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Selling Jewelry Online Sucks Unless You Know These Important Facts


Did you know that over 2 million people shop for jewelry online every day?  Buying and selling jewelry is big business, and it's also hugely lucrative!

While selling jewelry can be a very profitable, it is also a competitive item to sell online, especially when you are selling on eBay. So to help you get started, check out this expert guide to selling jewelry online.

Why Sell Jewelry?

The online jewelry market is a billion-dollar industry - who wouldn't want their share of that pie?

As a consumer product, jewelry knows no boundaries; it appeals to both men and women of all ages and cultures, so you will never run out of buyers!

Jewelry is also hugely diverse: Sellers can offer rings, necklaces, bracelets, anklets, or belly rings. And each of these can be made from hundreds of different mediums like gold, diamonds, gemstones, shells and beads.

Best of all, jewelry is easy to store (no need to pay rent on a large warehouse) and cheap to ship to buyers.

How to Sell Jewelry for Maximum Profit:  Keep Up With Trends

In order to keep your buyers interested, you need to continue adding to your product range and keep up to date with the latest trends. Fashion jewelry is a fluid industry; always evolving and giving rise to new fads and trends.

Buyers will be on the lookout for these. In order to make sure you have these new hot items in stock, you need to know about the trends even before the most devout fashionistas!

The best way to stay on trend-alert is to regularly check out fashion jewelry blogs such as Jewelry Whore.

I also recommend setting up Google Alerts for the keywords "jewelry trends". Do this, and Google will email you when new articles pop up about your chosen keywords.

Avoid Fakes

If I could offer you just one piece of advice when it comes to selling anything online, it would be to stay the heck away from fake items! Brand-name jewelry items by the likes of Tiffany and Co., Bvlgari and Gucci are all victims of counterfeiters who produce thousands of copies annually.

While there is a hungry market of buyers out there who want to buy cheap fakes, the bottom line is selling fakes or replicas is illegal. If you are caught, you could have your website or eBay account closed down. You could even face prosecution by the brand owner.

You can easily avoid selling fakes by:

  • Always sourcing your inventory from authorized suppliers.
  • Avoiding Chinese suppliers when buying branded items.
  • Using suppliers who are members of the BBB Reliability Program.

Give buyers a reason to choose you over other jewelry sellers

Selling jewelry online can get pretty competitive, so it's vital to think of a way to differentiate yourself from the hundreds of other sellers before you get started, and selling fair trade items is a great way to do this.

While many trends come and go, it seems fair trade jewelry is here to stay. Selling fair trade products is something that retailers need to take seriously. Fair trade jewelry refers to jewelry which has been made by artisans who work under safe and humane working conditions and are paid a fair wage for their work. Fair trade jewelry is also made without child labor, and is crafted using environmentally sustainable methods.

Buyers love the socially responsible glow they get from buying fair trade jewelry. Ensure that you accurately describe what it is that makes the items fair trade. Buyers will want to know, and furthermore, they will be more likely to open their wallets when you remind them why fair trade jewelry is so important.

3 Hot niches to get you started!

With so much choice, finding hot jewelry niches is easy, but to get you on the fast-track to selling wholesale jewelry, here are 3 smokin' hot niches:

Fashion cocktail rings. Any oversized and with plenty of bling is currently flying off the shelves. Look for suppliers offering these in this season's hottest colors such as aqua and yellow.

Fair trade jewelry. As I mentioned, buyers love this stuff, and you'll love the feeling you get by making money through selling ethical products.

Men's jewelry such as rings, cuff bracelets, and necklaces. Money clips are also popular among the fellers.

Which of the above tips will you implement on your business?

Got a question about sourcing or selling jewelry? Let's hear it!

