Simplx Review

We have had a lot of questions recently about Many of our inquisitive members are curious about what Simplx has to offer, so to help cure your curiosity, this week we did a little investigative journalism and reviewed - a drop shipping service offering product sourcing and profit making solutions.

What is Simplx?

Simplx describe themselves as the deliverers of "the next generation in drop shipping" (link), who offer competitive prices on thousands of big brand names like Apple, DKNY, Sony, Dolce and Gabbana, Dr Martens, Adidas and Rolex.  What's more, they claim to offer these products at discounted prices (link), and as we all know, designer brands at discounted prices aren't easy to come by! So how can they offer such high-profile and hard-to-source products at discounted prices? According to Simplx, it's all because they supply thousands of their members who sell millions of these luxury products every year, giving way to a huge bulk-buying discount (link).

What can Simplx offer you?

Simplx claims that aside from their seemingly never ending list of designer and brand-name products, they can also offer you everything you would expect from a the best drop shippers such as fast delivery to your buyers (link), as well as professional business training (link). Depending on which program you sign up for, you can either have one-on-one training or use their other, more affordable learning systems.

How much does it cost to become a member?

This is where it gets a little tricky. First of all, Simplx do not show their membership prices on their web site. To get started and get a quote, you must fill in a Client Application form and pay a fee of US$19.95 (according to past members) and then Simplx will decide whether you are eligible to become a member.

To enter the program, you must pay a membership fee which seems to vary from package to package and member to member. However, according to a blog on the Simplx web site, most members pay around US$200 as a set up fee, then US$40 per month of membership. Rumours of memberships costing US$5000 have some truth to them (link), but you only have to pay this kind of cash if you want one-on-one training.

My two cents

I dove into my research with an open mind; convinced that a company could not possibly run the way it is alleged to by so many past members for as long as it has. However, I have come across a lot of serious complaints about Simplx. Most notably, Simplx has received 146 complaints made about them to (Better Business Bureau) over the course of the last 36 months which shook my confidence a little, as the BBB is arguably the most trusted source of business accreditation and information.

Simplx responded to their poor ratings on BBB by confidently proclaiming that 2 years ago, they aimed to have 0 unresolved BBB complaints. They claim to have reached this goal, and are resubmitting their application to the BBB for a review of their rating (link).

Still wanting to give them the benefit of the doubt, I ran a few Google searches trying to find members who have had good experiences with Simplx (finding one of people who made US$13,000 per month which they boast about on their web site would have been perfect!). I searched using the keywords "good experience with Simplx" but sadly, I didn't find what I was looking for. I found the same results when I searched for "Simplx helped me make money" and "Simplx review".

What's more, when I did find a few Simplx testimonials on their sister site, they seemed to be matched with extremely happy and good looking models which I had seen before. Sure enough, when I searched for "business people" on, a site where you can purchase millions of royalty free images, sure enough, I found "Eric from Connecticut" and "Linda from Arizona".  Of course, this doesn't prove that the written testimonial themselves aren't true, but it is certainly not good practise.

The good news is...

We can, however, say that one of our senior SaleHoo members has only good things to say about Simplx, saying that many past members only feel they have been given the run around because they don't truly understand how Simplx works and goes on to defend any other claims that Simplx is a ‘scam'

The bad news is...

The sheer volume of complaints and poor reviews on Simplx would cast serious doubt on my willingness to pursue Simplx as a serious tool for my business. It appears that in the past at the very least, Simplx has not delivered a good standard of service.

To conclude

I came away from my research feeling that there seem to be many dissatisfied past Simplx customers out there. Most of these past members feel that Simplx was very difficult to contact when they needed assistance, misrepresented themselves by saying they offered  drop shipping services (and in all honesty, they are not a drop shipper in the way that most of us think of them - they even admit this themselves here), and should have given more information about their services on their website, so that they didn't have to pay the $US19.95 fee then find out that Simplx wasn't what they were looking for.

What we must keep in mind however, is that just as people are likely to tell 10 others about a bad restaurant experience, they are only likely to tell 1-2 about a good one, and people will always do the same when it comes to discussing online services. Whatever the case, for now it doesn't look like Simplx is going anywhere. Their recent pledges to become more customer service orientated will hopefully mean we will see a lot less bad press on them in the future. 

Disclaimer: I am not, nor have I ever been, a member of Simplx. I looked to apply, in the interests of research and to bring you more information, however, not only am I not willing to forgo the application fee, but also, when I filled in the initial form and hit the submit button, I was told I was not eligible because I stated that I was interested in using Simplx to help grow a new business, rather than an existing one.


