Video Blog: Make Your Listings Stand Out From Your Competitors!

Unless you have managed to source a product that no other seller can get their hands on, you'll face competition when you sell your items on eBay or other marketplaces. 

In this lesson, we reveal one simple trick that pushes your competitors aside and helps your items snap up your buyer's attention! 

Check out the video below for the low-down. 

Unleash Your True Selling Potential with Online Selling Tactics 

Get today's video blog written transcript below: 

"Hi guys,

I'm Alice, and I’m back with another selling tip to help you boost your online sales.

Now, today’s tip is one that I learned from (SaleHoo Community Manager), Marc Ransom and it’s a really great one to make your listings stand out from other seller's ones.

This tip is particularly useful if you are selling products on eBay or another marketplace and you are selling a generic product like a DVD, or CD where the images pretty much always look the same, or if you are drop shipping products and a lot of your competitors have the exact same product photos as you .

As you can see from the screenshot I have here (see video), when this happens, and everyone has the same photo, all the listings look exactly the same in search results, so buyers just click on the first one they see, or the one with the lowest price.

So how can you make your image stand out from others, without having to lower your price ?

Well as you can see in this next screenshot, all it takes is a little trick photo editing.

As you can see here, Marc’s listing, stands out from the others because it features his branding and a green tick which is a very encouraging symbol for buyers – green means go and a tick means yes, so it sends buyers all the right messages!

While most sellers have to pay for listing upgrades or Gallery Plus, which really eats into your margins, you can make these simple edits for nothing and still enjoy the benefits!

Best of all, you don’t need to be a PhotoShop expert to edit your photos. Here are some free software options that you can use to make small these small edits to your images and make them stand out:

Photo editing software

Picasa 3



Draw by Open Office Suite

And for those of you who want something a little more advanced, Marc recommends Corel which is the software he used in the example I showed you with the tick and the text that he added. It’s not free, but you can get a free trial to test it out before you buy it. The full version is around US$449.

So check those software options out, I will put links below the video so you can take a look and try out this selling tactic. 

If you want to learn more in-depth and proven selling strategies to help you boost your sales, check out my video training course Online Selling Tactics where I show you step, by step, how to implement proven and powerful selling strategies that boost your sales and help you build a strong, profitable business.

Thanks for watching and I will see you next time." 


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Comments (21)

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Kianta on 1:20 22 Mar
Thought this was an awesome piece of info! Short, concise and informative! Thanks Team!
Mary Jo Campisi on 1:53 22 Mar
Thank you so much for this powerful idea!
Derek Thomley on 6:46 22 Mar
Many thanks Alice for those helpfull tips and I love your Kiwi Accent.
Dave Miller on 10:38 22 Mar
thanks another awesome tip excellent work again
Jeff on 10:50 22 Mar
Great info! However, the picture in Green with the Tick too small for me to see. Can you please show me something bigger than that so i can get real idea? My email, thank you. Would like to try with my Corel Draw soon
alberto achilli on 12:34 22 Mar
Thank you, very good idea
Matt on 13:24 22 Mar
Good idea. Just wanted to point out that starting in June/July with the new Spring updates, you will no longer be allowed to have any text or borders in your images other than a watermark.
Sonia on 13:44 22 Mar
Another great bit of powerful info! Who'd have thought that something so simple could make such a big difference? Thank you, Marc, for teaching this to Alice! Thank you, Alice, for sharing it with us!
Carlos Davila on 14:28 22 Mar
Thanks for the tip Alice. Great idea!
Alice Delore on 19:56 22 Mar
Thanks everyone! I'm glad you have found this tip useful :)

When you try it out on your listings, let me know how effective it is for you.

@Jeff, I have uploaded the image into the blog post so you can see the green tick up a little more clearly.

@Matt, thanks for pointing that out. I think using a watermark is still a great way to make your listings stand out, even if they are a little less noticeable than the example I showed above.
Lace on 2:29 23 Mar
Great job Alice and Marc! :) Really generous piece of advice, I couldn't agree more on how using green gives out a positive vibe and make people act on something - like buying your listing.
Mario Olivares on 19:21 23 Mar
Hello I have seen your videos and I can understand a 50 or 70 % I am form Venezuela My english is awful I am pretty good reading would you please make videos with subtitle in english?? is that posible?? thanks
Alice Delore on 19:58 25 Mar
Hi Mario,

Check out the written transcripts below the video - they are a complete transcript of the video so you will be able to follow along from there :)

Shelby Snider on 3:21 24 Mar
I didn't see a link to the video, where is it??
Heather Regier on 15:09 26 Mar
Great advice Alice! I will try one of the options you suggested in my next listing!
John on 5:11 18 Apr
Another helpful and concise tip, Alice! Looking forward to seeing more of your videos.
Patricia on 16:11 13 Sep
Great presentation of valuable information...Thank you again : )
Dave Green on 2:57 14 Sep
Thanks for the idea Alice. It's great to capture the sellers mental attention, which is so important. Sometimes, to make a sale, mind games have to be implemented.
Joe Arena on 10:16 18 Sep
Brilliantly simple and powerful.... Thank you!!!
Soydul Uddin on 16:29 23 May
Excellent blog - very simple and straight forward.
Irene Vallejo on 22:51 8 Sep
@rkevang If you are referring to the Online Selling Tactics link, it opens at
Cheers! :)
Tobias L on 9:31 12 Oct
A other very powerfull program that is opensoruce (totaly free) is GIMP, it is close to as powerfull as Photoshop. Enoy :D
Melissa Johnson on 19:59 15 Oct
Hi, Tobias --

I've heard of GIMP, but never used it. There are opensource platforms for almost all of the Adobe Suite products, I think. Scrivener for InDesign, for example.

I love Adobe. But I hate the new cloud-based system they have going on. It's so expensive.


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