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Disney DVD Movies: Monday Market of the Week

(Almost) every little girl out there dreams of becoming a princess. Because I have three daughters, Disney movies are a staple in our home and for sure in most other homes too! There is definitely magic in these DVD movies that enthralls children as well as children-at-heart — it's the stories of love, happiness, friendship and family that keep Disney fans coming back for more or for the latest release. Kids will always have a favorite movie, and when it’s their favorite, they don’t really mind watching it over and over again. And because it'll be the end of the world if they can't watch their favorite movie, you might find yourself needing an extra copy for visiting the grandparents or other family members, or even just longer car trips.

And this, my friends. is why we're taking about Disney DVD movies this week.

Get your popcorn and drinks ready as we dive right into this week's promising niche with the help of our very own Market Research Lab.

Top 5 Disney DVD Movies

Disney has released countless box office hits that we can all watch over and over again, but below are the top 5 Disney DVDs of all time, as ranked in a recent blog on eBay. Other sites may feature other top 5 Disney movies, but I am featuring this list since eBay is one of our target markets. ​

The Lion King
The Lion King

Since its debut in 1994, "The Lion King" remains popular as much for its story as its amazing soundtrack.  The story focuses on Simba, a lion cub who will one day become king of pride rock, and his uncle, Scar, who has his own ambitions to become king and will stop at nothing to realize his dreams. When tragedy strikes, Simba runs far from home, but he cannot avoid his destiny forever.

Beauty and the beast
Beauty and the Beast

First released in theaters in 1991, "Beauty and the Beast" was the first animated film to be nominated for the Academy Awards' Best Picture. The story focuses on the beautiful but misfit Belle, who dreams of a life beyond her village, and the Beast, a prince transformed into a monster by a curse, who must find love before an enchanted rose sheds its last petal.


Based loosely on the fairy tale "The Snow Queen," Disney's "Frozen" opened in movie theaters in 2013 and became an instant favorite of children everywhere, in no small part thanks to the amazing song "Let It Go." The movie is about the relationship between sisters Anna and Elsa, and Anna's struggle to save her sister (and her kingdom) from Elsa's uncontrollable ice magic.


"Aladdin" was definitely a hit when it was released in 1992, and it's still popular today. Aladdin is a street rat who dreams of more — and Jasmine is the headstrong princess who refuses to marry any of her suitors. When Aladdin finds a magic lamp with a genie (voiced by Robin Williams) inside, he sets out to change his fortune and win Jasmine's heart. 

The Little Mermaid
The Little Mermaid

"The Little Mermaid" first hit theaters in 1989, and it is the film that sparked the Disney Renaissance. Ariel, the mermaid daughter of King Triton, is fascinated by the the human world. When she falls in love with Prince Eric, she trades her beautiful voice to the sea witch Ursula to become human... but she has only three days to make the prince fall in love with her, and Ursula has her own agenda.

Why Sell Disney DVD Movies?

Performance on eBay and Amazon

Since many consumers tend to flock to eBay and Amazon, these two eCommerce marketplaces are a good starting place for any seller who wants to check out a product's market viability. Doing all the research manually on both sites may take a lot of time — so it's a good thing we have our very own Market Research Lab to help us instead! So sit back and relax as we learn more about the success rate, market competition, and the average price of Disney movies. 

Success rate Disney DVD Movies1 Success rate Disney DVD Movies2 Success rate Disney DVD Movies3

  • High Sell Rate

    It looks like our ranking for the top 5 Disney movies is quite accurate, seeing that 3 of the 5 mentioned are also at the top of our Market Research Lab's list, with a success rate between 81% and 100% — not bad at all! Good niches are a challenge to find, so when you discover one with a high sell rate, you should definitely take a closer look.

  • Solid Average Selling Price

    Wholesale is the way to go. Buying your products at wholesale will definitely help you increase your profit margins. We always recommend contacting your supplier directly to discuss the best wholesale price. Remember that for you to get the best wholesale price on Disney DVDs, you will need to buy your products in bulk: The higher your order quantity, the lower your wholesale price.

  • Low Competition

    You also have to take into consideration your niche's market competition. A niche is really only a niche if it has a low-competition market. Without that, you will have a difficult time selling. The fewer sellers you're competing with, the greater likelihood your customers will find your products — which means a greater chance to make a sale! Two of our three products here have a low-competition rating, which is  good thing!

General Demand

Your keywords play a vital role in the amount of traffic you can direct to your listings, so you better be using the right ones! Buyers have to be able to find your product when they search; otherwise they have no means of getting to your listing, let alone buying the item! Luckily we have a tool to help use search for the right keywords: our very own AffiloTools Keyword Research tool. Below are some of the top-ranking keywords you can use when pursuing this week's niche:

keyword research

Looks like "Frozen 2" (which isn't even out yet!) is a very in-demand topic with 14,800 searches. "Beauty and the Beast" has a solid number at 1,600 local searches, and the phrase "popular disney movies" clocks in at 1,300 searches. The rest of the keywords are information-related, so you'll need to be sure you find a few specific buyer-intent keywords such as "buy disney movies," or "best price for disney DVD"

Extra Bonuses

You can sell individual Disney movies or you can bundle them together. You can even offer promos like buy 5, get 1 free. When you are buying stock through liquidators, there's no control over the titles you get so you can offer the less popular DVD as a freebie. This is a great way to dispose of not-so-popular movies while attracting buyers with your freebie offer.


