Cell Phone Stand: Monday Market of the Week

In this day in age, everyone is expected to own a cell phone. More than just that, the need for it ranges from business use to being able to reach your kids at any time. At the end of the day, you just need some rest, but so does your phone. Which is why we found that the market for cell phone stands is indeed standing out.

A cell phone stand is the perfect way to stay organized by having somewhere specific to put your phone when it's not in use. But it's also a practical way to use your camera phone and even charge your device. 

Below you'll learn about the market demand and competition for cell phone stands, as well as the best places and methods for selling them. And, if you're interested after that, we've got some trusted suppliers that you can check out. So let's take a deeper look!

Types of Cell Phone Stands

There are many different types of cell phone stands to suit a variety of markets. The examples below are just a few of the main types that you could sell.  ​

Cute Animal Stands

A wide variety of animal shapes are just some of the types of novel designs available.

Basic Stands

These are usually simple plastic or metal stands. An affordable functional option.

Flexible / Rotatable Stands

This fun and useful type of stands offers great flexibility when positioning the phone.

Quirky / Comedy Stands

These are great gift options! I've seen everything from the hipster mustache to a toilet plunger.

Suction-Secure Stands

Sometimes you need a sturdy option. These rotatable stands provide this with their suction-grip.

Why Sell Cell Phone Stands?

Performance on eBay and Amazon

It's important to look at the success rate and competition for any product before deciding to go ahead with it. The SaleHoo labs make it super easy to do this research and, in this case, here's what I found:

Success rate cell phone stand

  • A Healthy Success Rate (but a low average sale price)

    A 63 percent success rate is a good sign for those who are interested in selling cell phone stands. In saying that, the average sale price for cell phone stands on these platforms is $4.50. You won't be making mega-bucks from a single item, but there's potential to sell a lot of them, which would make up for it.

  • Low Competition 

    The competition rating is low, which is another good sign. While there is a decent number of listings in this category already at 3,961, there's also a much larger number of bids. To be exact, at this point in time there are 8.4 times as many bids as there are listings for cell phone stands.

    High competition is a struggle for electronic products, but accessories such as cell phone stands are part of a flourishing market.

The General Demand

It's also important to look at the search volumes in search engines like Google. This provides an indication of how many people are searching for this product.

It's quick and easy to do this keyword research in AffiloTools. A quick glimpse of the main keywords for this category show a couple of them have a decent number of monthly searches (local volume), but also a high competition in search engines:

keyword research

This means that if you were to sell these on your own online store, you'd be best to try different phrasing such as "cell phone station" which has much less competition. AffiloTools has a "related keywords" tab that can help you to find these, or you could look to competitor listings for inspiration.

Extra Bonuses

There is always a lot more to selling online than the statistics. There are common issues to consider, and in this case there are some definite benefits to selling cell phone stands. 

  • Low-Risk Product

    These products don't tend to have an electronic element to them (unless you pursue the likes of charging-dock stations). This means that there's less risk of the product not working on arrival or failing shortly after, resulting in negative feedback and refunds. Selling this product should therefore be very low-risk and straightforward. 

  • Smaller Size Product

    Cell phone stands aren't generally very big. In fact, they're often smaller than the mobile phone itself. This means that they won't be difficult to store, and they won't cost you a fortune to ship which is always good. 


Basically, cell phone stands are doing well. They might not be as expensive or in demand as the devices they prop up, but they're also much lower risk and not nearly as competitive. When you add the ease of shipping to the equation, it's clear that selling cell phone stands are well worth considering. 

 How to Sell Cell Phone Stands

Depending on your selling preferences, you may choose any one of the options below for selling cell phone stands. 

1. Sell on eBay or Amazon: A lot of buyer traffic but lower profit margins

We've already seen the research: There's a high success rate and low competition on these platforms. The only downside is that there are some really low prices for these products here, so to compete you may find yourself with a fairly low profit margin. 

The best way to get around this is to check out your competition and see if you can't offer something unique to stand out. Some things to consider include:

  • Are there any styles or types that haven't already been listed here?
  • Is there a unique way of listing you could use to stand out? E.g., An interesting image of the product in use or a quirky description. 
  • Could you offer bundles? You could offer a variety of colors in a pack, or a couple of other cell phone accessories that complement the stand and phone somehow. 

Don't overprice your items here. The benefit of these sites is the amount of traffic they get, so you're going for lots of low-profit sales here rather than fewer high-profit sales.

Also be careful to word your listings with a space between the words "cell" and "phone." A quick bit of extra research in the SaleHoo Lab showed that "cellphone stand" has less interest and competition than "cell phone stand" with the gap, as you can see here:

cellphone stand

There is only a one percent higher success rate here, but there are significantly fewer listings and bids. There's also only 5.5 times as many bids as listings, compared to the 8.4 times shown for "cell phone stand" above.