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Posted by Kallista Designs on 9:13 14 Mar 2017
Fake jewelry is also available on many online jewelry portals. if you want to purchase jewelry through online portals so you should purchased only from authorized online jewelry portals. Reply
Posted by Nicole Montanez on 16:00 23 Feb 2017
Thank you so mush. I will definitely look into that. Also is it very important to have modeled pics as well as product pics to make sales? Reply
Posted by Justin Golschneider on 12:50 1 Mar 2017
I don't believe so—it seems to me like the major online jewelry stores generally only have pictures of the jewelry itself, without any models. I don't think models are important with jewelry the way they are with clothing. Reply
Posted by Nicole Montanez on 14:33 21 Feb 2017
I have a onlin jewelry boutique that I started last year and it's not successful at all. Would you be able to take a look at it and give me some pointers? Thank so much!
www.faithandsparkle.com Reply
Posted by Justin Golschneider on 12:50 22 Feb 2017
Hi Nicole! I think the biggest problem with your site right now is that it's slow to load. I'd have a developer try to implement the recommendations from Google PageSpeed Insights: https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/

Also, if you aren't using it already, I recommend using Traffic Travis to help you boost your SEO so you can get more traffic: https://www.traffictravis.com/

I hope that helps. Good luck! Reply
Posted by Loura alsiyabi on 4:12 17 Feb 2017
what to need to open online jewelry store?
I mean what the first step, second...ect
if someone can help
I know company for drop shipping jewelry but don't know how to start? Reply
Posted by Justin Golschneider on 13:56 17 Feb 2017
Hi Loura! I'd start with this post on how to set up an online store: https://www.salehoo.com/blog/how-to-set-up-an-online-store

Good luck! Reply
Posted by Elle J. Gable on 5:21 25 Feb
I've been selling jewelry I buy online for about a year & recently realized I'd really like to do this asmy full time job, so I started doing a lot of research & reading. I found this very Iinfinformative. Thank you very much SALEHOO! Reply
Posted by Peter Smith on 4:42 8 Feb
Can anyone tell me the best online site where I can sell my jewelry online or in stores. Reply
Posted by Melissa Johnson on 0:46 10 Feb
It's difficult to say without knowing anything about your products. For example, handmade jewelry is a popular product on Etsy. But you'll also find people selling jewelry on Amazon and eBay. Some of it is low-quality, but others may be expensive pieces.

It really depends on what type of products you offer and what your market is, so it's important to do some solid niche research. Reply
Posted by Ana Romero on 0:13 8 Jul
Hi other than online and home parties..where else can you sell fashion jewelry at? My daughters and I started a online small jewelry business and we are looking for other places to generate business. what do you recommend? We have looked at farmers markets but we find jewelry vendors tend to make their own jewelry and all of ours is mixed. some items are handmade and others we have bought to resell. Reply
Posted by Melissa Johnson on 14:59 9 Jul
Hi, Ana --

You can typically find that communities will do arts and crafts fairs, especially around the holidays. Where I live, the city's Parks and Recreation department handles them. Just be warned that they might have restrictions on reselling jewelry (they'll prefer that you sell your handmade stuff.) Malls and other shopping centers that put on special events will occasionally invite vendors to set up shop for the event as a way to attract more interest. They're also usually less picky about the handmade vs. reselling debate. Flea markets and consignmnent shops are other options to look into. With the consignment, just make sure you have a good contract and you're getting paid regularly.

Hope this helps! Reply
Posted by Alison Gilroy on 11:59 9 Apr
Do you recommend buy it now or auction? Piece by piece sales or jewelry lots?
What are your thoughts on costume, vintage? Antique, modern or all of the above? How do you research your jewelry?

Posted by Melissa Johnson on 16:42 10 Apr
Hi, Alison!

