is based on the product/brand/category name  You can override the Page Name for categories/brands/products in the SEO settings



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