Digital Cameras: Monday Market of the Week

With the release of some really high-tech smart phones that can capture 1080p video or 20 MP pictures, you might ask yourself: "Do I really need a digital camera anymore?"

The answer is yes! Why? Personally, I am more of a smartphone camera person, but given the chance, I would love to shoot pictures using a real digital camera. While it's true that smartphone photographs can be amazing and incredibly convenient, a phone typically isn't as versatile or as full-featured as a digital camera. Smartphone cameras often lack optical zooming features, so they're definitely not ideal for distance shooting, and you can't swap out lenses for different situations.

With professional-quality photography becoming more accessible and more affordable, more people are looking to get involved in photography, either as a hobby or as a means of side income. The digital camera market is a viable one for e-commerce retailers who want to capitalize on that. Let's check the data from our very own Market Research Lab and see just what makes the digital camera market a highly promising one.

Join us as we dig deeper into this picture-perfect niche!

Types of Digital Cameras

There are many kinds of digital cameras on the market, each with its own purpose and key advantages. It's important to consider the cost of the cameras as well as the features they offer.

Wholesale Digital Camera
Digital SLR Camera

Also known as a DSLR, this is the most versatile and advanced type of camera on the consumer market. It's larger than any compact consumer camera but with interchangeable lenses and a choice between automatic and manual focus and other controls, you have more say over the way a picture is taken.

Wholesale Digital Camera
Compact Digital Camera

Compact digital cameras are known as "point and Shoot" cameras, because you typically don't need to do any more than that to take a photo. This kind of camera's features will vary with price and camera size. Because they are so compact and easy to take anywhere, they are a favorite among consumers who don't need advanced features.

Wholesale Digital Camera
Bridge Compact Digital Cameras

Bridge cameras are a step between DSLRs and point-and-shoots. They are semi-automatic with aperture and shutter priority features for budding amateur photographers. The lenses on a bridge camera cannot be removed as on a DSLR but many models will have a zoom range as high as 40x!

Wholesale Digital Camera
Compact System  Cameras/Mirrorless Cameras

These are quite similar to DSLR cameras in terms of function but they are smaller in size and more affordable. The main difference between a DSLR camera and a compact system camera is that the latter doesn't have an optical viewfinder because it doesn't have a mirror. It still supports interchangeable lenses, however.

Wholesale Digital Camera
Waterproof Digital Camera

Waterproof cameras are significantly more durable than your standard point-and-shoot digital cameras. They will typically have the same level of image quality as a point-and-shoot. However, their casings are sealed to keep water away from the internal parts, allowing you to take them into more extreme environments.


A few years back, we actually featured waterproof cameras as one of our niches on Monday Market of the Week. Learn more about this sub-niche here.

Why Sell Digital Cameras?

Performance on eBay and Amazon

It's not everyday that you find a product with 100% sell rate, so based on that number alone I know I have found my niche for this week. But don't just take my word for everything! You can use the Market Research Lab to unearth profitable niches on your own! You can easily view a product's sell rate, competition, and average selling price.

Let's take a closer look at the cameras the lab found for me: 

Success rate Digital Camera Success rate Digital Camera Success rate Digital Camera

  • High Sell Rate

    A high sell rate is often a good indicator that you have found a viable niche. It's simply the percentage of units sold compared against the total number of listings. Based on the data from our Market Research Lab, digital cameras are selling really well -- as in, they have a 100% sell rate! What more could you ask for? 

    Whenever you are on the hunt for niches, look for a product that has a sell rate of at least 40%, but preferably 50%. Otherwise you might be selling a product that has a low market demand -- or worse, no demand at all.

  • High Average Selling Price

    A high average selling price can increase your profit margins. The digital cameras in the labs have an average selling price ranging from $217 to $598. 

    Many online sellers use dropshipping, so they don't know (or perhaps don't care) that buying in bulk through wholesalers will help you get lower prices. Remember to contact your supplier directly to get the best deals, and factor in the costs of storage and shipping materials (two things you don't have to pay for with dropshipping) in your overall price.

  • Low Competition

    It is always ideal to look for a niche with low competition.  When you're competing with fewer sellers and you've optimized your listings correctly, your products have higher chance of being seen, and you're more likely to make a sale.

General Demand

Directing traffic to your listings on eBay or to your own store is crucial. One important way to bring in potential customers is to target the correct keywords. Below are some of the top results when we ran a keyword search for "digital camera," using our very own AffiloTools Keyword Research tool.

keyword research

Notice that "photography" returned the highest search volume, so you may want to use this keyword in your title or at least in your product listing. Other top relevant keywords are "digital camera," with 60,500 searches, "best point and shoot camera" with 14,800 searches, and "best digital camera" and "digital cameras," tied at 12,100 searches.

You can also run searches based on specific brand names and digital camera types to help you narrow down your choice for products to sell.

Extra Bonuses

If you want to make your digital cameras more attractive to prospective customers, you can offer accessories such as camera bags, detachable or interchangeable lenses, extra battery packs, chargers and USB cords, for starters. We've got plenty of suppliers for these in our wholesale directory. You can either sell these bundled with your digital cameras or as separate accessories (and offer combined shipping).


