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Used Books: Big Business Review - How to Sell Used Books Online for Cash

Someone once said that opportunities look bigger going than coming. If that's true, and I let this one go, it wouldn't fit into my 24-inch computer monitor!

Every so often we are presented with amazing opportunities: It might be a great deal on a ski jacket on eBay, an underpriced car... or for us online entrepreneurs, a money-making opportunity! And boy have I got one for you; introducing Used Books: Big Business.

Used Books: Big Business is a comprehensive tell-all eBook by used-book selling super hero Adam Bertram. Bertram released the first edition of his book last year and received such an overwhelming response from readers that he decided to release a 2nd edition, which has been refreshed with an extensive update for sellers in 2010.

As always, we here at SaleHoo like to test out selling platforms, services, and the like before we recommend them to you; our faithful members. So this week, I did some investigative journalism and checked out Used Books: Big Business myself. Here's what I found... 

An Insider Peak

Used Books: Big Business is a whopping 93 pages long and when I first opened it up, I felt a little overwhelmed by all the reading I had to do. But after what felt like just 5 minutes, I was hooked! I'd already raced through half the eBook. Used Books: Big Business  starts out by telling tales of how others who have read the eBook got into selling used books (I just love hearing about people's first sale and "the rush" they got from it, don't you?), which had me captivated in seconds and ready to learn more.

I was instantly impressed by how practical and in-depth the book was; Betram has certainly written the guide with newbie sellers in mind and leaves no stone unturned. After reading through the eBook, readers will know all of Betram's secrets to online book selling success.

Chapter 2 "Where to Find Inventory" is nothing short of a treasure trove of product-sourcing information. Sourcing used books is a little more complicated and potentially more time-consuming than regular product sourcing... which is probably why there's a section called "Where to buy inventory that's NOT for sale". This section tells you everything you need to know including highly valuable information on what books sell, and what books don't.

You'll find out why you shouldn't sell collectible books, why most National Geographic publications are a waste of time and money to source... as well as why obscure hobby and non-fiction books are where the moneys at.

Being the product-sourcing-eBay-selling geek that I am, I was interested to read all the tips and tricks Betram lists to help used book sellers dominate. I'm pretty passionate about selling and sourcing tips and  Used Books: Big Business lists some real gems.

You'll discover where you should sell your books (yes there are real profit-turning alternatives to eBay and Amazon!) and how much you can expect to earn when you sell there, as well as useful information about fees and other costs you'll need to take into account.

Even more exciting is Chapter 6 - Pricing/Grading Books. That's right: You will even learn how to judge a book's value! This kind of information is very rare and pays ode to Betram's passion and experience in selling used books.

Is selling used books right for you?

I've heard of people making a lot of money from selling books before... but I've also heard of people failing because they underestimate the work involved. I think it's safe to say that selling books isn't for everyone; it takes a lot of time, a lot of work and a lot of passion.

At SaleHoo, we have long preached that sellers should find a niche that they are interested in, and this couldn't be more true when it comes to selling books. This is largely because the sourcing of used books isn't as easy as placing an order with a supplier - it means scouring through estate sales, flea markets and library sales. If this is something you enjoy, selling used books will be right up your alley! But if you are looking for a product to sell that you can largely automate, then this isn't it.

In short, selling used books is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It takes time, persistence and effort, but those who stick with it can build themselves a very profitable, and highly enjoyable, business. 

Why selling used books takes a lot of time and effort:

- Sourcing used books means pounding the pavement visiting lots of different markets and yard sales. There is no 'quick' way to source used books.

- You must meticulously organize your stock. Essentially you will be creating your own little library system. If you don't organize your stock correctly, it will cost you a lot of time when it comes time to package and ship the sold items.

- It is very rare that you will have multiple, identical used books . That means no time will be saved by listing the same item every week, like you can in some niches.

...And why it's STILL worth the effort!

There is huge money-making potential! Betram has had some incredible experiences selling books.  One time, he bought a first edition for just $US0.20 and listed it as a Buy It Now for US$600. Incredibly, it sold in just 24 hours! And no, this wasn't just a once-off; Bertram has plenty of these stories up his sleeve.

Book enthusiasts will get so much enjoyment out of sourcing and selling used books: You'll be immersed in your leisurely pursuit, dealing with like-minded hobbyists and making money at the same time.

My two cents:

If you are passionate about books and about creating your own business, I highly recommend giving Used Books: Big Business a go. It's fast and easy to get instant access to this invaluable eBook which is a gold mine of information. Best of all, the comprehensive 93-page eBook is just US$27! That's a tiny investment for such huge potential gains.

Plus, you get a full 60 day money back guarantee, so really, what have you got to lose? If it's true that opportunities look bigger when coming rather than going, make sure don't let this one go by!  

So grab yourself a copy of Used Books:Big Business now for just $27, and learn how to sky rocket your book-selling profits! 




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Reg B. on 16:00 26 Mar
Love your story... I just finished reading Adam's book ... Yes it is a wonderful piece of writing that I have seen on line... There are some e-books out there that say that they will teach you there tricks of making money on line, but in the end they just barely touch the surface and tell you if you want to learn more BUY there software... I think you get the point am trying to make.. I started selling books on line back in January, but was not doing very well. Now that I read his book am beginning to see a small improvement and my sales is picking up now it not gang busters or big bucks yet but now I know I have a future in this business... I want to say Thank You Adam for sharing your Top Secrets with us... Reg B.
Alice Delore on 20:11 28 Mar
Hi Reg B.,

Thanks for sharing your experience with us. It's great to hear that Adam's eBook has help ed to improve your business :)
Tim Swain on 23:08 1 Apr
Thanks for the information! I have been selling used books on Ebay here and there for a few years now and I am really looking forward to reading this book to jumpstart my business! PS: I love the new Salehoo format. Been a member for a few years now and just came back to visit. All I can say is WOW! Tons of helpful and useful information! Thanks Salehoo!
Alice Delore on 2:08 2 Apr
Hi Transformed71506,

Thanks for the very encouraging feedback on our new site, glad you are enjoying it! Yep - there is plenty of new and useful info for all sellers under our Education page. We spent weeks updating and creating new heard-it-hear-first facts, so make the most of it!

Enjoy the eBook, it's so packed full of tips that even experienced book sellers such as yourself can benefit from it :)
Tim Swain on 16:35 2 Apr
You were right! I could not put the book down. Read the entire book last night and it was very useful! Thanks Salehoo for the recommendation!
Don Ugwudiobi on 21:55 7 Apr
The book is good, but he failed to list the places you can sell used books for profit online. I know about, however; I'm not interested in selling books at Anybody know where I can sell a large inventory of books I have, both NEW and USED BOOKS? Please, I will really appreciate it, if somebody can send me an email with the list of the online stores where I can sell my stock of books, kindly send it to: Thanks, Don.
Richelle Monfort on 6:18 1 Jul
Hi Don, I found a list for you, check out this link: - It mentions at least 30 places where you can sell (and buy at the same time) books online :) Hope this helps!
Mark on 15:09 14 Oct
I read this blog, and it released the first edition of his book last year and received such an overwhelming response, and now he decided to release the 2nd edition, which has been refreshed to the sellers in 2010. *************************** Mark Cash For Gold Colchester
Ebooks For Sale on 5:01 24 Jan
Thanks for the information! I have been selling used books on Ebay here and there for a few years now and I am really looking forward to reading this book to jumpstart my business! Ebooks For Sale
Mahesh on 9:50 14 May
I found the best prices at MyDeals247 - nothing can beat that.


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