Shopster Review


Shopster Review - Are they worth the membership fee?

After such a passionate response to my review of Simplx (thanks to everyone who emailed in your stories and shared comments on the blog), I thought I would treat all our members who have been asking questions about Shopster to an unbiased and well-balanced review of all that Shopster has to offer.  Are they just another scam site who will take your membership fee and run, or could this one really have something to offer you as a retailer? Find out below.

What is Shopster?

Shopster label themselves as a free merchant network which allows online retailers to build an e-store, connect with other retailers, find drop ship products to sell, and sell your existing products through a new channel (link).  

What do they offer?

First and foremost, Shopster offers an online store builder which members can use to create their very own e-store. Depending on which membership package you go for (more on this later), you can list from 25 to 20,000 items on your site and pay from 0.5-5% on each sale.  

When you build your store, you can choose from a number of templates to give your site a customized feel. You can also add your own logo and match colors to keep your branding consistent throughout your site. Other nifty features you can add include a blog, featured products, and newsletters. For those who aren't ready to pull away from eBay, you can use Shopster's fully integrated eBay Listing Manager.

Shopster also offers a directory of over 1 million products which you can pick through and order to sell. If you have your own products, no problem, you can sell these through Shopster as well.

Members will enjoy making use of Shopster's Marketing Tools such as newsletter campaigns, sales managers, Google Adwords help and SEO.

How much does it cost?

Membership costs vary between packages. The good news is that because they offer a free trial, you can try out their services before you go spending any money on a membership.

Membership packages:


The free package is really more of a free trial package, which can give you a great taster of what Shopster has to offer. You pay 5% on all sales you make, and get 2 GB of bandwidth per month.

Thier most popular plan is the PowerMerchant Pro packages which costs US$96 per month and will get you 10 GB of bandwidth per month (for all the non-techie people out there, this is plenty), and will allow you to list up to 2500 items per month and you will pay Shopster 1% on each sale you make.

In my opinion...

I knew very little about Shopster when I began my research, and started out by visiting their site, watching their tour video, signing up for a free account and checking out the features. At first glimpse, Shopster seemed great, and I was so excited to share what seemed like a great service with all of you, in the hope it might be of some benefit to you, and compliment your SaleHoo membership. However, when I started researching past member's experiences with Shopster, I was confronted with some ugly truths.

Shopster seems to have a strong following of very dissatisfied former customers, who claim that Shopster was not what they thought when they signed up (link). The most common complaint I have heard about them is that the products they sell are not at wholesale prices, and therefore, it is extremely difficult to make any profit with Shopster, making joining them pointless (link). Others complained about Shopster charging them a membership fee of US$329.99 2 years after they cancelled their membership (link). Another serious complaint was centred around the fact that Shopster advertised that members could earn "Unlimited Profits", a highly loaded claim which can mislead a lot of potential members.

While these reviews are recent, and therefore can offer us an accurate portrayal of their services, Shopster does, however have a clean record with the BBB (which is arguably the most trusted source of business accreditation and information), with most complaints bought to them being resolved fully by Shopster.

In conclusion, I would recommend that anyone considering joining Shopster spends an hour or so trawling through reviews and forums related to Shopster and find out more about them for themselves. As for me, I won't be continuing my free membership with them, as I see no real benefit in using it for my business.


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Comments (14)

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Judy on 21:03 28 Nov
Thanks for the info. I found it to be very helpful!
Ron on 22:26 28 Nov
Very Nicely put!! Anyone I talked with had nothing good to say about the company. We as well droped the free membership. I look forward to your next review. Nowabout World wide brands ?
Keith on 6:16 29 Nov
Thanks for the info.
Shane on 6:30 29 Nov
Yes I second that review. There not a recommended company and there are far better ways of setting up an e-commerce store. In my opinion the only way to do this is by finding a supplier you are happy with and create or outsource an e-commerce shop, then manually uploading your own products!
Marilyn on 6:45 29 Nov
Shopster got me started and I still have the free membership afte 6 months. The website was unsatisfactory, but I still find some things from the site to be useful. They have contacted me by phone for my input on needed improvements and were very nice. By getting my feet wet on Shopster, I went on to find Auctiva where I now have a webstore with which I am ecstatic, it was easy to set up, easy to load inventory, and looks and works great. So thank you Shopster for allowing me to learn what I needed to learn to get where I am now.
Manny on 7:50 29 Nov
Since I am new to this type of business your reviews are very helpful. I look forward to your next review.
John on 11:19 29 Nov
I belonged to shopster for a little over a year. The fee at that time was $49.99 a month before they jacked it up. Didn't have real good luck at first until i started to promote my shopster site. Started to get alot of traffic but not alot conversions. After a year for what I was paying to Shopster I didn't make that in profits. All in all it showed up great in the rankings on google for some item searches. But, the prices are not wholesale and you can not compete.
Ken on 16:59 29 Nov
Thanks for the information. I found it very useful as I was considering their membership. Now, I would like to see your review on World Wide Brands
TED on 19:17 29 Nov
This was helpful. I'am a newbie. I did join shopster,but it was only for the $5 member ship fee.
Brenda on 16:21 3 Feb
I joined shopster, listed some of their items. Their items sold, and the seller took my money and never shipped the item. I had to file a claim with my bank and cancel the orders my customers had ordered. I tried to contact Shopster support several times through both email and phone and I am still waiting for a response. As far as I can tell this is just a huge scam to get your $19.95 a month.
ebay selling tips on 10:36 16 Feb
I thinks its better for anyone ready from migrate from eBay to own their own site. Having your site name and whole lively hood controlled by these people could be a big mistake. If you own your site then you are responsible and you have full control.
Richelle Monfort on 9:31 1 Jul
@Ron and Ken: Worldwide Brands is a product sourcing directory. Like SaleHoo, they provide high quality, authentic suppliers. Here's the link to our review of Worldwide Brands: Hope this helps :)
Richelle Monfort on 10:02 1 Jul
@Brenda: What happened to you was so unfortunate :( But were you been able to get your refund already?
John James on 17:39 28 Dec
After trying out Shopster, I found Get Selling Today I have been selling on this site for over 3 months and have no trouble what so ever. I have had a few questions and there live support was excellent. They have over 1 Million dropship products that you can easily add to your website and update/change at any time. You set your own profit margin for each product. I can push my products to my Ebay listings very EASY, I have a Facebook Store that auto Sync’s with my real store which generates a lot of my website traffic. They also have a Awesome Logo creator software for FREE for all members so that you don’t have to pay the High Fee’s having a professional design your logo. They list all their products right on their main website so you know what types of products they have that you could be listing on your online store. Changing the whole look of your website takes 1 click and can be done anytime. They have a bunch of other free website promotion tools that you can use as well which really help. I suggest any of you to try out Get Selling Today – Hopefully you have the same success I am currently having. John


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