Those are tough questions to answer because it really depends on what you make/sell and who you're targeting. There's obviously a market for all different styles of jewelry. Vintage and antique pieces are really best suited to niche sites like Etsy or Ruby Lane, but you might also find some success on eBay. You'll have to test for yourself whether it's better to sell individual pieces or lots, and buy it now or auction. You can also visit the Salehoo research labs to find out a bit more: http://www.salehoo.com/labs

Hope that helps somewhat! Reply
Posted by Khailesh on 18:52 15 Dec
I would like to set up a online Indian style jewellery items but I cant locate a good vendor to purchase from can any one help me out ? Reply
Posted by Jim on 20:23 19 Dec
I have some Indian style jewelry I am looking to wholesale. How much merchandise are you interested in? Reply
Posted by on 18:02 27 Oct
Wow....your info is right on the "money".... genuine jewelry is difficult to sell on line.
I've had a website up for 10 years....& nothing sold. Went to a local Christmas bazaar & sold over $500. Also sold my jewelry @ a museum gift shop & high-end store...but had to give them 50%.
Would like to know is using Facebook, U-Tube, Blog, etc. to display & sell my jewelry would be profitable....am 80-something, still love designing...but am slowing down. Thanks Reply
Posted by Melissa Johnson on 16:00 29 Oct
Hi, DoraLee!

Social media and other online methods are a great way to sell products, but you need to have a cohesive strategy in place and understand a bit about who likes to buy your jewelry.

I personally think Pinterest might be the best choice for you, because of all the social media sites, it's the one most compatible with online shopping, and it's all based on visuals.

If you really want to boost your online sales, I recommend you check out our seller training center. We'll walk you through all the basics of creating a successful online store.


You can also check out our community forum, where you can talk to other online sellers and find out how they're making it work.


I hope this helps -- and good luck! Reply
Posted by Keren on 21:01 12 Oct
Jewelry market is tough indeed! Thank you for this post, it actually made me feel good about how I'm doing business. I've opened my online jewelry store, raisinsweet.com, this year. Starting from scratch it's hard to compete with the big stores that are ranked high in Google, and yet keep prices low. I'm sure I'll make it though, my vision is too good to fail, and we're here to stay! :)

Come visit us and I'd love to hear tips and comments! Reply
Posted by Melissa Johnson on 20:02 15 Oct
Hi, Keren!

You should definitely check out the SaleHoo community forum. We have a lot of other sellers there who I'm sure would be happy to provide some guidance and advice.


Good luck! Reply
Posted by Norma JeanStock on 14:25 8 Aug
I make jewelry and also want to sell wholesale jewelry that I buy from China.What steps do I take to start and make it legal? It would be a home based business. I live in Alberta, Canada. Reply
Posted by Adrian Brooks Collins on 22:08 23 Jul
Hi Alice Moore,

Thank you for the frank, uplifting, well crafted, direct, concise, well informed, entertaining and highly informative article. I especially enjoyed your inclusion of the fair trade element, key, and fundamental to my NEW JEWELRY company launch, pending immanently. I will integrate your many valid points and look forward to financial success soon!

Most appreciatively,

Adrian Reply
Posted by ldhart on 17:55 7 Jul
I have several jewelry items I want sell, but am at a loss re: what to charge. Tanzanite rings, blue topaz linked bracelet set in S/S and marcasite, a sizeable mystic topaz pendant set in 14K gold on a 14K gold chain, vintage (poss. antique) costume jewelry, and others that I want to sell in a non-sucker way. Forget the jewelry stores -- pure rip-off artists. I love the quality jewelry I have to sell, but I don't want to lose any monetary value they really have to people more market-savvy than I am.

SUGGESTIONS for successful sellers SO WELCOME! Reply
Posted by Melissa Johnson on 18:45 7 Jul
Hi there!

So the first thing you need to do is figure out how much your materials are costing you so you can figure out how much it actually costs to make the jewelry. Never charge less than materials cost for an item -- but you also have to factor in labor. You need to set a respectable wage for yourself on top of materials. If you're making it yourself, that is.

If you're simply re-selling items you already bought, you need to make sure you price them above what you paid for it. You can also do some research on eBay, Amazon, and other online stores to see what the going rate is for items. On eBay, you can even use the advanced search feature to include completed auctions to give you a more accurate estimate.

Hope that helps! Reply
Posted by Sam on 19:19 3 Jul
Hi Alice,

A great read!
Apart from the normal Twitter, Facebook etc and attending fairs etc Any new ways?