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Comments (33)

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Busy Bee Shopping on 13:11 12 Nov
I am one of the victims of Simplx and do not think that they are what they claim to be. I have made several purchases to see if it works and yes they do give back on the % of the sale price back to you however the costs of the items are retail not wholesale and there is no way to make money on it if you are competing with other people selling for less. It just does not work!!! I did pay the 200.00 fee and was paying for the monthly fee of 36.65 so there is no bargain. When I explained this to them I requested to cancel and they would not give me my $ back. So for all that is looking for a dropshipper, Simplx is not it!!
Ed Welch on 13:43 12 Nov
So what you are staying is yet another Rip Off Online Company! Ed.
Daphne Burrows on 14:07 12 Nov
I value you research, and I will stay right away from Simplx.
Neil Holbrook on 14:24 12 Nov
Jimmy, and all, where there's smoke, there's always a fire, if the photos are phony, so's the text. When you pay exorbitant fees to belong watch out and if you read Skip McGrath's excellent newsletter, well what more need I say. I looked at Simplex a few years ago and went on Google and no doubt was left in my mind this outfit is a rip off and as all us members should already know, there are a lot of quality dropshippers many of which are listed by Salehoo. McGrath does also although he shills a lot for world wide brands.
Linda McClain on 16:11 12 Nov
I did come across Simplx and paid the fee for the trail and once, I got in and looked around a little was very disappointed in what they had to offer. After about 48 hours, I contacted them and told them to cancel my registration and never to charge my card again. I recently deleted them from my folder and now wish, I had not. That is about as far as I got with them-not impressed with the merchandise or the prices.
Judy on 16:26 12 Nov
I can tell you MY experience with Simplx. They are conniving and dishonest, and will tell you anything to get you to sign up with them, then when it is too late, you find out that they have had you (e-sign) all kinds of documents without full disclosure. FYI - They offer a 7 day money back guarantee which they don't tell you about. They told me I had a full year, and when, on the 9th day I finally gave up and asked for my money back, they said NO WAY and threatened to put me with a collection agency! My salesperson didn't even tell me about the monthly fee, but according to them, I e-signed it. Needless to say, I was a bit upset, especially after contacting one of their "companies" that they represent, and they had never heard of Simplx. I am one of those 400+ who filed a complatint with the BBB. According to Simplx, they're not worried because they show the documents that I "signed" and get judgements on their behalf. Well I also did a chargeback. No way am I giving them that much money ($299) for the shoddy business they have. My advice. STAY AS FAR AWAY FROM THESE PEOPLE AS YOU CAN!
Gloria on 7:47 13 Nov
Thanks for the information...the fact that I have been looking for feasible Business Ventures, I may have been caught in this...well, except that I would't have any money to give...Thank You!
Richard Rivera on 9:03 13 Nov
Great report. I had the same experience as you with Simplx. I paid the $19.95 only to find out I was not qualified because I did not have a current store. They then tried to sell me on another plan (can't remember the details) but I declined. They should at least let you know (up front) what their requirements are before you pay the $19.95. It really makes it seem like a scam when you have to pay first to find out the details.
jasse on 6:50 14 Nov
Thanks for the information...
Denyse Camire on 6:52 15 Nov
I have used simplex in the past. The first several months they were right on target for getting my reimbursement checks out. Then suddenly the discounts from store purchases off their websites were no longer registering. I had to start resubmitting them individually with proof of purchase. With many complaints from them accusing me of not officially using their portal to purchase they would give me the discount alotted. Currently they owe me over $200 that they claimed to have mailed out to me over 6 months ago. I was told it was a yearly fee only to find out they were charging my credit card monthly above and beyond my first initial registration fee. NOT A GOOD DEAL....NOT RECOMMENDED HERE!!!!
John on 9:20 28 Nov
To all it may concerne - I have spent 1,000's of dollars trying to get my own business going & all failed . Using other "Work from Home " sites just does not work . Since I have decided to create my own website & what it's going to intail I obiously did allot of research on drop-shippers & I believe that Salehoo is going to be my best bet. Hopefully with what I plan to do with my website will work & I have talked to a representive @ clickfuel & he thinks I have a very unique idea that should work . I hope to come back here in the next few months with rave reviews about Salehoo & my ex[erience about useing thier system . Thanks for all the info .
Judy on 21:22 28 Nov
Great info. Thanks for helping people to NOT make a very costly mistake!!
Valerie Germain on 9:04 15 Dec
Thank you for this information. I am sorry for all who lost even one cent with simplx, but you (Marc) said for us to go to the forum, read comments and see what you are getting into. I hope never to get sucks that stuff happens. At least now I can learn from the mistakes of others. The more I read from your articles the safer I feel about doing an online business. It is downright scary.
Ebtehal on 8:10 12 Jan
Simplx is a SCAM SCAM SACM no question about it. I joint them with assurance from the sales person that refund is guranteed and when I asked for cancellation. Now they sayning that 7 days including the weekends. When I asked them to list 1% which 60,000 or even 6000 name-brand products of these 60,00,000 they cam back with "including Best Buy, Dell, HP, Kodak, Microsoft, Barnes & Noble, The North Face, Adidas, Nike, and many more" . Of course these names will give you 5% discount while the cost of advertising will cost you at least 7% . SCAM SCAM SACM !!!!
Ebtehal on 8:33 12 Jan
Simplx is SCAM it have 143 with BBB with rating of D+ So Is Simplx is scam ........?
cathy on 14:49 4 Feb