The data we have collected confirms that Disney DVD movies is a promising niche, but marketing and actually succeeding in your business is still up to you! There is no happy ending unless you put in the necessary work to ensure that your listings are placed competitively among the many other online sellers.

How to Sell Disney DVD Movies

Here are some options to help you decide on how and where to sell your Disney DVD Movies:

1. eBay or Amazon

eBay and Amazon are both promising marketplaces for selling. As a new merchant you have to be as savvy as the more seasoned eBay and Amazon sellers to be able to stay competitive. Fear not: We have some tips to help you stay a step ahead of the game.

  • Don’t simply use the same photos as others. Go above and beyond with great quality product photos to out-do your competitors! Remember buyers want to see exactly what they are buying before sealing the deal.
  • Spruce up your listing titles just the right way. Be bold and fun, yet don't make it too long
  • Take a friendly approach when writing your return/refund policies. A friendly approach is always better than a hostile one.
  • Make sure your item descriptions are well written. Provide all the information the buyer needs (and wants) to know about the product. Be as detailed as can be!

2. Your Own Online Store

If listing and selling fees are stopping you from getting into online retail, then the perfect place for you to start is your very own web store. At SaleHoo, we offer Premium SaleHoo Stores to help you easily realize your dream of a thriving eCommerce business.

3. Sell Locally at Your Local Bazaars or Flea Markets

If you have local bazaars and flea markets in your area, you should join in the fun! Remember that many families flock to such local events and where there are families, there are Disney-obsessed kids — your main market. Be sure to have a TV/portable DVD player so you can have movies playing. This helps attract the kids to your booth, and where the kids go, the parents are sure to follow.

Trusted Disney DVD Movies Suppliers

If you're ready to start selling Disney DVD Movies, check out our trusted suppliers:

Disney DVD Movies Supplier #1Disney DVD Movies Supplier #1

This supplier is a wholesaler offering a large variety of licensed apparel, toys, games and accessories, pillows, puzzles and more. Accepted payment methods include Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Discover, and PayPal. The company can ship to most countries worldwide.

Large Product Range: Air Fresheners, Apparel, Bags, Belts & Buckles, Bobbleheads, Books, Buttons, Car Accessories, Cards & Poker Decks, CDs, Cell Phone Accessories, Clocks, Cosplay Apparel, Drinkware, Figures & Statues, Food & Drinks, Games & Accessories, Guide Books, Jewelry, Keychains, Lighters, Lip Balm, Lunch Boxes, Magnets, Mouse Pads, Patches, Pillows, Pins, Plushes, Posters, Puzzles, Stickers, Stationery, Wall Scrolls, Wallets, Coin Bags, Wristbands, Video Games & Accessories

Wholesale and Dropship: This supplier doesn't currently offer dropshipping. The standard minimum order is between $101 and $500.

PS4 Video Games Supplier #2Disney DVD Movies Supplier #2

This supplier specializes in distributing premium DVD bundles. These are already boxed and include a great selection of DVDs. Their minimum order requirement is $500, though it is free to sign up and place your order. The company accepts major credit cards, PayPal, money order, checks, Western Union, and MoneyGram. Typical retail markup for their product is triple the wholesale price!

Large Product Range: 20th Century Fox, Dreamworks, Lionsgate, MGM, New Line, Paramount, Sony Pictures, Universal Studios, Walt Disney, Warner Bros. and more.

Wholesale and Dropship: This supplier offers both wholesale and drosphip services.

See you next Monday!

Disclaimer: The information published here is strictly for informational purposes. All above product items are only suggestions for possible products which will sell favorably, and should be used as a guide only. At the time of writing, all above products were researched using methods recommend by SaleHoo and found to be potentially profitable for sellers. All sellers are encouraged to conduct their own market and product research.


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Mobashra Malik on 0:12 11 Nov
Hi, how do we find out which suppliers are these out of directory?
Please Advise

Thank you
Melissa Johnson on 18:12 11 Nov
Hi, Athar!

All you have to do is click on the links for the suppliers and they'll take you to the supplier listings in the directory. =)
Pham Hoang on 16:44 7 Mar
can you show me this links.
Justin Golschneider on 13:15 8 Mar
Hi Minh Tien Do! If you are logged in to your SaleHoo account, just click on "Disney DVD Movies Supplier" #1 or #2 above and you'll be taken straight to the suppliers. Happy selling!
on 22:40 17 Dec
Awesome article!!! Really gives the beginning steps on Disney DVD re-sale, which I've been doing for years :)
I personally use VivaTrade.net though, but everything you mentioned here is great too!

Love your work!


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