Hope to hear from you soon.
Posted by Melissa Johnson on 18:28 7 Jul
Hi, Sam!

I highly recommend you visit our SaleHoo community forum: http://www.salehoo.com/forum/

You can talk shop with other sellers and find what methods they're using, and even get critiques to improve your sales.

Hope this helps, and good luck!

Melissa Reply
Posted by rahul agrawal on 12:00 1 Jul
hi i want to make bussiness through selling and making parcel of jewellry products online through internet , how can i contact people who are involed in online buying and selling of jewellery .
my email id is : ra844038@gmail.com

please reply asp to my mail. Reply
Posted by Sona on 17:04 27 Jun
Hi Alice

Thank you so much for such a nice article with lots of suggestion. i am from India and Quit my job for taking care of my baby , so started my hand crafted fashion Jewelry. Presently selling on Ebay.in , could n`t make it on Ebay.com because of some policies. From Etsy i could n`t get any result as yet in 4 months. Please check my stuff on FB page and suggest me where my work can sell out.

Tons of thanks for your lovely advises.

Love Sona Reply
Posted by Melissa Johnson on 20:54 30 Jun
Hi, Sona!

I recommend you head over to the SaleHoo community forum. Our members and staff there can give you more advice and guidance on how to ramp up your sales: http://www.salehoo.com/forum/

We also have a variety of educational resources, including how to promote your products: http://www.salehoo.com/education

Hope this helps! Reply
Posted by ninni on 3:14 26 Jun
1. if chinese sellers are to be avoided, how comes that they have millions of sales on e-bay
2. Fair trade doesn't sell at all. people do not buy jewelry to make a cuontribution to charitable causes.
3. Most buyers are in it for profit; they want a brand name, vintage, and stones that are precious so they will be worth more in time.
4. All the advice I read so far is wrong and idealistic. Business is business. People want to make money. That is all there is to it.
Posted by Robin Vollmer on 5:26 18 May
This was a very informative article. I recently bought some jewelry on EBay they claimed was 925 jewelry but when I received it it was not 925 silver. It was marked S925 which is not 925 silver. S925 is silverplate which is cheap metal w silver plating. 925 is supposed to be sterling silver and solid. S925 is not scrappable silver like 925 sterling silver is bc its just barely coated w no substantial weight. Its just junk jor fashion jewelry right? Reply
Posted by Melissa Johnson on 15:54 19 May
Hi, Robin --

You're right. Most plated jewelry has a very thin layer of the precious metal (gold or silver), applied by electroplating, and a cheap metal underneath making up the actual structure. The plating tends to wear away quickly, and even though you can re-plate it, it's not really worth it.

White gold that's plated with rhodium (another white metal similar to platinum) or palladium has the same issue, but it's worth re-plating because it's gold jewelry with another precious metal on top of it to give it the white sheen. Reply
Posted by beverly dittrich on 17:06 24 Jan
did you acid test the jewelry? Reply
Posted by Nicole on 21:00 23 Apr
I make hand crafted jewelry and would like to either start my own site or sell on a site. But would like to avoid etsy and eBay. What are my best options as far as sites to sell on that are not over populated like eBay and etsy but is frequented with just as many searchers and or buyers?
Nicole Reply
Posted by Melissa Johnson on 22:25 30 Apr
Hi, Nicole!

You have plenty of options. If you want your own store, you can always go with SaleHoo Stores. We've also talked in the past about alternatives to eBay and Amazon -- there are sites like eBid.net, but it sounds like ArtFire or Bonanza might be what you need. They're both more arts-focused and have lots of unique, one-of-a-kind pieces.

You can check out our blogs to learn a bit more about these options:
http://www.salehoo.com/blog/bonanza-an-e-commerce-site-analysis Reply
Posted by pramod on 7:41 25 Mar
i want to sell my hand made jewelry on your site Reply
Posted by Melissa Johnson on 17:27 25 Mar
Hi there, Pramod!