I was put off by the fact that when I submitted my application I was redirected to a site that wanted to sell me some tools for making money with dropshipping, which seemed fishy to me. I didn't do this and just closed the screen but my application must have gone through because they called me directly. This must have been where the $19.95 fee came in but I was not asked for that. The man who called me said he didn't know what I was talking about when I told him about the redirect, something else fishy. After talking for a while he wanted me to give him my credit card number so I could view more info and I refused, as I did not want to give out a credit card number since I did not initiate the call. I looked them up on Utah BBB site and they do have a D+ rating with 146 complaints against them. He told me they were listed in Inc. 500 but I could not find them there. I am going to stay away from them but if I had to give them the benefit of a doubt, I would not say that I am totally convinced they are a scam, just very wary.
Stacy on 21:12 5 Jun
I joined Simplx in January and actually found a way to make good money at it... However, currently they owe me over $3,500 and I can't seem to get them to answer any emails. There is a contact us link on their site, but calls to their number are directed to an automated system that basically says they do not accept customer calls and that all issues should be directed to their customer service dept by email...but they never answer the emails. Now, my business is about to go under because my revenue source is no longer sending me my payouts... What can I do?
Elvis on 20:07 12 Jul
Article written Nov 2009. Simplx intended to have 0 unresolved complaints 2 years ago. As of 7/12/10 they still have 119 unresolved complaints and a BBB rating of D+ (on an A to F scale).
John M on 4:15 4 Aug
Joined simplx in March and started earning decent rebate checks and now the CFO Adam refuses to send out any more checks to me. Currently they owe me about $2000 and won't answer any of my emails. The Office Manager Breanna has answered the phone on a few occations and told me that there is NO ONE else in the office. It is just her and she also told me that NO ONE is receiving their checks anymore. She is quitting due to the terrible angry calls she is receiving every day. This company is a SCAM and they are going to keep ALL the rebate money for themselves. I believe they are bankrupt and ripping everyone off until the courts tell them to shut down.
Anna on 17:58 20 Sep
I joined Simplx several years ago. In the beginning, they were very helpful with the training and set up. It isn't a difficult process, so I was instantly up and running, so to speak. At first, the "rebate" checks came like clockwork - always on time each month. Then they were coming sporadically for a while. Now, it takes months to get a check. When I contact them, the person always has the same story - the checks are on the executive's desk waiting for signature or the checks were delayed due to a computer issue. Well, all I know is that they owe me money and I am getting worried because they are becoming progressively worse about paying. However, when it comes to them charging me the monthly fee, they are ALWAYS on time and never miss billing me. I am pretty fed up at this point.
Kendra on 18:35 24 Jun
It seems to me that many people have a legitimate civil claim against Simplx. I have not given them any money, but my mother did recently. She did not ask my advice in advance or I would have done the research first. :(
Sally Dunay on 22:46 17 Sep
I paid 3 years ago to Simplx $3000.00. I have earned $2700.00 so far I do not use platform any longer because they have stopped paying monthly rebates. This company professes to be honest but nothing but a SCAM. Don't waste your time. We should all get together and file class action suit. I will be filing a complaint with Attorney General State of Utah.
Frank on 20:56 11 Feb
They are a scam. We just got charged twice in one month. Do not sign up for SIMPLX!! Whatever you do in this world, signing up with them is the last thing. They are a scam rip-off ripoff scammers, dishonest. Don't do it.
April on 18:38 16 Sep
After digging in to and several other companies in Utah like and we found that they are all owned by the same group and they all have hundreds of outstanding scam reports.
San on 19:50 20 Nov
This is a big help you guys. I've just wasted an hour trying to speak with a live person with some basic questions for a new account. The voice mail directs callers to their info e-mail. Whomever is answering the e-mails obviously doesn't read them. They do however, place more links to their site without addressing any inquiry.
Leslie Wison on 22:25 21 Nov
Wow! I just ran into this thread today and was amazed to see some of the comments. I started using Simplx a few months ago and wish I had found this drop shipping option sooner. I'm an internet entrepreneur and I've been selling online going on 7 years in 2013. is the only drop shipping option I've found that allows me to ship the hottest selling products one at a time without having to spend $50k on my bulk orders. At first I thought the monthly price was high, but realized that when actually getting a drop shipping service that allows me to be competitive online it's certainly worth much more than I pay each month for them to manage all of the drop ship supplier relationships and allow me to search the products I'm looking for from a single search bar. I've received 2 rebate checks both in the thousands of dollars without any problems or follow up. I wonder if there is new ownership or if they have just changed things dramatically since the last postings on here about 8 months ago. I'll proceed with caution, but as of now I'm very happy with my Simplx membership.
Mark on 18:14 2 Apr
simplx is a massive scam.first of all they charge you $2 and some change for the (free trail) wait a second $2 for something supposed to be free?!! i don`t get that.second they claim to deliver wholesale suppliers sources which not true all their prices are way too much and you won`t make a penny profit by dealing with their suppliers.finally STAY AWAY FROM THOSE GUYS
Rhys on 21:03 30 May
I have just got off the phone with Simplx and think that they are trying to scam people. I have been doing online business since 2003 and when they heard that I am not a novice they said "I don't think it is a good fit.". What this leads me to believe is that they will take on 'newbies' and then take a run at their money. Stay away from Simplx, the problem is, if you searched for this thread and found it, you have already been burnt.
Jennifer on 6:02 1 Mar
Thanks one and all for saving me $. I will stay away from them - I hate frickin' scammers. Is there any other way to find reliable good drop shippers? All the lines I was interested in carrying on an online store don't DO dropship. But when I look at Swell or Revolve - do you really think they warehouse all that merchandise? Wondering what to do or if I should abandon idea totally.
Irene Vallejo on 4:09 4 Mar
Hello Jennifer!