These are not the only 2 platforms! If you'd like other options for places to sell, you can find eBay alternatives here

2. Sell on your own online store: Higher profit margins, but you have to generate your own traffic

Setting up your own online store is really easy with store builders like SaleHoo stores, and they allow you to list your products without a competitor showing their price right next to yours. 

Why not focus a site on cell phone accessories, or even purely cell phone stands? If you became a cell phone stand boutique, you could sell items like we've already shown you — cute animals or mustaches — and maybe some of the related items such as charging docks and selfie sticks. 

You could grow your brand as the online store for buying these items, standing apart from the competition and allowing you to sell with higher profit margins. Be sure to target a variety of keywords as we've discussed, and promote your quirky phone stand site on relevant forums and social media. 

3. Sell at a local market: Some extra profit potential

Do you know of any local markets? Perhaps one that happens once a week? An array of the cute and bright stand styles, or the funny ones like the toilet plunger, could stand out as great gifts for people seeking something beyond the ordinary.

This might not have as big a scope as selling online, but you won't have your competition offering lower prices right next to you and you don't have to worry about shipping! It's worth considering in-person events as an extra outlet. 

4. Sell on Facebook: Take advantage of the social market

The quirky nature of this product suits a social environment, so why not try selling on Facebook? There's a great guide to selling on Facebook here if you're interested in this option. 

You can then promote your Facebook store on other social media outlets, such as Twitter or Pinterest, to draw in more social traffic. If you're an engaging person with great personality, this could be a fun option for you to try. 

Trusted Cell Phone Stand Suppliers

If you'd like to try your hand at selling cell phone stands, check out these trusted suppliers:

Cell Phone Stand Supplier #1Cell Phone Stand Supplier #1

This supplier was founded in 2007, and it has a very large variety of wholesale products to choose from. Cell phone accessories, including cell phone stands, are just one of their many categories. 

Large Product Range: The products range from cute animal stands to purely practical metal or plastic stands. 

Related Products: This supplier also be able to source related products such as car mounts, charging docks, and selfie sticks. 

Discounts: Bulk purchases can lead to discounts of 6-10%

Wholesale and Dropship: Both options are available, and there are no additional dropshipping fees. 

You can access this supplier in the SaleHoo Directory now to view their full range of cell phone stands and accessories.

Cell Phone Stand Supplier #2

Cell Phone Stand Supplier #2

This supplier has a strong focus on accessories, making it somewhat of a specialist in this area. It has a very large category dedicated to cell phone accessories, and it's well known for being easy to navigate and high quality. 

Large Product Range: There are a lot of cell phone stands to choose from. A very large variety of cute and quirky styles, as well as the more practical ones. There are even plush options here.  

Related Products: This supplier also be able to source related products such as car mounts, charging docks, and sport armbands to hold phones. 

Wholesale Only: This company unfortunately does not offer dropshipping, but it has one of the best product varieties for wholesale sourcing. 

You can access this supplier in the SaleHoo Directory now to view the full range of cell phone stands and accessories.

Cell Phone Stand Supplier #3

Cell Phone Stand Supplier #3

This supplier also has a huge variety of products that you can source, with a full category for cell phone accessories. It also has some of the best pricing. 

Large Product Range: The company has a variety of cell phone stands you can choose from, ranging from fun to functional. It even has one that amplifies music from a cell phone. 

Related Products: This supplier also be able to source related products such as car mounts, charging docks, and selfie sticks. 

Great Pricing: 10-70% cheaper than other suppliers, and no minimum order requirement.

Wholesale AND Dropship: Both options are available, and there are no start-up fees for dropshipping. 

You can access this supplier in the SaleHoo Directory now to view their full range of cell phone stands and accessories.

Cell Phone Stand Supplier #4

Cell Phone Stand Supplier #4

This supplier stocks many categories of products such as electronics, clothing, toys, etc. It has a neat range of cell phone stands for you to choose from.

Large Product Range: Once again there is no shortage of options here. Flexible stands, as well as ring-holders and basic stands. There's even a little wooden one. 

Related Products: This supplier also be able to source related products such as car mounts, charging docks, and selfie sticks. 

Discounts: There's a 3-10% dropship discount.

Wholesale AND Dropship: This supplier specializes in dropshipping, but you can also bulk-order wholesale items. 

You can access this supplier in the SaleHoo Directory now to view their full range of cell phone stands and accessories.

You can check out the SaleHoo directory at any time to the browse the trusted suppliers available to you. You can search for other cell phone stand suppliers, or you can search for suppliers of any other products that you're interested in.

You can also use the Market Research Lab to do some quick and easy background research on any other product types that you like the idea of selling. 

Before you go I'd love to ask, would you sell cell phone stands? (Or have you done so already?)

  • If yes, let me know about it in the comments below!
  • If no, make a suggestion for the Monday Market of the Week so that I can do the research for you. 

Disclaimer: No matter how much we'd like to, there's no way we can guarantee that a market will always be successful. So while we've given you some awesome research, we still advise you to look into any market for yourself before going ahead.


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