I would suggest setting up a shop with SaleHoo stores, found here: http://www.salehoo.com/stores
If you want more advice, also head over to the forums to hear from other SaleHoo members and sellers: http://www.salehoo.com/forum/ Reply
Posted by Danielle Ruiz on 0:41 3 Mar
Hi everyone,
I opened my shop on Etsy a few months ago and feel the sales have been very slow and I
Don't know why. I think maybe it is because of the SEO but I'm not sure. I know there are many people here that have more experience than I do and wanted to ask your opinion. If you could leave me a comment a would greatly appreciate all the advice you could give me.
Posted by Melissa Johnson on 19:19 5 Mar
Hello, Danielle!

Please head over to the SaleHoo forum -- you can post the link to your store there and get feedback and support directly from Salehoo members!

http://www.salehoo.com/forum/ Reply
Posted by Alice Delore on 19:57 23 Feb

You wrote:

Hi Alice ,This is August from Sunshine Jewellery & Accessories , I have a jewelry manufacturer in China and we just do wholesale business , we can get about 6-8 inquiries from alibaba as we are a gold supplier of alibaba , here is my site : sunshinejewels.en.alibaba.com, but most of the buyers are small retailers from ebay or amazon , we have limitation on MOQ and they can't order that many , then we have to forgo those inquiries , could you let me know how to handle with that ? Besides , could you give more advice on that how to get the latest jewelry trend in international market ? your reply will be much appreciated ! Best Regards August

Thanks for your comment on my blog post :)

Regarding MOQ, could you allow eBay sellers to buy a mixed lot with a similar MOQ? The issue with eBay sellers is that they don't want to buy 50 of the same item because it means most of their cash is being invested in one product. They would rather have a wider spread of products. If you have an MOQ of $100 or $200, rather than an MOQ of a quantity of a single product (which it looks like you do, from a quick look at your store), you might appeal to more people.

Staying up with jewelry trends is the fun part of the job! I'd use social media as you will get a much clearer idea of what people want. You could read magazines like Vogue, etc but I think the research from social media will be more real and more accurate. Search Instagram for hashtags like #jewelry #bling etc and see what comes up. Assuming you are targeting females around 16-40, you will get some great ideas. Same goes for Pinterest. Search for jewelry and other related keywords, or browse their fashion category.

Polyvore is another social media channel you should look at - it is specifically for fashion. Browse around and look for trends to see what people are wearing most.

If you are not already using these platforms, start now! It's free and easy :) Reply
Posted by Bella on 8:13 24 Jan
The concept of 4Cs is important before any purchase of diamond is good to know. Thanks for such useful information. I must say that moissianite are good to make you feel satisfy if price is a reason which keeps you away from diamond. I have found Russian Brilliants man made diamond rings and believe me its cuts, clarity are enough to attract you. Reply
Posted by richelle monfort on 22:02 26 Jan
Hello Bella,

Glad to know you found our blog helpful. And t hanks for sharing about Russian Brilliants :)

Cheers Reply
Posted by Sonia Godor on 0:49 21 Jan
Thank for the great information. I make jewelry. Quality costume jewelry and I want to sell my items but finding it difficult to get my foot in the door so to speak Reply
Posted by richelle monfort on 2:34 21 Jan
Hello Sonia,

What hinders you the most? You know its fairly common to find "actually selling" (or start selling) stage to be the hardest. As long as you have researched your market and don't doubt your self and products it should all follow right in place for you.

Good luck! Reply
Posted by Roshan jacob on 9:32 17 Jan
Thanks for sharing this interesting blog about selling jewelry online sucks you know these important facts all facts you explain are really helpful for me because I have thought to start online shopping for jewelry store. Reply
Posted by richelle monfort on 2:32 21 Jan
Hello there,

We're very pleased to know that you found our blog helpful. We wish you all the best with your upcoming store!