With so many hobbyist photographers and aspiring professional photographers in the world, it's no surprise there's a consistent market demand for the latest and best digital cameras. The market research lab provided us with actual and accurate data to help you determine whether this is a niche you want to pursue. We found a great potential niche, but you need to be willing to put in the time and effort to stay competitive.

 How to Sell Digital Cameras

Here are some options to help you decide on where to sell your digital cameras:

1. eBay or Amazon

Both marketplaces are great for selling in general, but new sellers in particular may find both sites quite competitive. There are currently 41,481 listings for digital cameras on eBay, and another 42,389 listings on Amazon. I know the numbers may seem overwhelming, but don't fret: if you're creative and flexible, you can stay ahead of the competition. A surefire tactic is to offer free shipping for your products. Customer absolutely love a freebie, especially free shipping. We've got more tips to help give you an edge over other sellers here.

2. Your Own Online Store

An online store is a good alternative venue to sell your products. Unlike marketplaces, where many sellers may have the same item and eBay and Amazon set policies, having your own site gives you the freedom to list your products the way you want to. You can skip the eBay/Amazon commissions and listing fees altogether.

The biggest challenge you're going to face is traffic. Shoppers know and trust Amazon and eBay, but they may not even be aware that your site exists! So you need to be sure that you can get people to your site and that they'll stick around to make a purchase instead of wandering off to another site or abandoning their shopping carts. Learn why customers end up abandoning their shopping carts and how you can put a stop to this in your own store here.

3. Local Bazaars and Flea Markets

Personally as a buyer, I like to be able to see and inspect the item I am about to purchase, and I know many other shoppers who prefer the same. Since most digital cameras are not that big, they can be easily transported, so you might want to try selling your local bazaars or flea markets. Just be sure you package them properly to avoid any any damage or scratches. This is a great place to bring along the accessories, too. 

You may also want to read up and learn about the digital cameras you are selling so you can address any questions or concerns a potential customer throws at you. Know their specs and features and how the cameras perform compared to others. (It certainly helps to be a photography enthusiast yourself in this niche!)

Trusted Digital Camera Suppliers

If you'd like to try your hand at selling digital cameras, check out these trusted suppliers:

Microwave Ovens Supplier #1Digital Camera Supplier #1

This supplier  is the nation's leading distributor of consumer electronics, mobile audio/video and appliance connection supplies, delivering superior service to its customers for more than 26 years. The company accepts major credit cards — Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover — as well as PayPal, cashier’s checks, and money orders as forms of payment.

Large Product Range: Home and kitchen appliances, home theater & sound systems, security and surveillance systems, TV & video, computer accessories, cell phones, and much more.

Related Products: The company also sells office supplies, RTO accessories & supplies, weather stations & thermometers, vacuum and cleaning accessories, binoculars & optics, and many more.

Dropship fee: A $100 set-up fee is required to join the fulfillment program.

Wholesale and Dropship: Both options are available. The supplier offers blind shipping as well, with no additional fee.

Microwave Ovens Supplier #2Digital Camera Supplier #2

This supplier is a trusted supplier of consumer electronics, computer products and accessories. It's free to set up an account, with no minimum order required! The company accepts all major credit cards — Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Diners Club and American Express — as well as PayPal, wire transfers, cashier's checks and money orders, or purchase orders from major accounts such as government agencies and universities.

Large Product Range: The products range from ice cream makers, popcorn makers, and juicers to tea pots, kettles, meat grinders, microwave ovens, mixers and accessories, refrigerators/freezer, personal care products, blood pressure monitors, hair care products, heart rate monitors, massagers, pedometers and scales, shavers and trimmers, small kitchen appliances, and much more.

Related Products: This supplier also sells  Bluetooth devices, cables and adapters, cases, case mods and lights, CDs, DVDs, FD and storage systems, controllers & RAID setups, cooling systems, fans, watercooling supplies, CPUs, gaming systems and games, electronics, cappuccino/espresso machines, cell phone accessories, and more.

Wholesale and Dropship: Both options are available. Blind dropshipping is available to customers with established accounts. International orders are also accepted.

Microwave Ovens Supplier #2Digital Camera Supplier #3

This supplier offers dropship service to individuals or businesses interested to resell products & services both in the US and Canada.

Large Product Range: iPad 2 accessories, alarm clocks, cameras & optics, car& boat audio/video accessories, CBs & scanners, CD players/boomboxes, cellular phones, collectibles, computers & accessories, cordless phones, jewelry, digital cameras, digital photo frames, DJ products, docking stations, DVD players, gaming accessories, GPS navigation units, health & beauty products

Order Requirements: No minimums for dropshipping. You can get bulk purchase discounts for orders of 10 or more of the same product, shipped as one order to same address.

Wholesale and Dropship: Both options are available. The company offers a straightforward process for dropshipping, with no minimum order and only a $4.99/month fee to join the dropship program.

See you next Monday!
Disclaimer: The information published here is strictly for informational purposes. All above product items are only suggestions for possible products which will sell favorably, and should be used as a guide only. At the time of writing, all above products were researched using methods recommend by SaleHoo and found to be potentially profitable for sellers. All sellers are encouraged to conduct their own market and product research.


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