Kindly have a read at for help in finding the best drop shippers! :)

carl mitchell on 15:50 19 Dec
I signed up with Simplx for a 10 day trial @ $1.95. On their site they say that they will not rebill you at the regular rate after that ten days if you cancel before the trial period ends. Then they make themselves unavailable to emails, phone calls, contact forms etc. They are huge scam artists. I have tried to contact them at least a half dozen times telling them not to rebill my credit card. They have not responded once. Their phone go right to voice mail so you can speak to no one. They do not answer the site contact form or respond to email hoping to rebill you despite you demanding that they do not with appropriate notice. My trial period ends on 12/21/2014. If they rebill me I will be beyond irate. I will go after them with a fury they have never seen with BBB, my card company, my bank, their and my states attorneys general with proof of my emails and calls.
Why can no one on the Internet try to earn a living in an honest way. Maybe that sounds naive but I just don’t get it.
danielle on 4:56 18 Jun
That is why when you do trials never use a real bank card go buy a card at CVS put that money on it and use that I don't trust nobody with my card number especially if I try to cancel and they won't do it. This way they can keep trying the card in the trash lol.
Edwin Lange on 17:23 2 Sep
Thanks for the "heads up" You guys have saved me from $%^&*(#
David Biebel on 1:34 1 Dec
I think there is something strange about this company. I was reading through their website (which looks pretty dated) and at first I thought the program looked exciting. However, I always like to make contact with the company before I sign up. So I called the phone number on the contact page:

Customer Service:
(855) 355-SHIP
Mon - Fri: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm (Mtn)

A recording came on the line and said that due to trouble on the line, no one could be reached and for my inconvenience, I can be forwarded to a customer service agent to receive a "$100 Walmart gift card" for my troubles. I called twice to make sure that I dialed the correct number. On the second call, I pressed "1" to be forwarded to get the $100 Walmart gift card. The line was answered by someone with a foreign accent and I asked them if this was Simplx. She said their line was busy, and then said for the busy line I could claim the $100 Walmart gift card. I told her that this was a little strange to receive a $100 Walmart gift card for my "inconvenience" of a busy signal at which point she just hung up the phone on me. I guess I questioned whatever little scam promotion they were using at the moment.

I believe that there is something fishy about this company, as everything about them seems "different" (not in a good way). The idea of a buying consortium that they pitch you on as the reason they are getting good discounts is not new - I was actually involved in the selling of a membership of one 20+ years ago. Margins are so thin today that the buying consortiums have been squeezed out as a middleman (especially for branded products in demand). I find it hard to believe that they are doing this with the list of national suppliers they display on their website.

I would invite this company to come on here and address some of the email complaints here. Don't waste your money on these guys - find another supplier. Seem too shady ... some of the good dropshippers will let you see sample pricing for free.

Salehoo - was this company verified by Saleshoo?
Richelle Monfort on 5:34 1 Dec
Hello David,

No, SaleHoo did not verify this company. Note that they are not in our directory. This here is our review of their services and their company overall based on their customer feedback and online reputation.

All the best!


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