Cheers :) Reply
Posted by Cindy Holland on 5:46 15 Jan
Hi. Just searching around.. I have a statement ring that I want to get rid of. I've had it on Ebay for over 3 months and no one bites. I even took the price down $30 and still no bites. How can I successfully sell this ring? It is genuine garnet cabachon but it's gold plated over silver (or so I was told at the gold buying place in town). My mom bought it for me a couple of years ago via a home shopping tv station for around $100, it is way too thick and large for my finger (small hands). If you don't think it can be sold at all.. please let me know what other options I would have, or if any of these jewelry people would like to possibly buy it from me, look me up. I can supply you with pictures of it. If theres anyone here interested in seeing it, just let me know. Thanks so much! Reply
Posted by richelle monfort on 4:01 16 Jan
Hello Cindy,

Its difficult to say why no one's actually bought your ring. For one I haven't seen it and I have not seen your listing as well. Jewelry is actually one of the most saturated markets on eBay. You might find the tips in the guide below helpful in creating listings that will more likely be converted to a sale:


All the best Reply
Posted by anilkumar on 7:33 9 Jan
hii i am anil kumar ,i am interested in sourcing the above mentioned Fashion jewelry.and looking nice jewelry in this site.. Reply
Posted by richelle monfort on 2:50 15 Jan
Hello Anil,

We have numerous suppliers listing in our directory sell various types of jewelry. You can access these once you join - http://www.salehoo.com/join-now

Cheers! Reply
Posted by Rahul Dhull on 3:00 29 Dec
Amazing amazing insight .. Must read if you plan to start selling online ..
eBay is great place to get noticed fast .. If you can offer something new and trendy.

designer at www.essentialsjewelry.com Reply
Posted by Mall of Style on 0:07 14 Dec
Alice - you have detailed every bit of selling jewelry online and what online fashion jewelry stores should take care of. Thanks for the wonderful post. Very comprehensive and researched.
Posted by Irene Vallejo on 2:18 26 Nov
Hello @Rohit Due to the increasing costs of gold jewellery, sales have slowed down a bit in Australia, however, diamond rings and silver jewelry are doing well. :) see http://www.theaustralian.com.au/business/profit-loss/jewellery-chain-loses-its-shine-in-cautious-local-market/story-fn91vch7-1226325298612

Hi @Jackie The SaleHoo Directory provides a good list of wholesale suppliers for jewelry! If you log in to your SaleHoo account, you will see the list at http://www.salehoo.com/directory/10d0b0e4c886bec3d376f3d1f4b71e1c53ce2884


Posted by rohit soni on 9:59 25 Nov
i want start silver jewellery business in au so i want to know is good market or not so pleeee let me know
rohit Reply
Posted by Jackie on 16:33 21 Nov
Alice @salehoo staff: Do you know any great wholesale companies I can look into to purchase items from? I found one called Fashionbella, but still searching for others. I want to start my own online jewelry business come January of next year. Just want to make sure I have multiple wholesale places to order from. I don't want to limit myself just ordering from one place. Thank you. Reply
Posted by Alice Delore on 19:44 17 Nov
@Sue Parker,

