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Silent Sales Machine Review by Jim Cockram

The Silent Sales Machine is eBay expert Jim Cockram’s method for making money on eBay. There are a number of ‘how to’ eBay products on the Internet, but The Silent Sales Machine held a strong appeal for me, precisely because of the ‘silent’ factor. In Jim’s own words, “I can go days without ever speaking to a single customer, but I have a world wide customer base.” Now there’s an appealing business concept!

Be reassured - The Silent Sales Machine starts very simply, so even if you’re something of a technophobe (and I include myself in that category!) – you can go at your own pace until you feel ready to move forward. If you already consider yourself fairly eBay-savvy, just jump straight to the advanced sections, which include topics such as “Become a POWER affiliate - huge hands free profits”, “Tapping into the power of Joint Ventures” and “Free and really cheap stuff that sells well on eBay”.

The best thing about Jim’s business plan is that it aims to limit the work you have to do day-to-day.You aren’t just swapping 10 hours of work for someone else for 10 hours of even harder work for yourself. Jim calls it an ‘auto-pilot business’: “I still would have earned that $20 - $40 every day (95% profit) last month if I had been on a hammock in the Bahamas - that money would have come in – and those happy customers would be just as happy (they don't care where I am),” he says.

There are only 3 pre-qualifications to using The Silent Sales Machine effectively:

1. Be able to read and follow a step by step guide (that wasn’t too hard!)

2. Be able to accept credit and debit cards from around the world (Paypal is the easiest answer).

3. Have (or be willing to get) an eBay account AND ‘like’ selling on eBay.

The book focuses heavily on creative marketing ideas: The Silent Sales Machine is highly geared towards ideas for entrepreneurs new to eBay and without much capital to invest.

One of the features that I found incredibly useful was Jim’s generous offer of personal assistance via email for my first Silent Sales Machine.If you’re unsure how to carry out any aspect of Jim’s step-by-step system, then you can drop him a line and receive a personalized response. It’s pretty hard to fail when an expert is right there to guide you!

While I’m still skeptical as to whether it is realistic to have a fully-automated business (I’m making money but I have to work for it!) it’s still something worth aiming for.

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