Apologies for the late reply - I was alerted to your comment this morning. I sold rings on eBay.com. I agree, you pretty much have to give them away. I sold rings to build up feedback on my new eBay account so I wasn't looking for good margins. I have sold men's jewelry for good profits on Trademe.co.nz - New Zealand's version of eBay.com (I'm based in New Zealand). I think in today's market, if I were to sell jewelry, I would sell it on my own store and I wouldn't just sell any old jewelry, I would sell specific styles to specific audiences. For example, bohemian style or wedding-orientated. I'd also do a lot of Facebook marketing to build a following. I hope this helps :) Reply
Posted by tushar on 17:42 14 Nov
I want 2 sell jwelleris online Reply
Posted by Sue Parker on 10:24 3 Sep
Alice @salehoo staff: You mentioned that you sold a lot of rings. What sites do you use to sell your jewellery? I won't use Ebay because you practically have to give your product away! Reply
Posted by fashion jewelry online on 10:32 30 Jul
Buying jewelry online is the latest trend among people and especially youth who want to wear the latest arrivals.so lovers must follow this site..xx Reply
Posted by Irene Vallejo on 3:52 30 Jul
@Jai Why go elsewhere when we have our very own SaleHoo Stores?! :) http://www.salehoo.com/stores Once you join SaleHoo you will have access to legitimate jewelry suppliers! We'd be looking forward to seeing you on board. :) Reply
Posted by JAI on 20:12 29 Jul
Hi, I am currently selling Traci Lynn Jewelry as an independent consultant. I was looking into starting my own online store. I was wondering if companies like Big Commerce is a good place to start with an online store. And how do you separate the quality jewelry from the junk! I want a drop ship company that is honorable and not a middle man. Any ideas? Reply
Posted by Zensilver on 9:25 27 Jun
These look fab! I have just ordered myself a starter kit of pmc cant wait for it to arrive. I think i will look for a course too… Im just going to take a look at your tutorials now for some ideas thanks for sharing!! Reply
Posted by buy online on 7:25 27 Jun
Thank you so much for these interesting tips for selling jwellery. it helps me to start a business in these .so keep tuch with us in future.buy online Reply
Posted by belleafrika on 17:31 3 Jun
Thank you, this article is very informative. I want to export African jewelry from Kenya as a wholeseller and I have no idea on where to get the buyers, can you please advise me on the way foward Reply
Posted by Irene Vallejo on 0:17 2 May
@Dodie I'd say a few you are comfortable with in terms with your budget, but enough for you to see the product quality and test the demand. :) Reply
Posted by Dodie on 11:36 1 May
I am in the process of setting up my own online jewellery business and was wondering whether there was a rule of thumb as to how may items to start off with. Your feedback is most appreciated :) Reply
Posted by Trend Setter on 4:27 23 Apr
Hi all, I m basically a jeweler in my country and now I like to move my business online! for that one question always raise in my mind that jewelry is a thing which consumer always like to feel and wear before buying it, on the other hand things like mobiles or electronic equipment consumer is quite comfortable buying online. The main reason I think is the price. Now, i would like your input in this context that do you all still think that selling gold jewelry online is a profitable business? Anxiously waiting for your positive feedback! Regards. Reply
Posted by Irene Vallejo on 5:45 19 Apr
@Patricia We'd love to be able to tell how fast the item will sell for you and how many you will need to keep in stock, but we can't. It would be best to actually start selling, see how it goes and you can assess from there. :) We wish you the best! Reply
Posted by Patricia on 16:09 17 Apr
Hello, I am in the process of creating an online clothing store for women that also sells fashion jewelry. I am located a few blocks away from the wholesaler that I am buying my products from. I am concerned about supply and am uncertain about how fast the items will sell. How many pieces of jewelry do you recommend that I keep in stock? Thank you!!! Reply
Posted by Trend Setter on 5:27 13 Apr
Hi all, I m basically a jeweler in my country and now I like to move my business online! for that one question always raise in my mind that jewelry is a thing which consumer always like to feel and wear before buying it, on the other hand things like MOBILES or ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT consumer is quite comfortable buying online. The main reason I think is the PRICE. Now, i would like your input in this context that do you all still think that SELLING GOLD JEWELRY ONLINE is a profitable business? Anxiously waiting for your positive feedback! Regards. Reply
Posted by Irene Vallejo on 5:34 26 Feb
Hi Susan, You can read about the pros and cons of selling using your own online store at http://www.salehoo.com/education/selling-on-your-own-website/pros-cons If you visit our forum and Education Resource pages, you will have more ideas on what to expect when you start selling online. :) http://www.salehoo.com/education Cheers! Reply
Posted by Susan on 0:09 23 Feb
hi i am just starting to figure out about selling my hand crafted jewelry online. we have some pictures put up for my business called Susi's Workshop, however i am currently wondering if it is worth the time and energy to try and have a website built featuring my jewelry or to just go online to etsy and pintrest to sell the items. Also say a freak incident happens and i run out of stock on my fair trade items? Any consequences besides just running out of stock? Reply
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